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Conan 1%er National President of the Pagans MC Pleads

Conan 1%er National President of the Pagans MC Pleads

Conan national president of the pagans motorcycle club pleads guilty to possession of an illegal firearm coming up we’re back and we’re going to be better than before we’re going back to our roots we’re going back biker news i don’t care what anybody says we’re going to try to make it better than we had it before today’s headline we are going to be talking about

Conan and he pleaded guilty to an illegal possession of a firearm which i cannot believe that this country where you pay your debt to society you are banned from a constitutional right now this started back in 1934 and we all know what was happening in 1934 man this was in the middle of the craziness in this country it also was strengthened in 1968 with the

Firearm regulations act now thankfully that was repealed in 86 and softened down and stuff like that and you got the nra to thank because that law was pretty messed up messed up really messed up the 68 law was passed because of kennedy’s assassination uh robert kennedy uh martin luther king the whole nine yards i never understood why these people go after law

Abiding people you hear the argument all the time criminals ain’t gonna listen to it so why punish the citizenry and i believe 100 percent no matter what you’ve done if you paid your debt to society you should be given back your constitutional rights unfortunately in this country we have judges that are not judges but activists they don’t read the constitution as

It is written and it’s because of these kind of laws that conan is now facing uh prison time which by the way that case is so messed up it goes he was at a party coming home regular cops stopped them searched it found the gun but he was let go oh that’s until the feds got involved because everybody’s been on the pagans but on the east coast forever and their

Peckers got hard as soon as they knew conan was involved in this now i do have my sneaking suspicions of how it went all down but i’m not going to elaborate on what i think about stuff this is the news remember so i believe the second amendment is the only right that is tore up it’s cherry picked meaning okay you got busted safe or something stupid well if it’s

A felony even though if it ain’t violent you can’t own a gun now there are federal there are state laws i believe texas you can own one i think that’s why jesse james moved down there and he can make some freaking weapons baby that guy has skill with the freaking iron with steel anything that’s metal this guy can work it so he has his own uh gunsmithing business

But he moved from la to there i just find it funny again how that right is taken away from people and that’s a scary situation because you have an over hyper government right now that is trying to put all kinds of mandates on people i heard mask are probably coming back now oh go figure right but when it comes to guns they’re scared of it if you’ve been listening

To this hearing going on it’s the biggest farce i ever seen you even seen a case where a bandito who had a legal carry permit get arrested because of his colors and who he was associated with law enforcement unfortunately 98 of the time don’t really give a crap about your rights and the legal system truly don’t care about your rights because if they did when

You paid your debt to society you should get that right back now people say well should they get their rights back uh until they pay their fines well if it was court imposed pay your fines and get your rights back ain’t that fair in this country but i believe it goes beyond that because they get scared just like when they pass this 68 law because politicians were

Getting popped off but it doesn’t make it right and it doesn’t make it right that you have judges that are advocates on that there is a gun control case being taken up in the supreme court this fall i believe it’s one out of new york hopefully i don’t understand why these people can’t come out and say yes this is your right to bear arms it’s that simple yes or

No but politics are always in play and when politics are in play everything gets screwed up there should be no politics when it comes to owning a firearm it’s right there in the constitution but the same ones that want to go after your right for the second amendment oh they’ll defend that first amendment real quick when it comes to their speech so let’s go to uh

Conan’s thing right here and you’ll see what uh he’s facing right now north steve janoski uh now they since seasonalize this one they start out saying in another blow to the pagans motorcycle club the group’s national president pleaded guilty this past wednesday to a gun charge that could lock him up in federal prison for a decade a decade he just got

Done serving 16 years he paid his debt to society but because he had a gun they’re gonna give him a decade and if he asked me maybe it wasn’t even his gun but he ain’t out there writing about it of whose it might have been he’s 62 bay shore new york that means if he does get a decade depending if they have 185 50 uh he’s going to be old and they specifically

In this article bring up he was prohibited which we can debate that law real hardcore uh he served 16 uh for uh conspiracy to commit murder aggravated assault and aid and racketeering uh he faces up a fine of 250 000 now if you say well if they serve their time and if they paid their fine they should get their rights back but at the same time i believe personally

This is excessive he’s facing a 250 000 fine they know at that point that they will have control over him and that is not how this system of justice is supposed to work they’re set in these extraordinary fines to have that control and this is why it’s important to make sure you get a hold of your representatives to change stuff like this now you’re gonna have a

Long battle ahead of you because common folk general public they want these kind of laws it makes them feel safer until it’s used against them further in depth into this uh his arrest was part of a federal legal assault on the outlaw motorcycle gang which has seen 11 of its members arrested during this past year and we all know how new jersey is everybody they

Have been on the pagans forever even holding a state commissionery hearing on them where they did nothing but throw this out that out and everybody knows it’s individuals doing it but they were allowed to go ahead and use that and it’s just like if you go to a trial with any club they will put the club on trial and not you on trial i do not know how a judge

Actually emits that into evidence now of course the department of justice they got to get on there and really screw it in and they came out of a press release of course i’ll have the links uh in the description box for you guys but this was february 20th they hosted a party in lancaster uh was traveling home uh law enforcement pulled over to a vehicle in mercer

Recovered a loaded p uh third what is it a p345 from a front compartment and a warrant uh was obtained for his arrest problem with that is they let him go didn’t they if i was reading that story right they let him go at first why didn’t they take him into custody at that point in time government’s underhanded they do a lot of stuff that the normal citizenry

Wouldn’t understand they would call people like us conspiracist theorists all the government can do no wrong give me a break they do it all the time you have some very corrupt alphabet agencies that i can tell you and the length they will go to ensure they arrest somebody just to pad their budget is something else what do you guys think about this case that’s

Going to be going on how it was conducted what do you think about the gun control laws like 34 and 68 we all know those were times that were tumultuous in our country’s history and it was a feel-good solution just like the patriot act was again nobody’s gonna know how it feels until it hits them that young mother driving through the state of an illinois has

A gun permit for the surrounding states gets stopped oh now she could be faced with a felony a lot of incidences where this just does not hold water if you ask me as far as these gun laws it’s emboldened in the constitution i don’t know anyway don’t forget to click the link to get the uh app you to listen uh 24 7 commercial free 80s till today rock and roll and

Heavy metal baby i’m going over to the radio right now sitting down with china doll having some fun the hollywood and china doll show is coming up if you miss it live you can always get it on hollywood and i’m outtie guys

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