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CRF250L Kickstand Switch Delete

Hey everyone today on cory’s rides we are going to disable the kickstand switch that kills the engine on the crf 250 l and the reason for that is when you’re going down the road it’s fine and you know parking lots it’s great but i’m smart enough to know not to drive off the kickstand down the thing is when you’re going offroad you know sometimes it gets to bouncing

And then all of a sudden it kills your engine and then you stall out and it locks up the back tire and bad things happen so we’re just gonna go ahead and get rid of that i do have the bike partially torn down for other projects you only need to take the side cover off i believe so i’m gonna go ahead and take that off alright now inside here there is a green connector

That we need to get to because we need to put a jumper wire in there now i’ve got extra wiring on my bike for gps as on heated gear and other stuff so i’ve also got other projects going on i’m gonna take the front plastic and tank off you don’t necessarily need to do this if you can get inside this plug cover here okay i’ve got the tank off and i’ve got this cover

Pulled back and now you see this green plug here that’s the one we want and what it looks for what the bike looks for is when it is up it looks for a complete circuit when it is down it looks for an open circuit and the reason for that is if it if it was looking for an open circuit when it was up and let’s say the wiring harness broke or that that not wired between

Here and there broke and you put it down it would still be open then it let you take off with the kickstand down so what i’m gonna do is take this plug apart and then on this side of it on the kickstand side of it i’m just gonna loop those wires together okay i’ve got it disconnected i’m gonna take as much of this as possible so i have enough wire that i can go

Back sorry you know make sure i have enough wire to go back and solder together so there it is and then the two wires inside here i’ll just solder together and then make sure i got them covered okay i’ve got the wires stripped and i figured out the strands twisted together so i’m going to go ahead and solder it and then i’ll show you once i get a little bit closer

What i’m gonna do with this shrink tube i’ve got the first piece of shrink tube on it now what i’m gonna do is fold this over and put another piece of shrink tube over top of that to keep water and dirt from getting in the bottom this open end here all right there we are in that that last piece of shrink tube was no no i think it’s extra insurance just because it

It won’t rub through the wires because it did have a cover over the factory wire and then i’ll just i thought it’d be a good thing to do so i’ll go ahead and plug that back in and just put the cover back over the wires put all the plastic back on that is the kickstand switch delete you

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CRF250L Kickstand Switch Delete By Kory’s Rides