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Chinese Scooter Review Tao Tao 50cc ATM50-A1 ATM-50 2010 vs Taotao 50cc CY50-T3 2012

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Hey hey done i’m going to do a review of the tatto tattoo scooter technically they’re 49 ccs which makes them street-legal and you do not need a motorcycle license to drive these you can see here i have two of the tay toes this is the newer model you can tell by the front as much fancier nicer lights as opposed to the older model just i believe the 2010 or 2011

Here this is the new 2012 i’m going to go through the differences until one one difference here is the rims much nicer than the newer one post the older the tire size is actually also larger this is a twelve inch tire this over here is a ten inch tire this is a little bit less expensive at these think these are going for about five to six hundred bucks where the

The newer style 2011 goes about 750 that is delivered to your door and get these online you search chinese scooter until back of the new model that the rear lights are a little bit nicer with the nicer tail light as posed to the older style you can also tell that they change with the gases this is the older style again you have the gas on the out here and usually

This little basket you can add on which i did not add on on the new style they put the gas underneath here instead so you could leave the basket on and still gas up as opposed to the old style you’d have to take back basket off every time you gassed up this is still locked here so no get your gas and this this still does latch up this is locked it took the key

Out here and this gives you some extra storage this pops up put some clothes and stuff in there this just locks down like that i’m going to review the older one first here the lights are a little bit different that lights on i mean the mirrors on the newer one a little bit better it controls all in all about the same you get high being on and off get left you got

Right the key in here so i can show what looks like see ya left punch right here yeah right you have high beams then you get your horn this is your starter here this is off this is on should have to do is hold your break in then push the starter nyserda has little problems doesn’t catch the first time sometimes after that it pretty much starts right up this is i

Believe just old age homes have a thousand hours on here gas is pretty low i’m gonna give it a quick little drive around actually i’ll do that with the how i came on so i can be a better shot here turn it off get kickstand down on this one i want to kick stand here also you want to raise up even higher leave on this one should have a dual kickstand to kick it up

Even higher oh it’s right here kick that up and you need some power for this you can put the whole thing up a lot more stable and just takes the back tire off also have the kick starter here if you want to kick-start it you can and is this a little bit older basically this model that i actually had engine blow up the piston went through the engine they did covered

On a warranty the same a brand new motor took me about five to seven hours to replace the entire engine had to pull this whole thing apart i was kind of a pain in the butt but they did cover it so that was nice piston went right through the block so that wasn’t too good this is the new model and i’ve gotten this mover say probably maybe three months ago put about

Five hundred hours on it so far it’s got a really good gas mileage about a hundred miles per gallon same basic that this is your double kickstand here pulls the whole back tire off kickstand basically the controls are the same a little bit different layout left right you can tell a little bit they change it up a little bit here’s one of the things i do not like

It with a new one the power is just not there when you go to accelerate i’ll show you when i have the hell i came on it’s much quicker on the older model that could have been because they upped the tire size to 12 inches it’s nice a nicer smoother ride with a bigger tire size but it’s it’s just the acceleration is just not there it becomes a problem when you want

To cross the road it almost takes almost 5 seconds to cross the road so that can be very dangerous if you’re on crossing a highway also going up hills it has a real problem when you’re going up a hill about 30 it can drop down about 50 miles per hour i did contact manufacture they said that’s just something with a newer model – te’o is not as powerful and give me

Any more specifics so if you want something to look just a little bit more power the older one is fairly nice you save a little bit of money tire size or smaller mu doesn’t look as nice but the ride is much better acceleration you going up those hills it’ll stay about 30 30 35 i’ve gotten through solder 1 up to about 50 55 i’m going downhill it’s a little scary at

That speed so i don’t maintain it too long but you can definitely go pretty fast with them so i think that’s about it i’ll put the helmet cam on now and just drive both of them you can see the differences on acceleration the other difference i notice here is to get dual shocks in the back of the new style when the old style just has a single back shock you can

Definitely tell the newer one is a smoother ride but that acceleration thing is just what kills it for me i’d rather have the power if you go anything above a 50cc in this state you have to have a more circa license which i probably i’m going to get anyway but it’s just inconvenient if you want to go out with some friends if you don’t have a kind of license let’s

Get through the disc brakes which are nice so all right we’re going to test drive over 1 2010 model put the pedal to the metal because wow break get a little bit of a sneaky break here edges with old age very slow really nicely here you i’m going to drive the new to teo to the 12 model same thing 49 50 cc this one pickup is not as fast probably the hotel sometimes

Yes one of those things you have to drive it but see let me show you what i mean again hold the brake in same thing make sure it’s an on position break in you’ll see this one starts much better than other one the starters gasps just see how i would say god just a little bit slower you really notice the crossroads so there sits a while to get revved up do not make

The wheels feel out you don’t mind exerting slow it would be fine to do the problem when you run across road like this maybe have cars coming at you little scary a bit aggressive road 50 there’s a little bit better stop all right there we go so after reviewing these two i would personally rather have will be driving this older model even though it’s look as nice

It drives much faster better on the hills as far as looks this one definitely wins as far as driving though the model does you say 100 bucks maybe potatoes you will model would be better i might be the 10 inch tires or just better for this engine and that might have been where they went wrong with it besides that engines look pretty much the same so i believe this

Is the shall be changing the tire size but i’ll let you take your own decision

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Chinese Scooter Review Tao Tao 50cc ATM50-A1 ATM-50 2010 vs Taotao 50cc CY50-T3 2012 By Review Outlaw