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CHEAP NINTENDO 64 & GAMEBOY FINDS?! / Live Video Game Hunting

Everything is recorded on my GoPro Hero 9 Black/Galaxy Z Fold 4 and edited on my MacBook Pro with Final Cut Pro X

Foreign so i was doing my normal things scrolling and browsing garage sale listings on facebook marketplace and i found a garage sale that has some pretty good game boy stuff and one of the listing pictures there was a tote with some game boys and some game boy games so i shot her a message and i asked her how much she wanted for it she said 50 bucks i didn’t

Even haggle we’re just gonna go out there and pick it up i can’t really tell what the games are so i’m hoping for something good but even if it’s a bunch of like little kids games it’s still going to be worth it because there’s several game boys and it’s only 50 bucks but yeah let’s go get it hi there good i finally made it yep i was messaging you about the game

Boy stuff oh okay how’s it going good news good good it’s a lot of work setting up a sale isn’t it yes it is especially a lot of it was from a move of someone who passed away oh okay okay foreign but i want my container you got it or anything yeah i’ll take a look i’ll check it out this is inside of here okay but i i have been i have all those too so i guess

This could go in here okay nothing about that stuff i just sticking my head in there okay probably corroded batteries but i cleaned that up foreign hold on now so i’m gonna walk this to my car put everything in the car and then i’ll walk your bin back is that okay oh yeah otherwise i can give you a box yeah that would be great foreign thanks guys thank you good

Luck with the sale if you come across more video game stuff let me know 50 bucks for the whole box all of the games are little kids games except for a couple of marios but still some pretty good stuff i’ll probably end up hanging on to a couple of them so we got a 10 game boy advance that’s p there’s two game boy colors in here as well the green one which has

Really bad battery corrosion unfortunately but i should be able to clean that up got an atomic purple with another mario in there also really bad corrosion unfortunately but i mean 50 bucks for the whole box come on i’m not gonna complain about that i should be able to clean it up i’ll go over this stuff more thoroughly back at the house foreign i just laid

Out this game boy stuff price charted some of it and i just want to show you guys what i got so for the game boy games most of them are valued less than ten dollars so they didn’t go into price charting i did however add game and watch gallery 3 and the two mario bros deluxe and then pokemon pinball i put in as loose because the box is sun faded on the right side

And it has this water damage spot in the middle i was originally gonna plan to keep this but it’s just a little bit too beat up for me so i’m gonna pass it along if it didn’t have that in the middle i’d probably keep it and just put up with the sun fading but yeah too too far gone for me uh the game boys have really bad corrosion in them i’m gonna have to take

Them apart and clean them really well yikes that’s really bad if i can’t clean them up and get it working i have a friend who has an ultrasonic cleaner like i can’t even get this one to spin busted but i have a friend who has an ultrasonic cleaner i could always take it apart take those prongs out and then run them over there the atomic purple is really bad as

Well but i mean for 10 bucks a pop i’ll take a chance on cleaning them up i price charted this stuff comes to 261.23 the mario games worth 18 bucks each game and watch gallery 10 bucks pokemon pinball loose 18. i should be able to get more than that with the box probably 30 or 40 but you know i just put it in as loose because the box is so beat up uh each game

Boy color worth just about 60 the game boy advanced sp i haven’t tested it but i do have a charger i can put with it that’s about 70 bucks a lot of these common games are going to end up getting bundled with the game boy when i sell them on ebay but yeah there’s definitely money to be made i paid 50 bucks price charting values at 260. i think after fees and ship

I should be able to profit around 150 in my pocket so yeah not too bad i’m happy with that pickup nothing going into the collection but still some pretty good stuff on to the next year i bought a bunch of playstation 2 stuff from a lady about half an hour away from me and she actually reached back out she’s got an n64 and like eight or ten games from what i can

See most of the games look pretty common but there is a couple that are flipped upside down and i don’t know what those are she’s only asking 50 bucks for all of it so we’re definitely about to go pick it up foreign there it is very nice golden eye hi hi how are you good good just checking everything make sure it’s here oh 50 bucks right sure all right awesome

I appreciate it thank you you’re welcome thank you nothing too crazy n64 console with an expansion pack very nice very nice the video cable there i don’t see a power cable though it has a pretty tight stick a little bit loose but not too bad and it looked like most the games are pretty common uh wind race yoshi story turlock is good golden eye bomberman 50 bucks

For the whole box what a deal i’ll lay this stuff out price chart it and go over it more thoroughly back i just finished laying the n64 stuff out that i got for 50 bucks and i just really quick want to show you guys what i got so there’s an n64 system with the expansion pack and a controller the controller’s got a pretty tight stick it’s a little bit loose but

Not too bad at all and then some pretty solid titles here these three are valued less than ten dollars each so they didn’t go into price charting but everything else here did we’ve got some pretty cool stuff battle tanks wcw nitro two copies of monster truck madness star wars is always great wave race is always great golden eye is a classic you can never go wrong

With that uh yoshi story which i actually have complete in the box already but yeah just lots of really good stuff i paid 50 bucks for all of this through a facebook pickup and the total price charting value is 309.67 after fees and chip i should be able to pocket around 200 profit which i can reinvest into the collection and yeah just overall a really good pickup

For 50 bucks some of the best stuff here is going to be of course goldeneye yoshi bomberman wave race uh star wars to rock the console and the controller are worth about 60 bucks someone commented and said that the n64 system uh is supposed to have the controller included in that price but i think that’s not accurate because the n64 system is definitely worth more

Than forty dollars i can get like 70 bucks out of it and that’s with the controller so yeah 50 bucks pretty sweet little pickup nothing going into the collection this week unfortunately but still some pretty cool stuff that i found for cheap uh that’s gonna be it for this video as always thank you guys for watching thank you guys for subscribing and on to the next thank you

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CHEAP NINTENDO 64 & GAMEBOY FINDS?! / Live Video Game Hunting By CollectorsLuck