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CFMOTO SR-C21 | SR 450 | – Bagong Expressway Super Sport Bike Ni CFMOTO Pinakita Na!

The next level sport bike conqueror is here! I mean grabe naman pagka overkill sa specs neto for a prototype! Butt soon mah dude, magkakaroon din yan ng commercialize version and I hope it could live up to it’s hype!

All you cf motto src 21. so what do we have here my dudes well it’s a brand spanking new support by clang naman from cf moto i’m sure you may already know be not gonna see a moto 300sr on standard snot and when it comes to quality and performance at a relatively affordable price zadalong reputation in the motorcycle community it’s no surprise that’s about

That time nagumo next level expectation nothing from any of their current outgoing model spec 19 china motor expo which is a major big motorcycle show event said china so atom csrc21 iluma baslang actually happened october 16th of 2021 sai sang chin fing customer training program kumbaga training camp or track day it all led by the one and only cf moto bakangini

Is 300s double r with the built-in side winglets and single-sided swing arm no dude it’s not the same bike so without further we don’t simulate motor as the src 21 and sr killa nathaniel master lineup of sport bikes what what about the c21 i believe the ato to categorize as an actual commercial unit so therefore it’s a prototype or should i say angle is for

The year 2021. src21 dude framed chassis what i mean by bago is just from the perspective nice viewing angle provided by the one and only cheese germs misa internet we can confirm the ato in a parallel twin two cylinder engine with a potential displacement of somewhere between 450cc to 650cc oh dude rings which could suggest a 400 cc very soberang dude

That looks like a 120 and 180 pirelli diablo super corsa not to mention the overall tab spec moto gp like components but nevertheless it’s an animated potential expressway that is similar to the yamaha yzf r7 and the aprilia rs660 take a listen my dude so ion audio quality may not sounded very clear better marilyn mon distinct sounding nanaka 270 degree crack not

Duma especially with the sc project double sided high exhaust keys so anonymous features yamaha dude well similarly nothing is amazing tft integration and zhenyan parma fully optimized hmong riding modes and its other premium electric control system isn’t over the top premium specs nato is big ass all its golden inverted forks artisan punk mid mounted airbag

Shack absorber solid cut yup those two are also fully adjustable as for the brakes these are the brembo direct push pump plus brembo four piece and readily mounted calipers with a break this diversion cover first time kuito makita sanaka steal this pero since they labeled it as a diversion cover for hit dissipation did the point at banghole as for the design

Element in aesthetics motor it goes without seeing the anti-sportbike design dna and cf moto sr series looks niapara 300 sr parent but on steroids i mean from the aggressive lines with carbon fiber material plus the addition of aerodynamic fix winglets all the way up to the much bigger and wider fuel tank driver seat and rear spoiler i must adjusting to a much

Sporty ergonomics for sport oriented motorcycle but technically speaking finish product headlights but like i said as of right now premium components so for the commercialized version what can a mug expect on same level of premiumness but decent but not overpriced downgraded version thinking as affordable displacement whether it’s going to be 450 cc or 650cc

Obama dude 450 or 650 or even all the way up to 800 cc comment yourself about with the reason why it as for my personal expectation kodito it will be in the 650ish cc the say paramag in success full on src21 kelang and latong invented to image larger potential market isabella middleweight nikon corner long enter level small displacement segment so now it’s the

Time to move up to the next level to compete with the likes of honda cbr650r yamaha yzf r7 kawasaki ninja 650 and the aprilia rs 660. dudes cf motor to the competition but for now magakaran monetary waiting game for the sun commercialized version of the src 21. subscribe to the channel smith you

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CFMOTO SR-C21 | SR 450 | – Bagong Expressway Super Sport Bike Ni CFMOTO Pinakita Na! By full metal throttle