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It would be hard for me not to go buy today’s Deal Of The Day.

Good morning good morning classifieds and coffee that was hog hunt that you just listened to right now you can check them out on instagram at hog hunt kc kc stands for kansas city once again this is classifieds and coffee every morning i go through pick a random city pull up all the ads for tractors motorcycles cars hoopties pieces of you name it and i go

Through them and tell you if it’s a good deal or not and why and then all in the meantime talk about him um this week’s sponsor no one who gives a uh we are doing kiss me florida today so let’s get at it all right up first uh a-frame camper fisherman’s dream uh sixteen hundred dollars let’s see what is this some homemade um or essentially looks like a coffin

But okay um huh okay okay it’s kind of cool uh cpix for detail ice cold ac tv microwave load up and head out on your adventure with uh this all aluminum insulated gem located in south lakeland uh okay i guess there you go i don’t know like those feet don’t even touch the ground so you can’t back your truck up under it i guess those feet are solely for like

Keeping off the ground if you take it out of your truck i don’t know dude cool great moving on all right 1984 winnebago used winnebago le cherro for sale vehicle is standard transmission really that’s cool and has been sitting for years and doesn’t start sold as is good interior could be used salvage engine needs unknown work but anything’s possible tidal

In hand uh let’s check this out these are kind of sought after due to their all like fiberglass design i try to tell you guys that all the time by your fiberglass rv not one of the like aluminum siding types um so far so great for 2k wow i think you could if you’re looking you were looking for a rv to live out of for a while this might be a winner for you uh

They definitely are kind of weird looking that is for sure this thing would buff out i wonder what is mechanically wrong with it um yeah dude for 2k i’m sure you can get it for 1500 but uh so far deal a day but we’re only two ads in um yo uh i think this is the 50th episode guys i think so i’ll count maybe it’s like 49th or something like that but sneaking up

On 50. um all right what’s this sv 650 bike sitting for a while engine ran when stored is there a title probably not do you really think this bike ran when it’s stored no dude this thing’s beat the now sv 650 is kind of indestructible they’re great bikes everyone loves them no title definitely on this bike this bike is beat would i give 500 bucks for it nah

Moving on guys i’m not in the best of mood this morning got to go through it uh solid bike needs a cleaning bike has been sitting in a while clean title needs carbs cleaned but can show she runs on a shot of starter fluid i have too many bikes t-o not t-o-o uh comma and that’s not how you do it oh gosh america’s just getting dumb i mean am i am i surprised now

No it’s just the way it is i think by me doing all these uh videos i have lost all hope and humanity how much do they want fifteen hundred dollars for a non-running honda shadow it has a brand new petcock and an amg battery uh does it have a title oh my gas let’s just say it does is this worth 1500 no i go like a thousand maybe it’s still i mean it’s missing

Side cover the front fender’s gone this thing’s kind of been finger but it’s not that bad 17 000 miles on it that’s fine i don’t know deal of the day no but moving on what do we got 1982 harley uh clean title bike room’s great just don’t have the need for it since uh messing my leg up 2500 or best offer it’s an iron head um okay well so far it’s the only

Running riding thing with a title right this is so far it’s deal of the day kissimmee is not looking that great um not at all oh boy 1981 honda goldwing the money traps of project bikes i’m telling you guys these things if you do not if you are not a real real good wrench these things will test you to the point where you wish you’d never touched it um if

Dad’s up it’s for sale no idea if it runs or not uh dad has all kinds of motorcycles laying around no title what motorcycles do you got uh would i pay 200 for this uh i personally know but dude if you own one of these and you already have a up and riding one this is worth two hundred dollars just have every part and every body piece you could ever want that’s

About it but once again guys hey look uh when it comes to a gold wing or any big touring bike like this just buy one that’s up and going don’t think like for real you’re only gonna save like a thousand dollars like for a non-running one comparative to a running one and that thousand dollars that you’re going to spend more for the running one it’s actually less

In in the whole combined scheme of what your time is worth and all the parts and everything that you’ll need to get that non-running one up and going once again i’m really good with motorcycle carburetors and set of goldwing carburetors you have to take completely apart remove all the shafts remove all the seals the felt seals in there replace them with all

New ones you have to it’s a intricate process and if a set of gold wing conditions are like our gold wing carburetors are in fairly good condition we’re not like all gummed up and all that that’s what i call good there’s been times when i open it and like it’s just aluminum that has crowded and comes out and like you don’t have a carburetor left that’s bad

But it takes me like eight hours and i know i’m a million times better at motorcycle carburetors than you are okay so i’m just saving you such a headache don’t touch gold wings oh jesus what’s this thing a lot of white trash on this area i think this is hideous as i say that it says awesome trike would you give 3 400 for this sack of ugh moving on we’ve got

Cushman truckster i would like to have one of these and get it street legal and drive it around uh i have and yeah dude and if there’s no engine in it when i buy it even better i’m going to do that cheap ass harbor freight v-twin and call it a day uh i have a 1981 truckster it has what i believe to be a 22 horsepower kawasaki motor stock from the manufacturer i

