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COMMENT CALL!!! November 1, 2022

GOOD TUESDAY MORNING! 53, cloudy. Thanks for your comments!!! AMAZON LINK: thank you!!!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen from llano texas on a cool morning hey google what’s the temperature in llano texas currently in llano it’s 54 degrees what’s the temperature in brackettville texas right now in brackettville it’s 61 degrees what’s the temperature in capitan new mexico in capitan it’s currently 40 degrees what’s the temperature in fairbanks alaska

Currently in fairbanks it’s two degrees two they got two yippee they got a degree they got two of them anyway moving along to what uh i want to give a shout out to jim he’s with the texas historical commission not to be confused with the texas hysterical commission but anyway he came by yesterday for a visit good morning jim enjoy your day anyway what else good

Morning today is the first day of the rest of your life making a good one it’s the day after yesterday day before tomorrow right now right now and right now i just went but it’s the first day of november we got a new month brand new month brand new day how about it guys anyway don’t never worry about things you cannot change and what else that’s about it guys i’m

I’m still in my class c motorhome and i’ll probably be here for uh to lane here no more you know what i mean it’s just the way it is guys so what can we do this morning well let’s do did i forget something i probably did but that’s okay uh oh for the nooner today i’ll probably do uh i was gonna do a driving video yesterday around llano and show you the the lot

That i had that’s sold and so i’ll do that today and then tomorrow i’ll do a video showing you an individual backing in a large fifth wheel into a narrow site next to me yeah you get a kick out of that i thought it was cute it’s kind of like going down to the boat dock you know what i mean watching boats come and go you know what i mean they well if you watch

Them come in after drinking beer all day they really put on a show but anyway so john hogg says boo y’all well that was halloween yesterday guys thank you john good morning did you go trick-or-treating john wayman from maine oh this is romeo over here right there and that’s the rooster and those are my bananas and that’s the whole thing up there and inside of my

Little tiny home which is not here it’s there i’ve got the original stuff yeah oh romeo my old pally in the rooster giggle all night long uh wayman samane cool comment call have a great week rusty i’m working on it babe beer and bacon this is jerry stalvey gas at walmart in fort myers florida is 319 a gallon well i just paid 303 in kingsland texas yesterday and

Filled up my rv 60 dollars worth of gas to get me back to fort clark springs tomorrow not today tomorrow moving along to the dog man chronicles jim and his dogs uh check that channel out good comment call thanks rusty happy halloween and happy next new week and month yeah it’s we’re here guys everything’s brand new don’t you feel good and today and it may be a

Little rain here it sprinkled last night so yeah it’s a be a good day for me to just sit here around the rv take some walks and uh do some reading i went off and left my book chesapeake in fort clark springs but i’ve got two kindles and you know i’m losing faith in kindles i really am i had i was trying to read a book last night and it just stopped and started

Rebooting huh and this one right here uh turned it on it should go back to the page you were at right it didn’t it went back to my library and i couldn’t remember the name of the author you know but anyway i finally found him and i said move along rusty uh this is a long way around says good comment call happy halloween everyone take care too this is the one day

Of the year where the gremlins can really run amok boy i’m telling they they’ve attacked me totally the visible wireless has started doing its weird stuff and t-mobile stopped again but the reason t-mobile stopped is i’m not in my home area and they caught me you know what i mean but so they do have wi-fi here at the rv park it works pretty good so if this video

Is a little late getting up it’s because the upload speeds are what they are uh thank you long way around this is dare trixa from the north sea in germany says here by the north sea we have 51 degrees fahrenheit in the evenings greetings greetings to you dare trixa the dog man chronicles again very useful thanks rusty that was on the no need for generating you that

I have to tell you i’ve got two of those uh power bricks or whatever you call them you know the things you recharge and use one is 1000 watts and one is 500 watts man i’m telling you i don’t need a generator i don’t need to run my generator at all because it rarely will i be uh using it for more than eight or nine hours very rarely yeah but that’s so cool man and

There’s yeah she’s plugged mine’s got the the 500 watt one has two outlets to plug in 110 devices and it’s also got a fast charger on the top a wireless charger thing yeah it’s neater and man it’s called a blue 80 and the other one i can’t remember the name of sorry snowy bells 12. howdy rusty yes they are super nice awesome info have a good time with your friend

I did yeah we had an enjoyable lunch he’s a character man uh curtis stewart i take it i take it you not a tail pincher or a head sucker when it comes to crawfish no i don’t do the heads and tails no i i don’t do that no in fact i don’t eat crawfish at all because i grew up as a kid we used to catch them with little nasty things and that muddy ass creek water no

