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D3O Ghost armour review

In this video review, Chris talks through D3O’s amazing new Ghost armour.

Hi there this is chris at motor legends here today to talk to you about a very exciting new armor from d3o it’s called ghost armor and it’s designed to fit in knee and hip pockets so everybody loves d3o armor and now you rightly so it’s the flexible orange stuff lots of people tried to explain to me how it works but i’m not a scientist and to tell the truth

Most of it goes over my head they’ve told me that it’s got a non-newtonian fluid at the core of the construction that doesn’t mean a lot to me they have explained how it’s comprised of interlocking loosely interlocking molecules and when you when it comes upon stress when it’s impacted upon they lock together to create a barrier that is impact absorbing and energy

Absorbing i suppose that makes a little bit more sense to me but i still don’t really have it i don’t understand fully how it works they’ve also tried to tell me that it’s a bit like custard at that point i kind of lost lost the will at will to live it doesn’t really matter to most of us how it works the fact is that this is the most comfortable armor to wear used

By all the top brands these days rucker only use d3o armor people like belstaff use it in their jackets fur again lots of the brands that we work with have d3o armor it is the armor that everyone wants to get in their jackets lots of people copy it but to tell the truth a d3o is still the market leader works particularly well in jeans and lighter garments because

It becomes so much more comfortable and what happens is as it absorbs heat from the body it just becomes ever softer so after a while you barely notice it’s there but as i’ve implied on impact it hardens so it still meets all of the sievert regulations there is a level ii armor this is not the level ii armor and to tell the truth in a jean you wouldn’t want to wear

The level two because it does become a wee bit thicker but this meets the see regulations at level one works really well in lighter garments in jeans and so on now there is a problem however um nothing is perfect the problem is nothing to do with d3o but it’s to do with the fact that the armor is shaped and i’m going to set on the bike and show you what the issue

Tends to be so for this armor to do what it’s meant to do it’s got to sit in exactly the right position so you have to have a gene where you can adjust the armor so you can get the armor into completely the right position we want it to sit there it’s designed to cut the knee that is the right position so the top of the armor comes to somewhere between there and

There you don’t want it down here because that’s going to leave the kneecap exposed and you don’t really want it up there because what that means is it creates a nasty bulk here that tightens the trouser can make the gene very uncomfortable if the armors out of place but also it means that you’re sacrificing some protection to the shin there’s a right place for it

To sit what you also have to bear in mind though is that when you get off a bike your trouser leg drops or rather when you get on a bike your trouser leg lifts when that happens that lifts the arm into place so what we’re looking to do obviously is get this one in the right place when you’re on the bike when you’re off the bike it will drop a little bit there’s no

Two ways about it you cannot avoid it that’s the nature of armor but with these three oh more than with the other armor because it softens because it takes the heat of your body you tend not to notice that so it’s less of a problem it’s still an issue but it’s not a major issue so it works well but it has its limitations this new armor ghost armor meets the same

Sea level so this is still a level one armor but it is even more it’s it’s much thinner it’s much lighter it’s much more flexible it’s going to be even nicer in jeans it’s not going to create any outline again i’m going to jump on the bike and just to demonstrate that a wee bit if somebody comes to see us here in the shop we will go to whatever lengths we need to

We will unsoeld armor pockets move them up or down to get the armor in the right place but not everyone has the ability to come and see us you may have a pair of jeans already where the armors a little bit out of position and therefore uncomfortable this armor is much more forgiving than the standard d d trio and that’s because the way it moves and molds it wraps

Itself it shapes itself around the knee so that is where it should be but to tell the truth if it’s up there you’re not bulking up here if it’s a little bit down there again it just molds around the knees so this armor is much more forgiving than normal armor and it’s just lighter it’s less obtrusive in the jeans you just won’t see it we’ve always said that with

D3o armor you barely know you’re wearing it but this is going to be even more the case with this armor same level of protection it’s going to fit in any standard d3o armor pocket so if you’ve got a pair of roca jeans or in fact jeans from any brand that currently takes d3o armor this will fit in there is one exception to that if the d3o armor you’ve got has velcro

This currently doesn’t take velcro not sure that detail you’re going to put them focal on this because they have an adjustment system that they’ve created new products that come with this armor will have a strap that will adjust with a little loop here so you can lower up or down so i reckon they’re probably not going to put velcro on it we’re trying to work on

