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What’s up guys we are back here with another everything regular video man you guys see we picked up that 2021 roguelife special man got that thing cleaned up actually running really good really smooth actually took it around a ride around the complex man so we know that thing rides good it’s just a matter of uh getting it together man cosmetically man so with that

Being said man we didn’t already ordered everything we need for man we’re just in a waiting game now waiting for everything to show up in the mail so can’t wait for all the parts to come meanwhile speaking of parts our bags for that thing did come in they’re black man so we can put them on and just get that box out the way so i think i’m gonna do that meanwhile

Our other 2021 roguelike special situated with the wheels and stuff or at least try to get that front wheel on there for now man so if you guys haven’t already please like comment and subscribe man man so we got these bags on here they already came painted black so just makes it flow that much more better like literally this thing can be done in a matter of

Freaking like couple days or so if we keep it black man i just feel like that’s too easy for me but then again y’all like the murder out scheme like i haven’t did one yet this on some nice wheels would be dope dude like the little raider scheme black and silver will be pretty sick but i feel like something crazy will be dope man i like the black though it does look

Clean what y’all think about it let your boy know in the comments below meanwhile got rid of some wheels today so trying to get the stock wheels off of here man so got to get this 21 situated i’m pull this one out try to get that front wheel switched out and see how we looking light wise outside all right guys here we have it oh that thing is gonna look good

Yeah that red black chrome with the red buttons oh my god definitely it’s going to look freaking sick i can’t wait i can’t wait that thing is going to look really really good once we get that fender on there that front end is gonna be crazy fender front end and a defender in the freaking fan looks like a whole new bike man let’s get this thing off the jack and

Pull it out real quick that’s going to be real nice man i was going to mess with the back wheel tonight i’m like man i ain’t trying to be that weak i’ma get up on it first thing in the morning you know we’ll swap that thing out back there but no big deal i’m judging just judging by the front i know this thing is going to look good because i can see that color

Scheme about to be brought to life man what y’all thinking so this is a 2021 special in the chrome it looks good looks real nice now we added our taste with these chrome lowers down here so that uh brought that chrome out that much more now if we come over here to the 2021 roguelike special in the black still looks amazing man and either one i don’t know which

One i will pick honestly they both look great like when i first started doing the bikes and stuff man i wasn’t a fan of chrome at all now i’m like a huge fan of chrome like every time i get a chrome bike i don’t even want to change it so if it’s black already you already know what’s up but chrome we keeping it the same but it does look good so far man what y’all

Think about it let your boy know in the comments below and then we did get a first crank up on this one it ain’t been started in a while but man i can’t wait these things are gonna look so good back-to-back because this one’s gonna be done pretty fast i’m sure man we already got the bags and stuff in as y’all see so literally we’re waiting on the inner and outer

Fair and once we get that we can take it to the paint shop and figure out what we’re gonna do but it’s pretty much i mean it’s pretty much easy to go this one’s already done can’t wait antonio’s be finished with the paint set tomorrow so probably about to just take this one around the complex just because and see what’s up all righty we got these things back in

The garage rearranged so tomorrow morning we’re going to try to get that back wheel on this one uh meanwhile antonio should be done with this tomorrow so i don’t know we may be able to go out there real early and grab it before traffic it was before traffic i don’t mind anything after that it’s a no-go but then again our wheels for this will be done wednesday

So i might just wait till wednesday to pick that up then again that is kind of too long so i don’t know man i might have to do a double trip but in the morning we will see next morning here man uh i’m wide awake it’s two o’clock and i’m wide awake y’all i said i was gonna hit y’all in the morning and that’s what i did so now i told y’all yesterday man that um

Rogue live special was gonna be done soon as antonio hit this man and antonio literally literally hit us right after uh when we got down putting on that wheel yesterday so man we’re about to head up out of here hit the city real quick do a quick turnaround it’s two o’clock i’m trying to be back out here by like 10 or 11 man so quick turn around hit the road go get