Man you can have all of them you want alvin masso enjoy your short trip well it’s four days it’s a nice little vacation for me thank you and i am tom sharp i use my jackery 240 all the time runs a small fan and charges tablet and phones it will actually do quite a bit and the great thing about them is is uh you know if you’re you got a motorhome or anything a car

I guess you know you can charge them while you’re driving down the highway you know and then when you get to your next site you’re good to go again also i got a notice from uh uh starlink uh in an email from them rather uh they’re uh their their full mobile services available now for rvs it’s 139 a month plus 700 up front but yeah it’s got a you can either use it

Portable where you set it out on the ground or you can attach it to your rv and you’re good to go i’d use the portable unit because sometimes you might want to park somewhere uh where you’re blocked by some trees or something so you could if you have the one that you can move away from the rv is better i think but it would i do would i get it no i don’t need it

But it is available and you know if i was doing boondocking and stuff that’d be a godsend you know you could be anywhere on the planet and have good internet now that’s super great uh thank you thank you thank you oh sashi smith good afternoon rusty happy halloween have a happy day i did i just grinned all day i didn’t need a mask to go trick-or-treating don’t

Say it don’t say it cajun jamest the monster mash i remember that song yeah crazy crazy we had some good stuff when the mother was growing up russell campbell hey get some solar panels and you can watch and charge at the same time oh at the same time and that will keep it charged oh i’ve got the 200 watts of solar for for the blue eddy and it’ll also work with

The other one too yeah it’ll charge it it’s not real quick but it charges it uh gone a potty hedge beautiful lake a nice rv park we would like to see more beautiful lakes like these happy rv no it’s a beautiful place it is it’s very nice man i mean you it’s funny you could travel all the way to montana and not see something as nice as this you know but they have

Other things in montana that are very pretty uh shift into high knives haircut thank you thumbs up to you and this is uh uh 18 echo not bad not bad at all there’s a lot of potential links and expansion possibility now you’re thinking out of the box 18 echo on the tiny home home depot thank you this is on rving texas atlanta river james micken i can see why you

Chose this area as a previous home base very nice and thanks for the walk yeah i would have stayed here uh you know and i could have you know uh but uh you know to keep going up you know rv parks are going to continue to raise the price you know and and i don’t want i i anyway i would rather not be in an rv park they’re okay for a month or two you know but uh

Living in them you know six or eight months at a time i don’t know everybody’s got because it’s just like a small neighborhood it’s like a it’s like a marina for boats you know a marina for boats is an rv park for boats a neighborhood is an rv park for houses you understand what i mean excuse me yeah a neighborhood you know where they’ve got the houses all packed

Together yeah that’s just like an rv park same thing just houses d anderson should be some nice largemouth bath and that bath bath bass in that river yeah it could be i’m not a fisherman this is on the tiny home home depot md you can buy an insulated shipping container for six thousand bigger stronger insulated mold and rot resistant for just over a third of the

Price yeah you can buy one then you gotta do something yeah i don’t know about those containers man i just there’s something uh about that but you know everybody’s got to do what they got to do this is on driving learning about the class c this is when i first got it i guess uh vale johnson basically in basically incorrect you’re strategizing over one percent

Rate reduction that will force you to stop for fuel twice as often bad trade in my opinion well in your opinion i guess that’s okay then because i’ve got my opinion i like it i like my class c i guess i should say sudi i was never a klutzy person in my younger years but now in the eighth now in the eighth dimension i sure drop everything also noticed i’m not

So good with opening jars weak hands smiles no i hear you sue d yeah i’m held with lids man i’m old rusty as hell with lids boy i’m telling you and uh as far as dropping things yeah i drop stuff more no doubt i mean it’s not bad i mean every now and then in my hand just it’s not we’re communicating there are tricks are good stuff rusty thank you boondocking with

Dennis if i can get back to it here now there it is check his channel out on youtube binge watching binge watching the old casita swivel swivel swivel yeah i had swivel chairs yeah uh jim uh the guy that came by and visited yesterday just got him a new one they’re gonna be it’d be delivered in may they’ve had to wait a year for it yeah he got he ordered a new

Casita ralph p those power boxes are handy rusty i remember that huge hail storm you filmed in llano then it old sparky yellow sparky back i made money on that thank you ralph uh let’s see what we got here this is mama kathy uh beware you have to make sure of that this is on the tiny home home depot beware you have to make sure of the weight load the flooring

Can hold you have to do a lot of research a real home has to have proper fire exits yeah whatever what you think mama kathy but you know whatever you know just do you do you you know uh here we go right here’s those let’s get clint price here enjoy lunch with your friend yeah i did we had a good conversation you know we’re on the same page you know he doesn’t

