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Dbx18 125cc upgraded Carborator

we bought racing carbs for the china bikes. they needed new carbs and thought it would make a good video to make and new learning experience for us to try. We bought nibbi carbs off of amazon

Alright ladies and gentlemen so we’re back working on the art of z i got the carburetor serve order all right here it is i just open them up it punch your moneybags the knife as you see right there so never really touch anything i knew they were coming in okay this one’s open that’s weird that’s it i got everything uh i think this one goes on but this here i

Figured out normally so here’s the card reader so we upgraded the carburetors from the cheap chinese ones that are certainly on there after three years for me and different main jets and pilots that is one smexy looking for doesn’t have a choke a shame that feels polished nice so i’m gonna figure this out in a moment i’m gonna open this up see if there’s even see

There’s even jetson here to begin with does look like i got jet 1000 worry about that kind of stuff for now and it doesn’t look like it’s not really set to height that’s good enough height would be roughly around like there that’s a little bit i’m not gonna worry about that too much unless that’s causing issues we’re gonna put this thing on i’m gonna figure out

How this choke works okay so it covers out check it out out just a little full fluid so i’m gonna pour that out and i get a chance to spill like that what i do need i need to take this part so i can get the top end like harvard put together so i can sling it on and try it out new one on there already i’m running into an issue i got slack so i look into the other

Carburetor and actually have this that’s got a lot more attention than that so what i did there’s actually a plastic piece between the knees i’m gonna do this so here we go down right there okay when i get this down i’ll show you it looks like oh i got that extra length i need push cables for that and hopefully this gets rid of this like i had if not i got to get a

New cable with less slack in there i don’t know if that’s a term or something like probably size it so this is a after plate that i need to fit on to intake see it’s a lot closer to that side then it is over here it’s pretty noticeable to the eye so in words this piece is in other words i defective you know yeah that’s a bit of annoying i did however order two of

Them and just as reinsurance that this box is a lot different i really want to see this is what the same issue maybe you won packaging is older than the other don’t know why was mine so long looks like the same thing this is really close to one side that is really odd how’s this post going on then makes no sense like there’s no threading so we can’t throw it into

It and they said this is what you need for this bike she’s holes line up no problem with the tubing’s in the way so how am i pusseh install this then you know hmm this is pretty tricky now i’m gonna do already marked out where i gotta go and how far gotta go i’m gonna use the corner of this and just you know slowly get it in i don’t want to take out too much just

Enough where i can get her nothing bolt in there so i gotta get up till halfway to this new building so just kind of step like i said to cut a little bit i might do more just get the nut in there but hopefully it’s enough ta box i don’t wanna take off too much you know i got it it’s on then please snug but i’m taking this pervert slap done and another issue i ran

Into the air filter actually does not on so i’m gonna run to my local auto stores see if they got something bigger than this if not order something out in line temporarily imposed sick dude coughing funky but for now i’m gonna start off with no filter just so i can get it running as i really i’m not really anywhere dusty and i shouldn’t have to really brought any

Contaminants going into the engine don’t really recommend this for driving you and you’re actually writing it but just for testing purposes i’m do it to see if it runs and get it running properly and slap on a proper air filter so new day sorry about them off a lot more in the background but i’ve modified the old you know for the old filter have been on and it’s

Really close to the exhaust might be right now but we’re gonna hold so what i did i grabbed some radiator hose i got some pipe to put in the inside i we’re just clamping it down like that so on top of the adapter on the carburetor and exhaust through the air filter it’s really closely exhausted my fear so i got to do some modification before now we’re gonna see

If this works at least not gonna air filter and i get somewhere to ride every teach my girlfriend’s little brother to ride the bike and once i get it dialed in and we’re gonna sell this carburetor work on top of this new exhaust not new but new to me cuz it doesn’t rattle

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Dbx18 125cc upgraded Carborator By Budget Bros