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Dave Ekins Baja Adventure

In 1962, Honda’s dominance in Grand Prix racing was overwhelming. Off-road, however, the companies prowess was still unknown. But in February of 1962, all that changed when two honda motorcycles ridden by two desert racers crossed Baja, Mexico in less than 40 hours.

The goal of the rhine was to prove that this japanese motorcycle could run a thousand miles without assistance and not break we did this ride because bill and i were both selling honda motorcycles and we knew that this would help us sell moral to prove the people that it would would do it and a way to do this would to go over this very desolate land from the border

In tijuana to the fa’s which on the auto club map is 963 miles close enough the cl 7 – and the cl 7 7 which was a later version – two or three years later they were on the market from 62 through 67 in that period time they sold about 89 thousand of those motorcycles in the us we went in the third week of of february with a form of in 1962 people that that witness

This historic run and won a motor company knew they they needed proof that it was really done what would have been the press joel parker’s was invited to editor/publisher cycle world magazine plus a freelance photographer by the name of bob graham unfortunately the ranchos of beer chosen and we couldn’t move the ranchos are 80 miles apart go through the five or

Six of them in the middle which we had to get for fuel and they each rancho down earth of that size hasn’t a landing strip so that’s the airplanes medicine with a five gallon container the gas we use was there gasps it was mexican low octane that they filtered two funnels so we led clean gas and motorcycles and actually you gas the gas stops took fully half hour

That’s why it took so darn long one of the reasons phil and i hold out down this road going into santa rosalia we turn turned east you know in the morning and the sun’s into her eyes and that shut these things down well they’ll didn’t quite do that and he’s falling the deepest tracks and the deepest track took us right into the front door he’ll go home problem is

As they do in mexico they spring a wire across the entrance to their home we ran back will to front wheel we couldn’t see and bill got caught on his neck by a wire and a pulling off the motorcycle and i got my elbow up and i caught the wire under my elbow and down my arm and bled the bike off with my legs as it went on and kind of guided it to work ladies e-bills

Slammed down pretty hard and broke the support on the rear fender both motorcycle didn’t make it and we went to full-length abajo from tijuana to the telegraph office in la paz it took 39 hours 56 minutes telegraph office to telegraph office the best part of this adventure which it was from my pure point of view at the time was getting there but looking back on it

Now it was doing the whole darn thing and being the first one to do it otherwise i wouldn’t be sitting here

Transcribed from video
Dave Ekins Baja Adventure By HRCAChannel