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Danny Grey Short Film

Danny Grey – Short Drama Sci-fi/Fantasy Film

Good evening we are now living in a new age the birth of a new era the dawn of a new day as you all know super-powered beings are starting to walk among us some call this the next step of evolution however research has concluded that this is not in fact a step of evolution it is studied that not every single human being will experience this mutation scientists will

Study more in-depth into these metahumans my name is daniel gray and i am one of them but you’ll see me as another typical high school student and like with most high schools there’s always opposed i can’t do anything about it though all right class for those of you who have recently transferred i would like to introduce myself my name is miss jones i shall be your

Advisor for the remainder of the semester i will be replacing a mr. smith because of reasons the government is not allowing me to discuss there’s any raise and today we will be discussing the college application process yes hello may i help you hi i’m a transfer student supposed to be here with mr. jones yes please take a seat thank you yes the college application

Process first thing you must do is a for supplier i think fast are you all right i’m fine it’s okay it’s not okay to let them push you around like that look can you just mind your own business i’m just doing to help i appreciate it i really do i am down need help you home it’s the only place i can use my powers there’s a very important reason why i keep my powers

To myself if they find out you’re special they take you away today we have received confirmation of the metahumans resistance they are refusing to cooperate and have terrorized many cities across the states we are now considering this an act of anarchy and terrorism stupid people don’t know how to use a gift for good use look what you did to the rest of us forcing

Us to live our lives in fear hey danny you want i’ll make some friendly conversation actually a question why do you have such a loser i mean you come in here every day your mopey ass being loser what’s the deal with that anything you say i don’t know why you let them do that i can deal with it just tell me what’s going on why do you even care just trying to do what

I think is right look i promise i’m just trying to help you hold on a sec look it’s causing a medal all right are you happy i didn’t go report me now hey wait annie so that’s her name now she is my house and i’m telling her everything about me even my dad i don’t know why but i feel i can trust her and my dad he was just like me so they took him and it’s been hard

Ever since you know and at the time my powers aren’t fully developed yet so then find me out no one has actually i’m just really sorry i’ve been such a jerk lately you have a bit of jerk yes i have no if anything it makes sense with all the pressure that you’ve been under like i really appreciate it you’re sticking around for being there you don’t have to think of

Me honestly i’m just trying to do what i think is right suddenly i can remember the speech that started all of this again good evening i speak to you today to tell you that we have decided to act against the metahuman uprising we shall no longer tolerate your acts of vandalism anarchy and terrorism now i announced to you all that we are launching project mhm this

Project is a group of selected police force chosen to specially act upon metahumans to all metahumans this mh force will only give you one morning and if you do try to resist you will be met with force now if you help cooperate you will be rewarded we only seek the safety of our people we’re here to help you thank you and god bless america i remember this like it

Was yesterday it seems like it’s haunting me but no more hey where you headed i want to deal with this guys could just leave me alone sure we’ll leave just like your dad oh that burns just leave him alone oh what are you he’s deadbeat mom hey leave her out of this danny danny come on loser get up come on get up you you’re so pathetic you never stand up for yourself

Mom fight me no more come on fight me is a better run davy you have to leave now i’ve had enough i’d rather die here fighting didn’t live a life of fear go get out of here daniel gray in the name of the law we hereby take you into our custody this is your one and only warning take it hello mr. president here’s the new files good job you’ve done your country proud

Thank you sir as a new friend of yours it’s been taken care of it’s finally willing for you to volunteer in our project as our patient zero

Transcribed from video
Danny Grey (Short Film) By RFPictures