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Comparativa pneumatici Sport Street: Bridgestone vs Dunlop vs Metzeler vs Michelin vs Pirelli [ENG]

Bridgestone S21, Dunlop Sportsmarts 2 Max, Metzeler M7RR, Michelin Power RS e Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3 si sfidano su asciutto e bagnato in una comparativa degli pneumatici sportivi stradali.

Hello everyone! today i will test on a wet track with a bmw s1000xr, 5 different sets of tires. i will test and review them, without knowing the brand of the tires i’m fitting with the 2nd set of tires i’ve had a feeling that the front was less stable and braking hard wasn’t too good, the grip was good at high speed, but it could have been better coming out from curves so,

This tires are slower than the firsts, but they’re not too bad the 3rd set of tires was less performing. the feeling i had with it was lower and, even though it wasnt’ bad, the speed was lower and at the rear made it hard on stretch to put the power on the track i’ve had some grip problems with the 4th set of tires. there was a lot of spinning at the rear, while on curves

We’ve experienced some abs problems and the grip was pretty low, i’ve risked to fall once these last tires are pretty hard to understand and have an overall lower performance compared to the others the 5th set of tires has been amazing. it has a great grip both on stretch and on turns and brakings. it gave a very good feedback and it felt safe we’re in san martino del lago

Track, near cremona, where we will test the same tires on a dry track anyway, they have a great feeling and they’re fast in every situation. i could have even been faster, they’re very good for this 2nd set it took me some more time to start to have a good feeling, but after a while they work well. the front tire is still moving a bit, but now i’m convinced that the problem

Is the front fork the rear has a great grip, so great that it tends to create difficulties at the front. it has a good grip even when braking, even though the abs has worked a couple of times but the tc was mainly off. good tires this 3rd set is the best so far. lots of grip, even when braking or turning, much more stable and it has an overall higher performance. i must

Admit that, when not pushing hard, this set is a bit slower than the others, anyway it’s still very good the traction control intervention is very low. it’s very precise but when braking hard before cornering it’s a bit unstable. it’s overall very good but on stretch the front tends to be a bit too light here we are back in the office. we’ve tested 5 sets of tires bot on

A wet and on a dry track. these dual sport tires are very hard to develope, since they need to satisfy those who take their bikes on track a couple of times but they also need to guarantee good performance while on road i have filled in some sheets with my impressions and, the best set of tires i have tested are the metzeler m7 both on wet and on dry asphalt. the biek was

2 seconds faster than with the 2nd set of tires apart from the m7, the lap time was pretty similar among the others, so the main judging parameter won’t be the lap time, but the riding feeling rinding wise, michelin moves from last position to 3rd, but much depends on the riding skills, temperature and kind of track apart from the best lap time, the metzeler had a great

Feedback on the wet track, even though i didn’t know they actually were of that brand 2nd and 3rd place for pirelli and bridgestone.they both go very well, they’re easy to understand michelin is still pretty easy to use, while dulop has has some grip issues, even at low speeds now i will show you the tire consumption, even though, unfortunately, we haven’t had the time to

Run for hundreds of km here we have the metzeler. you can see that the consumption is even, the grooves are very good and well defined. we’ll hace to trust the specialists when they say that this kind of tires has now been made to last longer here we have the pirelli diablo rosso iii. their behaviour was always very good both on dry and wet conditions. the degradation has

Been lower compared to the metzeler. the grooves are almost perfect and the overall look is very good these are the bridgeston battlax s21. the degradation was low with good grooves. there’s a bit of wearing om the shoulders, but not bad at all here we have the michelin pilot power rs. the front is still very good, while the rear tirfe has suffereed a buit, especially on

The shoulders. anyway it’s not bad at all that’s it for today. if you have any question, feel free to comment this video and i’ll answer asap! ok, well done, but… can you recognize the different tyres you’ve tested? the last one was the m7 -congratulations, correct!

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Comparativa pneumatici Sport Street: Bridgestone vs Dunlop vs Metzeler vs Michelin vs Pirelli [ENG] By