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Crankalicious – The Best Bike Care Products? We Think So! Muc-Off Alternative!

Mountain biking is a dirty sport! No matter what time of year you ride and regardless of the weather conditions, your bike is going to get dirty!

There is absolutely no way of avoiding it mountain biking is a dirty sport it doesn’t matter what time of year you ride there is no avoiding your bike getting dirty whether it’s the thick mud of winter or the dust of summer your bike is going to require some tlc luckily here at adventure trails we’ve got everything you need to take good care of your bike in

Today’s video we’re going to look at three products from uk based company crankalicious the pineapple express bike cleaner the gum change remedy chain cleaner and the science friction chain lubricant so i’ll see you after the intro so as you can see my bike is looking a little bit sorry for itself after a recent trip to 417 bike park it is absolutely covered

In dust and muck after a quick blast with the hose to get the loose dirt off we’re going to cover the bike in the crankalicious pineapple express bike cleaner not only does it smell fantastic while you’re using it it’s also less abrasive than some of the more well-known brands it’s going to cut through all that dirt and grime without dissolving that all-important

Bearing grease after leaving it to do its thing for about five or six minutes it’s best to go over the bike and agitate it with a brush making sure you use the right type of brush for the right part of your bike i.e soft bristles for the important paintwork and stiff bristles for the chain and drive system then simply rinse with a hose to get all that muck off

The bike crankalicious are a uk-based company they started off making products for the automotive industry and they combined that knowledge with their passion for cycling all of their products are handmade to the highest quality now the bike’s looking a little cleaner it’s time to turn our attention to the chain using the gum chain remedy chain cleaner now the

Several ways to apply this including brushes a special chain sponge i prefer to use a chain bath and as you can see it’s got an awful lot of dirt off the drive chain and that’s just from one ride after leaving the chain cleaner on the chain for about five or six minutes just simply rinse off with the hose making sure you’ve covered that rear disc rotor just to

Avoid contamination then simply run the chain through a cloth ensuring that it is thoroughly dry before re-lubricating it’s also worth giving other sections of the drive chain a good clean as well such as the front chainring and the jockey wheels after all a clean drive chain is an efficient drive chain once the chain is nice and dry it’s time to re-lubricate

Using the science friction ceramic chain lube making sure the lubricant sits on top of every roller on the chain once you’ve let the lubricant soak into the rollers it’s best to wipe off the excess and then cycle the bike through the gears now you can just let the bike drip dry and be done with it i prefer to dry it with a towel that way i can get rid of any

Annoying watermarks or any little pieces of dirt i might have missed it’s also important to dry the fork seals and perhaps apply a little bit of lubricant to the sanctions if it’s been a particularly dirty ride and there we go the bike is nice and clean the drive chain is nice and shiny and all re-lubricated ready to hit the trail to get it dirty all over again

All crankalicious products along with other bike care products are available at the adventure trail store in kimba and soon to be available online on our brand new website so if you’ve liked this video don’t forget to click the thumbs up hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already and why don’t you check out some of our other videos and we’ll see you again soon

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