Going to get these motorcycle parks man so let’s slide made it to the city tony yo man y’all see me out here early today dog about to get it going so here we are guys we got our 2021 color matched fan looks good looks really good antonio did a good job there then we got our wrap around fender oh yeah this thing gonna look nice did a good job man look good yeah

Yeah it looks good all right so if y’all see how this little uh little pin stripe is here antonio about to get cracking on this one real quick he said 30 minutes he’ll be able to knock it out man so i’m gonna let him knock it out we’re gonna get it going all right you guys we got it out here in the sun oh yeah that looks really good yeah you did a good job

Antonio looks really good thank you yeah that thing flawed man i’m digging it now we can show rock with that dog it’s over so yeah yeah alrighty man tony antonio didn’t put his little foot on there man that thing looked good that they look good antonio look really good that’s crazy i i didn’t think it was going to be like the same exact thing but literally the

Same exact thing i am excited though i can’t wait this just add me up way more on the next one like the black one we got man oh me and antonio we gotta go crazy about to go crazy on the next one next paint job we about to go crazy yeah yeah for sure i can’t wait man can’t wait man y’all see what’s going on about to get home and get this thing put back together dog

So we are halfway to the house uh we picked up our little parts and stuff man so i can’t wait to get back to the garage throw this stuff on and see how that thing look and so let’s hurry up and get there get this thing swapped out see what it’s looking like man y’all think it’s gonna look good let your boy know in the comments below right now dog i can’t wait all

Righty guys just made it back to the crib we got our outer fairing here we got our low little oil cooler cover or whatever there and then we have our wrap around here man so we’re gonna get this front end situated i’m gonna get this thing pulled out we’re gonna get it going dog all righty guys looking like something now man we got that fairing on there oh my

God i’m mad that the freaking dude broke our little door when um when he was loading it up but that’s literally all we’re waiting for we already have the whole like cover already we literally just need this hinge part right here but all in all does look good color match is on point antonio did an excellent job looks great man let’s get this front fender on here

And see how it’s looking so oh my god wow look at that thing y’all 20 21 rogue live special looks freaking amazing in chrome i ain’t gonna even hold you this wrap around fender did it for me antonio actually did a real good job of matching it up looks really really good really really lovely man that chrome and everything looks amazing dog what y’all think

About it gotta wipe this thing down is looking good though i am digging it that thing look good man she’s fair look great everything look nice on this train man i’m digging it no rubbing or nothing so that’s a plus what y’all boys think about it man let your boy know in the comments below i’m excited now man we haven’t got our back wheel on there yet but

I ain’t gonna hold you this front will do it just for me i might gotta i really gotta wipe it down this thing is dusty but man what y’all think and then i did wipe him down a little bit man this front end just looks so a1 like man look at it yeah that look cold man i can’t even hold y’all that thing look amazing that chrome is something different i got to fire

This thing up and ride it around man i got to this thing looks freaking fire breaking fire yes sir all we got left to do is get our rear wheel put on and get this little storage door right here but other than that it’s done and headed to one of you guys man so can’t wait let me know what y’all think about it in the comments below all righty man now we got that

Thing back in the mix of things um literally just got the rear wheel left in that storage door but i’m gonna probably do the rear wheel later on it’s just freaking hot right now some regroup get ready for this giveaway today we’re gonna come back out later and finish it alrighty guys next morning here we are back we know where these bikes are going so this bike is

Going to pennsylvania our cvo is going to north carolina man so congratulations to the winners man i appreciate you guys the support man if you guys haven’t entered the giveaway or if you guys didn’t win head over to right now copy your red blue and white everything’s regular hat and you’ll be entered to win my 2021 roguelife special in black

Of course it’s gonna have my taste on it so you guys know it’s gonna look good as well we pretty much finished up with this one i’m literally just waiting for this little door right here but i just noticed this black one has the door and it works so might just swap that over there so we can complete that um and then just get it for the black one when you’re