A solution so that if you’ve got a pair of trousers already that do take d3o with velcro we are going to try and find a solution for that but for most people it’s going to be for most people with velcro armor so with d3o armor this is going to work out really well there is another little point that i should make one of the things that d3o to talk about with this

Armor is that another thing that it brings the party is it doesn’t cause any read-through now sometimes with d3o armor and if you’ve got a pair of jeans it can create shapes where we’ve got the ribbing here you can find that you’ve got that shape is mirrored on the outside of a jean it’s like kids in jeans today you often see that they’ve got the outline of a phone

In their pocket because they never take their phones out of their pocket so it creates their outline that can happen with this armor it doesn’t indicate a weakening of the jean it’s just that where the gina’s are under stress the color runs out of that area more than it does in it in other areas it creates a slightly unsightly line that is called read through with

This armor that won’t happen but you have to use the armor properly it does not go into ative li and in all of their pictures in their literature they show people wearing it like this they have to mix the territories to show a picture of someone wearing that looks a weaver ugly but in truth what you do when you put this in the armor pocket you have this sides

To the skin you have the black side to the outside that does two things because that’s flat that’s not going to create any read-through but also having that next to the skin it aids breathability so with this armor you turn it the other way around to the side that you would you would normally do that you think is intuitive um so that’s the armor it’s it’s amazing

We are very excited about it it costs about fifty quid for the set so you get the knees and the hips the hips are kind of the same i suppose there’s more there’s a more marked difference between the old knee armor and the new knee armor but the hips are similarly liked and easy so that’s the hips that’s the knee as it set there 50 quid is that a lot to pay for an

Upgrade that you’ve already spent an amount on your jeans do you want to spend another 50 pounds that’s up to you obviously but what i can say is you’re not sacrificing safety in any way but you are gonna get a gene so you are going to get armor that’s always going to be in the right position it’ll be less uncomfortable it’ll be less unsightly when you’re walking

Around and the armor drops down and obviously as i was talking about earlier on you’re just not going to feel this at all because whereas with the old armor as it dropped it would bang against the knee this isn’t going to so we think this is a great piece of progress i know a lot of our customers already very very excited about it we’ve sold a stack of these and

They’ve only been in for a week or so this is definitely an improvement if you want to try it out come and see us at moto legends so that was the amazing new ghost armor from d3o i hope you’re impressed if you want to look at the armor want to look at all of our range of armor then visit the website moto legends comm if you want to check out the details on the

Ghost armor then if you click on the button top right that will take you directly to the relevant page you can read about the spec in a little bit more detail and of course if you want to buy a set of armor you can do that there and then now if you do buy from us a couple of things i should tell you nothing that we sell attracts any p and p charge so everything

Goes out free of pnp if once you receive something you change your mind you decide it doesn’t you don’t like it it doesn’t fit whatever your reason you can send it back again at our cost and we give you a full 12 months to make that decision so we’re not looking for you to wear this armor ride around in it for a few months send it back say no i don’t like it now

But we’re trying to take the pressure off there’s no rush to get anything back to us finally what i would say and it doesn’t apply so much i think to this armor but we will always be the cheapest on anything we sell so john lewis well-known for it’s never knowingly under sold price price promise we go one better if any of our competitors are cheaper on anything

We sell we will beat their price by a full 10% so let’s say you buy a piece of armor in this instance 450 pounds if someone has it for 40 pounds we will sell it to you for 36 pounds you can have done your homework before you buy from us and affect the price beat guarantee at the point of purchase all you’ve got up to a fortnight after you buy something from us to

Come back to us tell us what you found it cheaper and we will just accredit your card anyway in the future if you would like to receive bulletins from us about new products products like this then if you go to the front page of the website at the top of the website there is a piece of script that says newsletter sign up click on there seconds later you’ll be signed

Up you’ll receive all of our bulletins in future if however you prefer to get your information like this video graphically there’s a button down bottom right that says subscribe we would be delighted if you wanted to subscribe to our youtube channel finally one thing i would say is we have a fantastic shop here in guildford we’re on the edges of guildford it is a

Small shop in terms of its footprint it doesn’t look large but it’s attached to our warehouse where we have three floors full of 2 million pounds worth of merchandise this is technically therefore the second largest shop in the country in terms of availability of stock so you stand more chance of finding the item you want in the size you want in the color you want

Here then you would do in almost any other shop in the country anyway this has been chris admit a legend i hope to talk to you again soon

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