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Cheap Fix to Used Grips #CanAm #motorcycle

Today MartinTheVlogger will show you how he fixed very much used heated grips on the CanAm Spyder F3s. This is not only economical – cheap Fix but also it gives more width to your stock grips, so the feeling of the handlebars while riding is much different.

Hi guys this is your boy martin and today what we’re gonna do uh we’re gonna fix my grips uh that are on the beast ever since she was bought so 85 000 kilometers like 50 000 miles we will fix them and today’s video what you will find out it i will tell you well my experience with the original heated grip by brp uh i’ll show you how i will fix them uh you will see

One small tip and also the good things and bad things about the fix that i will do 20 22 rules no around straight to the point and no video yet how cool is that now enough of this let’s get started first thing let me tell you a little bit about the brp grapes the original ones that i have bought together with the with the bike uh 2015 as i said 85 000 kilometers

50 000 miles plus minus they’ve been good like a rough riding and mostly i’m writing in gloves and uh so like those stitches on the gloves that really give a hard time to your grips now uh they’ve been good since like two years ago ever since then they are not good because they are too thin uh they are still working i mean they are still heating but you know

The damage on the rubber i was just riding on the gas station and back and i already have a dirty hand so without gloves it’s not really a i’d say clean or comfortable riding in general i don’t know if brp has made changes ever since but they’re just terrible they’re not good uh they hit you a little bit it’s not like on rts or i think f3 limited has better

Heated grips or f3t i think but this s and f3 basic they’re just very basic and they have just one level and it’s not enough especially when you ride in a in gloves like this like when it’s cold outside when it’s raining outside you would like to have a gratex gloves the heat will not go through so for me they’re just they’re heated but honestly i got used to

Over time riding like almost like without heated grips that’s the experience you know but they last decently long it’s different experience on rikers they’re just the basic grips they’re just they’re just fading away so quick on this bike we have around 1 000 kilometers so let’s say 700 miles there is a structure there is no structure here and this bike has uh

Something like 4 000 kilometers it’s gone it’s here this one is going it’s gonna get worse so what is the solution uh the first solution would be to go for again for a heated grip just to change them which is like i explained you why it doesn’t make any sense for me option number two would be to go for after-market grips like this kraken uh korea king correct is

So complicated name but very good brand in motorcycle industry i have one for rikers but i do not have on a shop at the moment one for spider so but anyway for me what i have found what works much better uh it’s this option they’re like how do you call them like slip-on grips uh so one and they are foam grips they sell very well have a look it’s just typical

Phone uh quite good quality however with the with the film itself i recommend to buy uh two sets of these in case you would like to go through the season because they wear off i mean not dramatically but they will wear off well it’s absolutely a new thing uh it’s again from from la monster i sell this product it’s a little like grapes it has nothing to do with

Leather so all animals are safe it’s something like a melted uh melted rubber on the top but the feeling it’s absolutely great almost like really like leather like feeling what i like about them and if you have seen my videos how i was rebuilding uh the f3 the daytona into the black one that was the first time when i really tried them on the road and what i like

Is that they are they will make your rides or grips thicker so this one it’s it’s 10 i didn’t mind before but once i have tested these i just like i would like to be like that and also they help you a little bit with a vibration so it’s a little bit smoother right they will fix the ugly look of my grips as well will the heat go through well there was no heat

Going almost no heat going through those original grips and my gloves but if you will have the rt and much more like several levels of heating yeah they will go through i’m pretty sure about that now tiny little tip so i will be applying these leather-like grips and the tip by the way have i told you that all of these items you can get on so

The largest european shop for kingdom spider and riker aftermarket pots more than 350 items sitting in europe and i ship worldwide plus i do better support always good tip here how to put them on how to you know put them on the right this tip is coming from the monster it’s not my idea i just i just tested it and it worked so i’m i’m having this uh what it

Is like cleaning your hands the the disinfection thing sanitizer sanitizer and the good thing is i actually broke it the good thing is that it evaporates because it has alcohol but it will make your grips it will make your grips uh like easy to slip on so just put it like this and it’s super easy a couple of seconds there we go and everything will evaporate

And that’s it i love this fix actually it’s not only about fix for me it’s about new joy from riding because the grips are bigger also they are much smoother and comfortable so yeah ever since i have tried it i know that that’s that’s the way where i would like to go didn’t believe it really honestly uh i love it uh guys in case you like what i do i have a

Memorabilia on my shop remember always have fun i have these stickers uh that’s a memorabilia for 2022 year so i can keep up going without annoying youtube ads youtube video ads and also in case you are here and you would like to experience europe on three wheels we have these badass three wheelers rikers and uh just write me to these contact

Details in case you are in bratislava slovakia in case you are in vienna austria in case you are in a budapest hungary in case you’re in a prague czech republic we are super close by there are four capital cities in very very close distance and i’m in bratislava slovakia but i can come to pick you up anyway anyway guys just write me and now remember fix your grapes

Buy the leather-like grips or foam grips in case you want but always have fun you

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Cheap Fix to Used Grips #CanAm #motorcycle By MartinTheVlogger