Talk politics or religion or that crap you know he’s just a good old boy from a small town and he was an executive with verizon for years and retired his wife worked for verizon too and they’re both retired and and living the good life trying to maintain their health uh scotty thompson you can say what’s her name google what is the temperature in my town superior

Wisconsin i can’t okay i will scotty for your for your benefit this is for scotty thompson hey google what’s the temperature in superior wisconsin the current temperature in superior is 45 degrees there you go scotty it’s 45 so now you know what to wear today mask bowler from wisconsin sam buchanan gasoline and benton arkansas at kroger’s kroger’s is 1.97 with

My dollar fuel points whether that means it’s 297. okay i got you thank you rocky the rock says happy halloween to you rusty puppy and stinking stinky goats yeah i got them goats here’s a goat kiss here’s your good morning goat kiss and uh what else this is mike mccutty i keep a few of those battery packs around they work great for short stints lower wattage

Needs but they are no replacement for a gas generator there’s no battery pack that’s going to run your ac at least not in a practical sense no i agree no you can’t run uh no you can’t run the ac run everything else you can’t run that uh glenn mcneely thumbs up to you and this is on comment call this is bill and carol’s travel project hey rusty enjoyed watching

Enjoy watching your videos every day we just started our own youtube channel all right i guess it’s named bill and carol’s travel project and i get a lot of ideas from watching you i would be very interested to hear more about the youtube partner that you mentioned maybe an avid may be an avenue there for growing our own my own channel keep it up thanks i think

It’s based on the number of subscribers i think you have to have over 75 000 subscribers to have a partner and uh i i’m not sure of that that’s just what i was told i mean i wasn’t told that by youtube i was told that by uh another creator and then they’ve got another thing that happens when you if you get over a hundred thousand you know they they want to take

Care of their they want to take care of the people that are making them money you know what i mean but yeah anyway uh thank you bill and carol’s travel project good luck with your channel glenn mcneely good morning or good morning or morning rusty enjoy your lunch day have a great day you two i did bayside the next president is bringing back fracking to the u.s

Gas galore here we come for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction al fur thumbs up to you we’ll do three more because i’m not sure how long it’s going to take to upload this so we’ll shorten it just a touch jeff erdman hey rusty i have the exact same blue eddie and love it i’m using it in my prius to run a 30 quart 12 volt compressor fridge when the

Engine is off both of which i purchased with your amazon link well thank you very much jeff for using the amazon link and good luck to you and your prius camping that’s a lot of fun it’s not easy but it’s a lot of fun uh let’s do two here hope cordova love it love it uh poodle professor the shorts are confusing you know that’s on youtube they’ve got the short deals

A little you’ve seen them you have to record vertically then when you’re ready to post you can click on the short icon at the bottom of your of the youtube screen you can click on your video from you can then click on your video from your library all right i might try i’m not i’m not not big on shorts but if i do a a short i’ll see about it thank you poodle

Professor and uh and with that in mind ladies and gentlemen thumbs up okay carpe doom adios bye bye by anything you want anytime if you think about it use the amazon link in the description of all my videos why because it doesn’t cost you one penny then what else uh drink plenty of water three or four quarts a day won’t hurt you it’s good for you it’ll help you

Avoid gout kidney stones and it’ll also help you lose weight because you’ll be full of water and you will not want to eat so much as in snack and the only way to lose weight and keep it off and you know it and i know it is what eat less you know get you a smaller plate the only way that’s the only way to do it guys eat less what else take deep breaths breathe in

Really deep hold it for a few seconds then breathe out slowly why because that relieves stress and relieving stress does what lowers your blood pressure is that good for you sure yeah lowering your blood pressure uh yeah it’s it’s wonderful yeah and then what else stretch stretch stretch swivel swivel swivel walk walk walk pedal pedal pedal exercise your body

Once or twice a day every single day why because you’ll feel better immediately and you may live longer healthier because of that one thing and then what else stand guard at the door of your mind this is your head your brain your frontal lobes your consciousness all those little neurons in there are forming neural length which is every single thought you have so

Give your neurons something positive to work with as in don’t watch the news why because it’s all negative crap that’s my opinion you do you i do me if you want to wake up in the morning turn on fox news and have a cup of coffee you do it but then if you want to wonder why you don’t sleep well at night your blood pressure is a little high might want to think about

It but anyway accentuate the positive eliminate the negative enjoy your life one day or one moment at a time at ease carry on adios by bios luego value can deals aloha until the noon video which will be a driving video here in llano texas usa bye adios

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