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CRF450L vs WR450F | Which Should You Buy?

So guys I am here to give y’all the basics on what Honda has brought to the market. Anyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about the WR450f, well it seems as though that passion is going in a new direction!

Hey everybody today i want to talk to y’all about the up and coming king of the hill because honda just released some information kind of teasing us it’s on their official website it’s on honda’s actual website releasing a honda crf 450 l which is going to be a street-legal 100% 50 state street legal dual sport honda with a six-speed transmission yes you heard me

Right wow starting with it’s powered by a fuel-injected 400 49.7 cc four-stroke thumper and i know you’re probably used to seeing a honda dirtbikes with two exhausts right one on each side that the dual silencer thing well they’ve gone to a single sided man i haven’t written in like a week and a half that felt really good all right back to the informations it

It also has some interesting little things going on so for it to be street-legal they have to meet noise regulations and mission regulations all that kind of stuff and honda came up with some pretty ingenious ways oh hey lady there’s people here so to keep something goes down they put side covers you know on this on each side of the crankcase you kind of dampen

The noise but it’s also serving as extra protection for the motor so in case you go down if the side of your bike or the side of your motor hits a stump or a rock with those side covers that are there to actually quite the bike down you’re also going to get that extra protection i so our next topic is going to be that see speed transmission now i’m riding 2wo 450

With a high-speed wide ratio transmission and it’s pretty great with this dog hearing but i’ll tell you what when i get on the highway and i’m cruising around around 70 miles an hour it starts to buzz i can cruise 75 but the bike does start to kind of buzz around i could read here of course that would help with that but if i had a sixth gear i still have all that

That torque on the lower gears and then i just have that extra gear as an overdrive kind of deal now adding that sixth gear of course makes the transmission wider and honda did accommodate for that on the frame so that the lower section of the frame is wide it’s going to be wider than the normal crf 450 but i don’t think it’s going to be that noticeable should

Be pretty marginal speaking of the frame honda does have a twin spar aluminum frame and the subframe the back portion here it’s different than the crf 450 r and the x so the crf 450 ells some frame is actually gonna be a little bit bulkier it’s can be a little bit stronger to accommodate for the luggage you guys are probably gonna be putting on the back of your

Bikes but yeah so if you guys plan to put any kind of luggage racks on your bike the crf 450 l does have a subframe designed specifically to accommodate for extra ways so that is another plus so it’s got the show-up 49 millimeter front fork and then the multi-link rear suspension so it’s the same stuff as the crf 450 r but is actually going to be retuned for a dual

Purpose style it’s not gonna be just dedicated for high performance track riding it’s also gonna be a little bit more plush a little bit more comfortable for you guys that are just gonna be cruising it around on the streets as often as you are hitting some trails it does have a 2 gallon tank that’s what this wr 450 has i can’t complain about the tank size on this

Bike truthfully because i don’t know what it’s like to have a bigger tank so this 2 can take usually goes about 40 to 45 miles or so before i need to stop fill back up and that’s usually enough to accommodate for a full day of excellent riding having a lot of fun so here’s my – i have a check engine light a fuel indicator light and then a speedo and stuff there

With a clock and a trip meter the crf 450 l also has something similar that that doesn’t look like it’s gonna stink so the crf does have the – it hasn’t illuminated – similar to the wr it also has a high beam indicator light as well as a neutral switch and the low fuel light so that’s pretty sweet of course just this thing does come street-legal from the factory

For all 50 states in the us of a it comes with a key technician and that’s located just beneath the dash so here’s the little instrument cluster and then boom there’s the key right there similar to the wr 450 it does have electric fans and they are toggled on and off via a thermostat once the bike starts to get hot the thermostat tells it to switch the fans on so

The honda has the same brake callipers as the motocross version of itself okay wild dog oh wait not wild dog so it’s got the same brake callipers but it does have thicker brake rotors so the discs are a little bit thicker to withstand the extra heat of the high speeds of you know braking on the highway kind of deal along with that it has a bigger fluid reservoir

To keep the brake fluid cool because you don’t want your brake fluid overheating start breaking down get nasty and you’ll get spongy breaks and spongy pranks brings along with it brake failure brake failure brings along and all right now another important topic is how does the bike feel right how’s it how’s it gonna perform the cool thing about the wr 450 is it

Does weigh 271 pounds but this 271 pounds is it’s in the central mass so all of the weight is right here that’s why the fuel tank is back here because the motor has been turned around to focus the light on this area here so beam of this bike is 271 wet pounds it still feels very light it feels almost like a mountain bike without like can throw it back and forth

It’s pretty impressive the crf does weigh just a little bit more it weighs 289 pounds it also it’s not sporting the central mass situation that the w rs is working with so that 289 pounds but weight is it’s just there it’s not like they combined all that weight into one small area so that it feels like it’s just 289 pounds deal with it the tank is still is the

Traditional tank words all up here the motor is the traditional style where the exhaust doesn’t wrap around the motor real weird it’s not tilted back okay all crazy and whatnot but from what i’ve read because that did get me thinking i went ahead and looked up the mx comparisons like when they do the shootouts every year for the new model year of the bikes you

