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Criminal Enterprise MC club motorcycle delivery

We had to deliver the Western zombie chopper for this and in the end got paid $180,000.

Why shop and how do you do i don’t know how i misses on the main character but um it came to my secondary to see if i could get my bonus for motorcycles sales with her as well i don’t know these gas prices ain’t no joke huh figured i’d check in collect supplies for the bar bank on the side if people can’t afford to be on the road they’re going to be in the bar

Okay just make sure it’s your bar and second yo you know that shop you have put in my man zach thinks he got what it takes to go half legit yeah i know i know it’s come to that repairs and custom jobs you do the work yeah so how come i didn’t see this from my boy character hey i talked to her oh no no i want a drink no no no it’s wet at least so i don’t talk

To her it’s probably that icon in here then right no that’s a contract which we definitely don’t want to do what you want then uh i don’t know i know i don’t want to drink what’s your poison i could call you on the phone no i have no idea let’s do this then what no mother flipper so it’s not the same button of course it’s not the same but oh you’re good i

Gotta say so it’s not the same button as it is together you only you gotta just ride this one though wow all right what do you want you want you want turbo wants brakes it’s actually a little bit more annoying to do this one all right engine block that is hot air filter and seats cool and comfortable his air filter oh yeah of course another thing with these two

Heaven forbid you put them in alphabetical order yeah unbelievable wait come on man wheels where the is it all right so let’s see what we get i’m curious why i didn’t get to see that with my other character i’ve been playing a thousand hours a day and yet to see this well good thing i stopped off to see if i get a bonus for her because she her what’s called

Forgery was full that’s how i know you can get twice yeah i just i gotta be in the mood because it’s gonna afford it’s gonna screw me over i know it’s gonna give me a shitty sale i just don’t feel like a shitty sale right now so i’m gonna get 50k for this at least according to what thing says yeah we’ll just follow the elephant because i don’t know exactly what

The hell is going on like i don’t know where we’re going deliver the zombie chopper yeah zombie zombie sorry that is one more work the gotta be on the lookout for i think the point of all the work is to keep you busy so you keep your mind off how much money you’re not making yeah aside from the first day when i had all the boners that i was able to get for

You know all the stuff that was uh first time boner that was the only day that came close to uh you know a lazy coyote making day yesterday i played forever and got like a five million dollars yeah the amount of time i played i could have made triple that kylan why is he pissed off i didn’t hit nothing what yeah oh final payment 180. oh that must be on

Boner too i will take that all righty thanks for stopping by thanks for watching thanks for coming comments thanks for subscribing and thanks for being you with dwight dwight do you get the good time from her no good one right now it’s for you oh see ya

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Criminal Enterprise MC club motorcycle delivery By The GTA 5 Billionaire Otto Carius