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Condo For Sale In Phnom Penh | Property Investment In Cambodia | Best River project In Town

1 Bedroom Riverfront Condo | In Chroy Chong va 60 sqm For Sale For $90K.

Hey guys welcome back to another video with sophie and today we are going to talk about location and if your first time or you plan to visit cambodia or you wanted to invest in cambodia and you’re not sure which one the right location for you to to invest so let’s study about one location today and you might be familiar with joy chang hua um actually it’s um its

Upcoming area which is very developing already and all the infrastructure road restaurant coffee shopping local center local market already surrounded and if you are looking for a place especially for people looking to do airbnb with the riverview or people looking for retirement and you wanted to stay uh wear relaxed and peaceful enjoy and it’s very close to

Access into the town to the royal palace night market what plan riverside it’s easy because it’s only 15 minutes from uh central market to the new bridge japanese friendship bridge and the government also will be announced the government already announced that they will build a new bridge from night market to a close to soccer hotel so it will be easy for people

Who looking for rent uh rent there and then they want to come back into the city or if you buy them you stay there okay so today we study about georgia as i mentioned trojan white is very peaceful because it’s all the rivers around ending at the same time and today we bring one of the projects to introduce to you it’s called morgan and my son morgan top favorite

Project because i love the brief i love the river view for me if i finish work i go home i prefer my house to be relaxed to have all the bridge you know just get lots of wine or champagne then you just chill so if you are looking to buy a property i have some recommend for you is if you are looking to buy to leave or you do rental short-term stay long time stay okay

Morgan and my son have become one of the biggest developer in cambodia they have successful since 2008 and now they see a cup clip continue at the same time they have many projects that been complete as well and i just finished one of the highest tower in uh near nagawa inside the city and it’s the tallest building currently and they have amazing view as well and you

Can see the material the design they really focus on what they’re doing morgan and my son have started his in 2008 there used to be a construct construction and now they’ve become the developer by themselves they have morgan and my they have morgan villa and now they have another new project coming up it’s a shop house close to half a million dollar to one million

Dollar if you’re looking to buy shop house yeah but for now we are focused on morgan and mice and one of the the best riverfront project and if you are looking to buy something uh especially people prefer to have a two bedroom so they’re offering a really good deer uh studio for 65k and then you combine two studio together you can get the two bedroom 95 square

Meter for only 140k or 150k only so if you are first time and you wanted to invest you’re looking for a riverfront project you might considering have a look at morgan and if your first time here you don’t know you don’t know about the tax you don’t know about the payment and everything just go through with us real estate agent will provide you full detail and

Then with us for me at working for fastware first of all also have a head up office in thailand in vietnam and a few other country more and also be a focused also in cambodia so if you are first time looking to buy and you want the professional agent who can guide you through who can calculate for you who can work out on your investment you don’t forget to contact

Us so we will walk you through our legal team our lawyer team will be also there to consult on your contract payment and if you’re wondering any questions related to general knowledge about buying property in cambodia just feel free to contact me and if you have any general question just i’m happy to help and yeah let’s go through the tool and we’ll show you the

Room another room tour will go up to 46th floor 46th floor is very beautiful pressing cell pressing south is beautiful for now but it also you have to open mind that in the future there will be another building so you can see the rivers there but you will be also seeing other buildings see your neighbor maybe some of your neighbor pretty or handsome so yeah um

If not you can also fast into the no no it’s more beautiful and also a little bit more prices but you’re not gonna have any block so for me currently i own a property and uh one of my friends own and me also owning a property in cambodia and a lot of people been asking me like can you do airbnb in cambodia can you do airbnb in the condo yes you can you definitely

Can for this project we actually doing airbnb and we get our rental fully like almost 26 days a month or 20 days a month so it’s really good because people now prefer to stay by and like at the river and after work they stay if you can degrade your room nice and look attractive people will be feel happy to pay more because it has riverview so uh young generation

Now started to move forward into the condo while like my parents they still looking to buy a house but at the same time because the house is a bit far outside the city so you have a house and also you have the condo so if you don’t want to go home you can just stay in the city you can stay at airbnb so airbnb is a really good option also now in cambodia or you

Can do a short-term stay long-term stay whatever you want and cambodia it’s very beautiful i have a beautiful girl so i’m joking so yeah if you’re for some buying or looking to buy don’t forget to contact us fresh voice cambodia and one of the biggest platform one of the biggest real estate platform in cambodia so let’s go through the room too

By the way morgan also offering a smart love unit for 120k you can get something like this on the 33 floor two floor with the ceiling height 4.4 4.6 actually and on the left there you can see it’s a master bedroom and you have a bathroom also one downstairs so morgan actually will be hand over one of the building will be hand over by the end of this year 2022 and

Then the other building that i’m taking this to is will be hand over by 2023 in june so about six months seven months more you can you go into hanover this one is a two bedroom with a beautiful stunning view from the river and morgan offering really good payment option your down payment 30 and then the rest you can pay within three years you actually move in in the

Next year already and you still have two year and have to pay off so this is the south view and if you’re looking for more um guarantee would be no block what we know of you as well in the future so the room is coming with basic style so if you have your first time looking to invest and you’re looking for a property next to the riverside and it have only a 100 1

600 per square meter don’t forget to look at morgan so if you like this video and you find this video content is really important and don’t forget to subscribe and don’t forget to give me a thumbs up if you cannot find my contact please click on the subscribe below you can find my contact thank you for uh supporting my video and hope to see you in the next video thank you

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Condo For Sale In Phnom Penh | Property Investment In Cambodia | Best River project In Town By Cambodia Real Estate with Sophie