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Craziest 6-Gen Bronco Yet!!

Tour the Bronco Fun-Runner LT! Loren and I have had this idea since we first laid eyes on the 6th generation Bronco! It includes all of our Fun-Haver Off-Road designed and tested products, 18” of suspension travel, 42” @Nitto Tire U.S.A. tires, Fox shocks, the all-new PROJECT X Ghost Box and lights and of course some @RTR Vehicles modern aggressive style! Learn more: #sema2022

What is going on friends we just unveiled the bronco fun runner lt uh this is a project that laura and i have been dreaming of since we first saw the sixth gen bronco um this is basically the older or the big brother of the fun runner that we debuted last year at the ford display which is basically our mid-travel kit and now this one is the lt for long travel and

I’ll show you why so obviously you can see the fun runner uh wide body which was the same as the uh you know the previous fun runner uh but we have 42 inch nitto trail grapplers literally the same tires that are on our ultra 4 race trucks um this truck also has all of the first article production fun haver off-road products which will be sold through project x

Starting quarter one next year uh you can see our modular front bumper capable of a winch a nice little push bar there some extra skid protection in bolt-on bolt off and while under here you can see the long travel upper arms lower arms full portal integrated with the spindle and it is an absolute animal 16 inches suspension travel in the front um right now we do

Have the factory steering rack in there but we have developed a full hydraulic conversion we just could not get it done for sema for those of you wondering obviously our lights also have project decks integrated cubes trying to really have a connected ecosystem of product um and the availability for you guys to buy a bumper that has integrated electronics in it

Already under the hood obviously optima yellow top and the project x ghost box which is basically a wireless ecosystem for all of your accessories makes wiring super easy fully controlled by a switch panel or an app on your phone the brand new project x pods of course rtr light bar i couldn’t forget rtr grill with integrated lighting moving on over here you can

See the fun haver off-road weld on rock sliders moving on the interior got recaro sportster orvs this is the switch panel for uh for the ghost box and then moving on to the rear uh we got the blizzard box which you can see all the options here uh the rtr real rear uh uh tire carrier delete with also mileage points where you guys can mount accessories uh fun have

Off-road rear bumper with integrated integrated tow hitch and then under here is the magic fox 3.0 so a bypass uh bypasses so cools and bypass in the rear 10 inch spider tracks uh rear end just like we use in the race trucks um and you can see a little ghost box wireless right there so all you have to do is run the power to that and the accessory pops right to it

Full control really sick and the all new uh project x rock lights on here so really really just nasty i mean literally not not too too much of a difference from that to that and this will all be available uh we wanted to make this available to the one percent that have the brain and the dreams like myself and lauren so uh this is again a full complete uh vehicle

That will be available through the built by rtr program and some other select partners in that program and you’ll also be available to buy all these parts individually um so keep an eye up i’ll actually put a link in my link in the uh my stories for you guys to check out and get on the list if you want more information so quick cruise around project x these guys

Are changing the game so here’s a ghost box keypad uh you can see right here i can turn the roof lights on i can make them flash i can turn them off here’s what the app looks like um you go back here boom ghost box and this is how you can basically control other side i backed out in this okay boom sync from app boom so now you can see i’m using this to control

The bumper lights roof whiplite so you can control everything from that really sick all you gotta do is run two powers and you can mount multiple accessories to the ghost box and then it’s all wirelessly controlled you don’t have to run the power back to switches like super rad uh these are some of the new project x light bars uh ff7 the nines the sevens and the

Cubes that you guys have seen on all of our trucks these are what come on all the rtr broncos uh daytime running lights and high powered lights these are the all new cubes so you got the four inch six inch seven inch and the nine inch uh combo beam so spot and flood as well as the changeable running light color so rgb really sick um headlights with cameras look

You can see see me in there hey hey guys pretty sick uh all controlled again by the app so they’re changing the game with respect to technology excuse me one second chance um again uh rock lights these rock lights have a built-in camera as well but all the all the changes so you can you know change the change the speed you see everything’s going so i got a speed

Brightness you can cycle you can cycle them through colors so now it’s doing a cycle and uh just options are endless for what you want these are the sick new modular light bars so you can buy this light bar and then you can upgrade and buy this and connect them together so pretty sick the thoughts that they have all the modularity allowing you to upgrade and of

Course the hp series which you guys have seen on our race trucks and so for reference this is the standard fun runner uh effectively the fun runner mt um and uh you can see all of the the other products we got going on you know you can check this one out for reference so there’s the mt and there’s the lt and there’s the king and a hammer slayer so i hope i hope

You guys enjoyed that uh we’re really pumped and uh really grateful the opportunity to just be able to create uh our visions and have such a badass team at uh fun hour off-road and rtr that can make it happen so uh thank you all very much we’ll see you next time

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Craziest 6-Gen Bronco Yet!! By Vaughn Gittin Jr.