Ready but we do have our inner and outer fan for our black let’s check it out right here and our wrap around for our road king that’s coming here we have our inner and outer for our other 2021 rogue glide it is still wrapped up and it is in black so actually think it’s painted black like this thing we can literally finish this bike right now man what y’all think

About the black i know black would look hard none we ain’t never had a murdered out black black bike yet would look dope to keep this thing black i don’t know we’ll have to see i’m not sure man what y’all thinking and then um i gotta put this rear wheel on this road glide however i know i’m gonna have some trouble with that man i just don’t feel like breaking my

Neck and it’s just struggling right now so i think i’m gonna uh pass on that but it will get done meanwhile we got our parts and stuff so man we can pretty much start detaching that road glide if that’s what we’re going to do don’t know what i really want to do just yet man so give me some ideas in the comments below dog then i actually think since we uh pretty

Much finished this one off i want to get this one in the paint shop literally as soon as we can get it in there um so i think i’m gonna start busting this one down at least take everything apart um and get it to antonio today yeah we gotta drive back to la man right back i wish they would have brought the inner and outer fan before i went yesterday it would have

Been perfect but we got to get these parts to the shop now i can keep it black but black would just be like too easy for me man uh and then black is like just like it’s cool but it’s boring to me man i want something spiced up you already know man so i’m gonna pull this one out start taking all the parts off and i will get it to the paint shop all righty

Guys man we got our 2021 roguelike special bus down we got our parts right here i was having some hard time on his front fender one of the freaking boats was stripped but we ended up getting it out luckily so inner and outer fern is over there so no need to take that off but everything else is gonna look good man i can’t wait can’t freaking wait dog we’re

Gonna push this thing back into the corner get this gas tank broken down in that rear fender um as well along with those uh along with the saddlebags get them all bust down get them ready to go and we’ll be good to go all righty guys we got everything broken down we got our inner and we got our outer fairing here gloss black of course looks really good like i

Said we could have kept it black and played it easy but easy isn’t always the best man and you might you guys know i like being the best man so we got our fender rear fender gas tank side covers uh rear tail light fascia oil cooler cover this little piece by the forks inner fan will be painted that gloss black does look good on the interference but we will be

Getting that thing color matched to whatever color we choose and i think i found the color man so with that being said i think i’m about to load this up in the truck edit this video get y’all the video and then dip up out of here man going to see that which i think so far all right you guys we got this thing loaded up all our parts here for our 2021 road glide

It’s time to get that thing looking a whole lot different meanwhile our red 2021 and chrome it’s all the way done we literally just got to put our back wheel on there and replace our little door here now that bike does have the door on there so i might just switch that one uh we have it on order already but i kind of want this thing done pretty soon man so we’ll

See so alrighty guys it’s gonna be a wrap for today’s video man if you guys haven’t already please like comment and subscribe man you guys see we got some upgrades on that 2021 roguelife special in chrome and this thing is headed to pennsylvania mn and our cbo is headed to north carolina both great bike thank you for the support guys i appreciate you guys man if

You guys missed out on this giveaway for my 2021 roguelite special in chrome and my cvo man it’s not the end of the world man we got another 20 21 rogue live special you guys see we are getting that pain situated so that thing’s gonna look clean once it come back definitely trying something i never did before with this one so just stay tuned for that man i can’t

Wait you guys want to answer for this giveaway man we also got a road king that we’re giving away so we’re giving away our road glide and a road came in 2021 roguelike and a 2014 road came in head over to right now cop your red blue and white hat and that’ll be your entry into the giveaway meanwhile man the truck is loaded up i wanted to

Take the car but i don’t want that tight of a squeeze man so with that being said man if you guys haven’t already man please like comment and subscribe i will catch you guys on the next one dog pigs

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