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Cycle Tribe Chronicles: Episode 23- Boozefighters MC

Cycle Tribe Chronicles talks Brotherhood and Biker history with one old the oldest clubs in America, The Boozefighters MC.

Oh come on booze fighters if you wanna hear about the kind of booze that we sell around here it’s made out of buckwheat rye and corn and all bottled up in some bar hey this is roman yogig deploying your cyclotron chronicles i got my brother with me josh – incycle tried chronically and this week we got one of the oldest clubs in america and attack you guys bought one

Without my friends a new suppliers stay tuned hey so cyclotron chronicles and we’re back like i said i got my good friends from the foo fighters actually represent the new mexico region and like i say these guys are sawing sound which is the story man oh loose powder grimace crazily albuquerque joke nice nice you know what not to lock oh i thought with

Puddin we did an interview where he kind of come i’ll go through it again and stuff let’s just call this bonus footage check this out alright here we are at the cave we got a jet ski rogers and barberries cutting up ruben here today i’m gonna do a straight razor straight razor shave arm oh yeah i wish tell jessie asked us if i have a straight razor before and i basic

Say whenever in a barbershop oh so how have you been writing um legally i’ve been riding since i was 13 years old a couple years yeah twelve little tape what are you writing down right now i have a note i wrote keen about 54,000 miles on no i picked it up used with 17,000 okay yes so this is my old five road king is that has about 54,000 long hands god i was 17

Bought it basic the guy put a 103 in it so i have a little bit bigger motor i could use that six-speed but nobody want in without a problem for a bit i have a windshield for longer rides and this is for free lady i think i’ve were stood about once this year take some time and tighten everything up and all those little oil drips aren’t for me oh booze fighters were

Started back in 1946 by air who turned in world war two bats we have tons of bats and we do a ton of a veteran veterans work in the area more big on shultiess school going on because i like those the bats up in the elks lodge but yeah we’re eight if we were started back in 1946 out in our california by returning world war two vets they came back they’re looking for

That brotherhood that solidarity did that you had an award you know it’s the brotherhood that fight barriers you know back before there was a lot of things going on today but they raced motorcycles yeah raise hell you know that would be the grand oh yeah yeah hey johnny why are you rebelling again what do you got you know you guys know that i’m from california

So when i first met jesse i was a little surprised and i saw a boost by under fatty out here and i when i met him i was like man they’re kind of far from home mark joke-teller the florida thing like i said you know back home we saw them all the time every year i would tend the hollister rally you know and they basically made the hollister rally famous i know if

You guys remember but they want the front cover at time magazine i had this one guy on a bike and uh it feels later knowing that they pushed a bunch of beer for the photographer which put fair bottles around the niccola’s more wild human who actually was what up but yeah that’s a legendary pic whenever you think of a motorcycle club you automatically go to that

Time magazine picture at least i do and so they have a long rich history mad like they’ve been around for a while so like i said up back with the blue spiders how did you guys get started oh we spiders mc started back in 1946 that adrenaline rush race the bikes the brotherhood there was all the vets that were overseas fighting by the net coming back 46 not

To like in california and again they have a long rich history i recommend you google them like i said there’s some really awesome stuff like even up was that um random yeah the morbid who ends up get locked up in jail the more vanessa plays order our founder one and we are they marvin with the strike jersey on then gets drunk he is thrown in jail that’s

That’s why no hiya sweetheart hey what are you doing this miserable gully johnny malone that’s history then why don’t we trust anyone breaks a misconception well the good the bad the ugly its history we embrace it no marbles we are they are and with that man we appreciate you guys tuning in like i said these guys are really awesome until next week sobbing come

On booze fighters if you want to hear well we don’t give a damn for the volstead law one drop will make a rabbit whip bulldog makeable dog spit in the black snakes face and make a hard shell preacher fall from grace after drinking this old oh oh oh

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Cycle Tribe Chronicles: Episode 23- Boozefighters MC By Cycle Tribe Chronicles