Have it running and driving shifts they’re all the gears with no issues i got new plugs it has a three speed manual transmission in reverse the roof has doors and comes off as well blah blah dude ugly as but like if you repainted it a nice color it’d be all right you know either way 1500 moving on what do we got uh suzuki 80 needs a top in go-kart need like

Just here come get my give me 400 that’s what this is moving on uh nice lathe what have we got a jet okay looking to sell my jet lathe works could use some tlc it comes with extra bits clamps asking 700 best offer if you want more information i wonder if it comes with the stand that’s cool hell yeah dude if it comes with the stand if it comes with the stand

And everything and you can get it for 600 yes that’s a great size lathe right there that’s beautiful oh yeah i have a small lathe and i love the thing but it i can’t cut threads on it you can cut all the threads you want on here it’s amazing wow okay i’m going to say this is deal of the day especially if you can get this for 600. wow i this would be really

Hard for even though like i said i already have a small desktop blade or bench top or whatever the lathe which i dearly love but if i could get this for 600 yeah i’d i’d be doing an upgrade this is fantastic that’s dueled the day so far all right what do we got yamaha ttr125 uh once again the these bikes are nothing to write home mom about they uh they’re

Boring to be quite honest they’re a boring bike uh it has electric start and kickstart but needs a new starter and have a brand new tire that comes with it would like to get 1500 best offer i guess if you want to buy your girlfriend a bike or something here you go boring moving on ah this is a cool thing super cool 1960s hard hauler runs great restoration

Project um no breaks these are very rare hard to find everything is anymore jesus someone wants this 500 bucks it’s really cool um if you lived in a uh like i can see this being cool if you’re that cool old guy that smokes cigars and you are the manager of a trailer park like a retiree trailer park and the trailer park is actually nice and clean um i can

See you cruising around on this uh wow pretty cool still got the sticker on there and everything really cool in fact uh would i give 500 for it if i needed something like this it might be very handy deal of the day no all right moving on uh 1980 volkswagen little two-door convertible uh complete but wreck not running um yeah that’s a bummer i used to hate

These but now like all the old stuff it always all of a sudden starts to be cool again um is this worth 650 bucks i’m sure to for someone that’s in this era of vw’s they are but for us no it’s not we are moving on oh god yuck honda bobber don’t know anything about it florida title and keys does not run sold as is it’s a 400 or a 450 it could be a fun bobber

Uh like this isn’t a bobber this is someone with a flat a can of flat black they cut off the back and they put a 40 ebay seat on there look at that hideous hideous headlight the dude this is some tweaker now uh six days ago so that automatically means that you can get this for like 350 dollars if you are looking for a donor to build a chopper out of this

Is fantastic like i said this is a 400 or 450 uh six-speed they are fun bikes um as long as that engine is not locked up it will run it’s got a drum brake up front which means you won’t like building chopper or bobber it will be even easier yeah there is a competition in san francisco it’s called the dirtbag challenge and it i don’t know about it now i’ve

Been out of the loop for a bit but years ago it was you just signed up for it you never knew when it’s going to be in the year you never knew you get emails saying go and from that email on you had one month to build a chopper anything you want uh but you had a thousand dollar budget and that is to even purchase the bike and build it and everything like that

Then you go to downtown san francisco area i don’t know where um and then you do like 100 mile ride with it and if your bike lasts through the ride then you’re in the party and you come back and there’s a huge party going on and it’s so fun anyways if you’re doing something like that this would be absolutely perfect so you get this thing for 350 dollars you’re

Now left with 650 dollars in parts and you can build a rad chopper here you go this was perfect for that um so deal of the day no it could be though if you’re looking to do that if you were like oh dude i’m i i’m building a chopper with me and my homeboys or whatever here you go okay just have fun with it um but that’s it okay moving on uh we got the winnebago

We got the harley uh okay the winnebago and the harley are the same price i’d rather be handing over 2k for the harley right now okay so uh the winnie is gone even though this is a fairly good deal it’s a crap shoot because you have no idea what’s going to go on with it mechanically you have no idea it’s fully like everything’s there that’s great how many miles

74 000 that’s nothing nuts okay anyways uh so the harley or the lathe um that lathe is awesome i really like that iron head oh we’re going with the lathe first time we’ve had a a a piece of machinery as the deal of the day that’s awesome wow that’s so awesome this is a sturdy one too that’s fantastic i love it nice nice yeah deal of the day right there folks

Okay uh have a rad one listen like here uh hey whoever you are that wants me to put you up here in search of a girlfriend uh email me a picture of you and your name uh or not even your name like your social media link or something and i’ll put it up here i i seriously will um and email it to me at motorcycles and art uh there you go hey guys look i

Just want you to do better whatever i don’t care like okay you guys have a great day here’s some hawk hunt every morning when the sun comes up she tries to hold it together you know she’s got the disease it’s got me on my knees can’t i power up it’s got me on my knees every morning when the sun comes up i try to hold it together all my troubles

Know i got the disease i can’t remember yesterday but i’m here to face another day i can’t remember yesterday

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