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Chinese Melons Explained! – Weird Fruit Explorer

Episode 653 Chinese Melons

Thank you it’s like on cue every time i turn on my camera people start drag racing greetings everybody i am here today with my cat to talk to you about melons now melons i have to be honest i’m not the biggest fan of melons the flavor of melons is not my my sort of thing however uh i do find them interesting because like here’s the thing like melons only really

Have one species like at least the most typical melons that you find and some of them are really weird like there’s one called their the armenian cucumber which looks and tastes more like a cucumber than a melon it’s actually in the same species it’s still cucumbers mellow the particular melons that i have today are chinese melons melons that you would find in

China uh some years ago i actually went to china i went to beijing i picked up a bunch of melons and i made a review comparing them only at the time i didn’t really know anything about them now that i’ve had a little bit of time to research some of these melons i know a little bit more from digging around online i came across a diagram kind of explaining chinese

Melons uh the problem with it is that this was in chinese and it was a photo so i actually had to read this using a google translate on my phone like using the camera function so i might be a little bit off basically it broke it down like this that there are melons and two subcategories there is thick-skinned and thin-skinned melons a thick skin melon would be like

Your cantaloupe your honeydews your cassava melons uh your santa claus melons ones that have like a rind to it so this one here is a hami melon that is a thick skin melon this is has this has orion to it uh and this one is a golden honeydew this has orion to it i’m going to review these in another episode but these chinese melons that i picked up are considered

Thin-skinned ones and uh you can tell like even with like a little bit of pressure i can probably poke my finger through this melon so that is the first category the second category for thick rind and melons is that there are netted melons and smooth melons this would be a netted melon so if you look on there get up real close you can see the netting on this so

Like all that pattern that makes this a netted melon cantaloupe like your typical cantaloupe would also be a netted melon and then there are smooth melons like this one that does not have any of that decoration on it so this would be a smooth melon the thin skin melons also get broken down into different categories okay there is uh this type the type that is

Kind of like roundish like this this is a cantaloupe it’s just called a cantaloupe or a musk melon same thing then there are other types that are more elongated now i don’t have one of those here but i did find them when i was in china and uh the diagram i was looking at it translated one of them as a violet melon and the other type as a leaf melon but the most

Notable thing is that those ones are kind of like stretched out so these all three of these would be considered musk melons or cantaloupes however in that category they do have their own unique names so there’s another diagram that i found that did not translate super well but um based on the ones that i have here this was a white sugar cantaloupe this was

A beijing cantaloupe and this was a cantaloupe because of how i identified this i’m not sure how accurate this is so if you know more about this uh let me know in the comments but my takeaway is that this is interesting to me you know because as an american going to china when i went to the market i was just kind of like wow i i’m so uh out of my league here i’m

Just like completely unfamiliar with all the different types of melons and to see that there is a way to kind of like break them down that is not a way that we do it in america is uh it’s interesting like in america people are like there’s honeydews and cantaloupes what else is there and by the way when i bought these uh the green one was sold in its own bin as

A musk melon so that that kind of adds up these were sold together in a different bin and they were labeled uh pixie melons which they’re not pixie melon is something else so um yeah and it might be that this is just a different ripeness of this one um it looked pretty distinctly different to me but they were in the same bin so maybe they are actually the same

Thing i don’t know let’s cut them open ah yeah this one is white on the inside so these are likely not the same thing very very similar so yeah these might just be a different ripeness of the same thing so first i’m going to try the small white one what i identified uh possibly incorrectly as the white sugar musk melon the flavor of this is good it reminds

Me of honeydew but a little bit milder it’s not as strong of a flavor but it is a similar flavor you know honeydew has almost like a syrupy honeyish kind of flavor this doesn’t have that this is like a little bit more in the direction of like a cucumber it’s maybe a little bit less sweet but still pretty sweet i give this maybe like a seven out of ten i say

Like a honeydew it’s probably more like an eight and yeah it is a thin skin dry there’s not much uh to that and i’m pretty sure the rind is not going to taste good but from what i know it is edible so see yeah that rind tastes totally fine um it’s maybe slightly more in the direction of a cucumber more of a vegetable sort of flavor but totally good okay so

Let’s try the uh the one that was yellowish so this might be the same as the last thing i just had but that ripeness is different so let’s let’s see i feel like this yellow one is like an unripe version of the white one because it’s firmer it’s not as sweet and it’s more in the direction of a cucumber it’s still good but not as good as the white one so uh yeah

I wasn’t sure if this was riper or less ripe than the white one if they are the same but if they are the same then this is the last ripe one i think yeah that sweetness goes down to like a four out of ten and that flavor gets more in the direction of a cucumber but it is still fine and the rind why not again totally fine and finally the green one let’s see

If this is uh much different this one is milder but is far juicier when when i bite into that it’s just like you’re getting a whole lot of liquid when i cut it open like juice started going out everywhere the flavor is very very mild though it’s leaning more in the direction of the cucumber but uh not quite cucumber it’s more it’s definitely a melon but um

You get a little bit of like the green flavor you get from a cucumber i think the mildness of this is something that could be utilized like this would be something that would be really good cut up into um a salad it could be used like you would use a cucumber but also has a little bit of sweetness to it the sweetness on this is it’s not super sweet it’s maybe a

Four it’s a little bit sweeter than the yellow one but not as sweet as the white one all three of these are good i’d say the white one is the best use for like a dessert sort of application for a melon it’s like a cantaloupe or a honeydew just like a little bit milder the other two are just different because they aren’t super sweet i think they lend themselves

Better to be mixed with something else what i would do is i would take these i’d cut them up and put them on like a savory salad with like some tomatoes and that would be pretty good so uh yeah very very interesting to get another chance to try some of these chinese melons uh especially here in new york with a little bit more information so that was kind of fun

Hope you enjoyed it too and i’ll see you all next time bye-bye i would like to give a big shout out to smarter every day lofty rex and jmac they are mega patrons over on com patreon i’m sure you’ve heard about it but basically it is how i can afford to go on all the adventures that i go on on this channel and how i buy all the fruit that i buy so if

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