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Choosing the Right Motorcycle Luggage by J&P Cycles

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Howdy my name is bill gray i’ve been a motorcyclist since 1958 i’m a charter life member the american motorcyclist association and i’ve been a member of the jmp family for over 20 years we’re going to talk for a few moments about motorcycle luggage for those of you who enjoy using your motorcycle as transportation being able to haul as many personal effects as we

Can safely is a very important part of what we do and i want to start with a small but important piece of motorcycle our edge the windshield bag if you have a traditional windshield like a road king or if you’re using a national cycle switchblade or a memphis shade and memphis pads this type bag is designed to mount to the center band going across your windshield

It works with the one inch band it’s designed so it will not pivot or roll in place this is our eagle brand it’s a gmp staple probably the best-selling windshield bag we’ve ever carried one of the things i like about it is it uses a turnbuckle closure it’s extremely important when you’re going down the road at 65 70 miles an hour the bags don’t start to open

Themselves so if you’ve got a traditional police style or what we call a tombstone style windshield this is a bag for you the most popular of the fairing mounted windshield bags that we’ve ever sold is this tea bag it’s a uv treated pvc material will hold its life in his color for years and years and years as three compartment features velcro closures now one of

The things that has happened to pairing windshield bags over the last couple years is the popularity of additional audio components like a tweeter bar by hog tunes or kuryakin makes tweeter pods and unfortunately when those devices are mounted to the inner part of your fairing it displaces this windshield bag kuryakin on the other hand this is a very very popular

Kuryakin very mounted windshield bag and it is actually designed the contour on the bottom is completely flat this is one of the few fairing mounted windshield bags that you can use with the tweeter pod or the hopkins tweeter bar all right so much for windshield bags one of the best ways to travel is to use saddle bags the nice thing about saddle bags is they’re

Completely removable by one means or another the most popular and the least expensive or what we call throw over saddle bags they feature a yoke which connects the two bags and we select please or throw them over the back seat or in many cases we’ll remove the passenger seat place the saddle bag into position and then put the seat back on over it gives you a very

Trim very streamlined look however when you are using a soft throw over saddle bag in virtually every case i know of it is necessary to buy a saddle bag hardware mounting kit all these bars do is prevent the saddle bag when it’s full from sagging into the rear wheel they’re not expensive this can be anywhere from sixty to ninety dollars however they are essential

If you’re going to use a soft saddle bag now many of us have grown spoiled over the years by being able to buy quick disconnect hard saddle bags this particular saddle bag is manufactured by mustang it is a vinyl covered fiberglass so when we say hard bag it’s a hard bag in every sense of the word it is hinged and lovable this is an incredibly good feature many

People today carry computers ipads very expensive electronics in their saddlebags it’s nice when you get one that is key mockable keep prying eyes out of the back now this is another quick disconnect bag but it’s a soft bag it’s ab i know it’s lying so that it holds its firmness but it appears to be a soft bag both of these bags mount the same way the mounting

Plate goes on the bag the receiver goes on the bike when this bag is removed from the motorcycle there is virtually no evidence whatsoever that you own a set of saddlebags and again they are lockable so that when the saddlebag is put into place and you turn a lock nobody gets in it nobody lifts it off and that brings us to easily the most popular form of motorcycle

Luggage we sell and those are the motorcycle travel bags now when you’re buying a travel bag this is something you’re going to use for a trip get ask yourself several questions probably the most important of which is capacity how much do you want to take with you if you’re simply going away for a weekend wear a change of clothes we’ve got a variety of bags that

Fit that category perfectly this is the river road spectrum and i refer to it as a great little weekend travel bag get a change of clothes shaving kit and most of the personal care items that you require this bag like most motorcycle travel bags requires a backrest a passenger backrest or bar and/or a luggage rack in order to mount it for a large capacity we have

The kuryakin ultra tore bag now not only is this a front-loading piece of luggage but it also loads from the side it features something relatively new to motorcycle luggage that is the waterproof zipper when luggage if you put a zipper in a bag water is going to get through it however the waterproof treatment that kuryakin has found keeps water from penetrating

Where the zippers go that brings us to bars and luggage racks and i pulled this out this is called the kuryakin transformer we sell this product it has a wide variety of applications this particular applications for the harley-davidson touring bikes road king street glide row guides and it features a built in luggage rack this is like a 2 for the price of one

The passenger backrest has a very soft spongy feeling pad for your passenger and the fact that it is quick disconnect means that it can be removed completely from the motorcycle restoring that bike to the look that harley intended and of course this secures just like this the beauty of this type of luggage rack is you can get the luggage rack the backrest and the

Quick disconnect hardware for about half of what you would have paid to manufacture for a luggage rack and bar very important purchasing decision be made there that concludes our segment on luggage i would like to remind you that every product we show you is available at gmp cycles and please join us at our website this bill great see you in another segment sing

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Choosing the Right Motorcycle Luggage by J&P Cycles By J\u0026P Cycles