Know husky versus yamaha versus ktm so on so forth i did look into how they felt about the honda weight and how it feels and from what i saw honda’s took second place for like i think was 2017 2018 in terms of overall motocross bike the only bike that beat it was husky if i’m not mistaken so and honda even though it’s heavier and it doesn’t have all this weird

Technology to focus the weight in one area they did talk about in this shootout the reviewers i wrote several and they all said the honda felt nimble and fun and it was easy to throw around so i don’t think weight is going to be any kind of a factor in terms of y’all making a decision on a bike one thing that i do find an extremely important is how much oil does

The bike hold right because how much oil the bike is holding is going to be relevant to how often you service it to some degree right let’s set this jump not really jump the yamaha my wr 450 it’s only holding 0.7 four quarts of oil yeah you heard me right point 74 that’s not even one quart of freakin oil in the whole motor whereas the honda is going to hold

One point eight quarts okay so that’s more than double the oil capacity so some other stuff i did oh my god those are cops right there sam i don’t know if they see me they brought they’ve got to see me so anyways something else is this wo 450 came from the factory with an led tail light back here it’s a very small sleek beautiful looking tail light but from the

Factory all it was was just kind of an illuminated red light it didn’t serve as a brake light or anything else but it’s very sleek i like how it looks and it’s plenty bright and it was dual filament from the factory well it didn’t come with a led headlight it actually came with a just an incandescent bulb so i swapped that out and i did put an led in as you can

See and it looks great the issue is is honda brought it from the factory baby they came with the led bulb that came with the led tail light and it’s dual being for the factory it’s got a brake switch from the factory i mean so back to the motor it does have a twelve to one compression ratio the new piston actually has a three ring design that’s an improvement

From the prior so it also has high crank inertia which is up 12 percent from the previous design which is going to keep that motor turning in that technical stuff so once you get to low rpms the bikes not going to stall out on you the wheels come with a dual sport tire from the factory it’s a 50/50 tire on and off road which is just right i like that a lot and

They have black rims i’m a fan of the black wheels so yamaha just went to blue anodized looking wheels some people love them i personally don’t good job on that honda it’s classic it looks mean now i’m not a hundred percent on this but i was looking pretty hard at these pictures and unless it’s got a left side kick starter it doesn’t have one at all so i found

That to be interesting all of the new bikes for 2018 s model year that to me are relevant they’ve they’ve given up kickstarter’s i do not agree with that decision whatsoever but honda has followed suit now in regards to the led situation the led tail light on this area 450 l it’s kind of big and it’s obviously added to the fender all right those cops are still

Sitting there we’re gonna hook a lefty left so yeah the the taillights a little bit bigger on the honda it’s not hideous but it’s it’s bigger and then the headlight design on the honda is a little bit unusual it’s kind of it kind of looks similar to the suzuki gixxer headlight that was going on for several years i have to say i don’t love it whereas with the wr

450 front end the headlight i think it’s gorgeous the honda is gonna be kind of polarizing people will either like it or they won’t i’m kind of leaning towards i don’t but i can imagine it will grow on me over time so so i almost want to say that every japanese motorcycle manufacturer is foolish as hell because then you guys have lent years and years go by where

The drz 400 is the only close to 450 cc bike coming from the factory that’s street-legal cool sport why why has it taken this long for someone to step up and give us a true 450 cc jvm dual-sport street-legal bike because this market has been just begging to be stolen for years and yamaha has almost had it but they didn’t go the whole nine yards they didn’t

Make these things street-legal from the factory what were they thinking tell you what honda is gonna own this market i understand the heart is a little bit more pricey but it’s gonna be well worth it now speaking of price the honda is gonna be ten thousand three hundred ninety nine dollars msrp the wr 450 is nine thousand ninety nine dollars in the drc 400 and

The other japanese competition which are in the 650 cc format they are going to be around the six to seven thousand mark so ponte is definitely going to be the prices of the options but it’s because it’s the best it’s got the most to offer it’s got the most quality it’s a freakin honda you know how reliable these things are the exhaust can fall off of them they

Can pour oil and they don’t die they just keep going now the last thing is gonna be the overall styling of that honda and i have to say even with the headline in the taillight which i’m not a fan of i do believe overall the honda is going to be a better looking bike and i say that mainly because the way honda decided theories it looks very complete while still

Looking like a dirt bike so it’s not too complete to where it looks like a scooter in that kind of sense but that it covers up like so you know you don’t know why you put this hole here honda i believe is going to be the better looking bike especially when some of you guys start putting different colored fairings different graphics kids i mean this thing is

Going to turn into a real beast my opinion is simple if you are in the market for a new dual sport bike there’s no better option that honda crf 450 l and that is for a million reasons and i can’t seem to find any negatives and aside from the headlight and taillight design and the lack of kickstarter but everyone’s doing that and the headlight taillight design you

Can change that kind of stuff out if you really really care about it other than that guys forget the wr forget the australian crap i only want to see honda dual-sports on the road from 2019 vaughn and i say 2019 on because the bike has not been released yet when it is released that should be the only bike anybody is spending their money on new or used that’s my

Opinion take it or leave it i hope you guys find this video informative if you like what you heard and saw please leave a like please hit that subscribe button hit the little bell notification icon think so when i post new videos you’ll be able to see them and yeah tell your friends about us that guys you have a great day keep typing keep getting lost you

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