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CCM Spitfire Rideout #4

Hey up Youtubers, this week a little ride out over the tops, great road, great scenery and a bit of history.

Well good afternoon youtubers and how are we well as you can see it’s another lovely sunday the sun is shining then we’re off out on the ccm not the only biker ride don’t worry it’s my sunday bike so i’m just off uh we’re just popping out for a little um run down into uh bar in furnace um and trying out another setting a new setting on the gopro to try and

Find if um this is going to be less pixelated that somebody reckon somebody said this week you got me so just heading into the town of uh ulverson at dalton can’t carry on any further because um the road’s closed and everybody thinks there’s no traffic coming down but what we’re gonna do we’re gonna turn left here i know it’s sunday but that’s checking the

Proverbials isn’t it so this probably roared this probably this rod probably doesn’t have a number but if it does i’ll stick it somewhere so with a bit of love the audio is good the picture is amazing because we’re all running in 2.7 k at 50 frames per second so hopefully there’ll be a bit less pixelation with full image stabilized out of olveston well i got

Neutral there look at that so you should be able to see come on let’s just switch air off you should be able to see there we go the town of olverstone they’ve got hoard monument the canal we’ve got in the back eastern power station truffle bowling ingleborough behind hoard you might be able to see i don’t know i’ll zoom in on it and see what you think if you

Can see it um what a beautiful day the town of alveston in south cumbria chapel island and then you go all the way over the you can see malcolm bay um malcolm babe they call them windmill farm and turn the bar in furnace you can just see the ddh there i’m going to see a little bit more of all this so yeah let’s continue oh look at that hey look at that isn’t

That a bunny bike huh look at that she’s nice isn’t she there was a guy um that commented i think last week’s video guardian he was looking for one and he says that about 10 11 grand i know i shouldn’t have rating half thousand now um yeah they’re a lot of money take it with you can you oh you can so i’ve had a bit of rain last couple of days i was out

Yesterday on the um on the gs did about 160 mile over just skipton bought some pork pies i didn’t film it the first day i’ve had off i’ve done a decent mileage about the camera so i thought i didn’t want to so we’re going to turn left here benson’s farm and just over there is kirby milwaukee you’ll see a bit more of kirby possibly will we no more windmills so

There we have do you like scene two i’m gonna have to start charging for this look if i’m neutral now no there we go there’s neutral so there’s pennington reservoir that supplies most of our water around the south lakes and some bunny elves i think they’re to get fed these things happen i think like a bit like um um a quad bike you’re all wondering are we getting

Fed some blackface and blackface yells i think the blackface cool trout fishing good in there furnace fish there’s a farmer rounding up his swaddles my son’s gone it now and he’s gone a little bit chilly you probably won’t be able to see our lock so just down this road here in there is um reservoir got a few reservoirs up here there we go look at this this

Is like three minutes from my house poker back reservoir more trout fishing in there they go youtubers little bimba out sunday afternoon on the ccm mark 1 spitfire hope you enjoyed it if you did don’t forget give it a big thumbs up if you didn’t well give it a thumbs down all helps with the algorithms of youtube thanks for watching it to the end thanks to all

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CCM Spitfire Rideout #4 By SIMON B