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Del McCoury Band: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Aug. 1, 2018 | Bob Boilen — There is a moment, near the top of this Tiny Desk concert — when three voices gather ’round a single microphone to deliver the chorus of “That Ol’ Train” — that is so pure and beautiful it made my eyes well up with tears when we filmed it. Not since bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley played the Tiny Desk in 2009 have I felt vocals resonate so deeply.

I just heard that city of yours oh rumbling present oh chatter man yeah the windows carry on and the timbers creaking groan hello girl is well down the line some people said don’t get cold in memphis but i’ve seen that oh river freeze a pie yes used it melt me down till she counted southern belle cross a bridge and let the cozad that old train all the way all

The details but the pain it’s here to stay that’ll train myself a ticket check out every listen stop it alone every mile attract gonna bring my baby back but a happy ending to this song metal tray all the way all the guitars but the pain i don’t train well if i could i find myself the ticket check out every whistle stop it came along over it brit milah track

And i break my baby back what a happy ending to this song but i don’t thank you folks good to be here today that’s a it’s kindly warm in here though with all these hopes of you you know we that was a song that we have on a new record that we just had released about a month ago and at the del mccoury band that was the del mccoury band song from the record

And of course the boys they they have their own band that had go on the road to travel in mccurry’s and they had a record release the same day as as i did and that we have a festival over there in cumberland maryland and both records were released then and some of the folks came from from orchard music up there new york city for that release party you know so we

Had a big time there and we had a lot of bluegrass you know i think this is the most bluegrass we’ve had had our festival up there but we’d like to invite all you folks to come to it next year it’s memorial day week it goes on a week you know and it’s there in the mountains through a flat place there in maryland and if you look across the potomac river that’s west

Virginian it’s like this you know well i’ll tell you what we’d like to sing a song or pick a song or sing a song i mean this is one that that we recorded maybe 10 years ago but it’s done with real well for us written by richard thompson and by the way we had richard thompson at our festival this year and we did this song with him we sang it with him he he wrote the

One entitled the 1952 vincent black lightning sharon miley to james and japan bolder by the girl could feel special only nice so jean schmidt ballet my head talty intervention black london 1952 and i’ve seen you at the corners and cafes it’s a red hair and black leather my favorite color scheme and now to not smell sanjeev’s you made money here’s the ring

For your own head but i’ll tell you in earnest i’m a dangerous man i found with love see if i was 17 i robbed many a man to get my pizza machine there 121 years i might make 22 and i don’t mind but for the love of you and if famous friend i’ll give you two right damnit mommy oh sergeant mcrae they takin young james haiti for armed robbery chuckling place

With these chairs lebanon it’s a little bit sad when she came to the hospital there was a bunch left even running down the road running around you should i’ll give you my picture to run santee in my opinion there’s nothing in this world beats of 52 vincent and a redheaded girl now i’m not a news and games and breezes won’t do either don’t have a soul life events

In 52 and he reached for her head and then he slipped her the keys said i don’t have any further you store these icy angel phone aerials in leather and chrome will be down from the heaven to carry me home and he gave me one last kiss and down and he gave her it’s been said too i find it’s just a little too early to sing who is hard but usually sing late at night

You know at least six o’clock i’d like them to introduce everybody to yeah that’d be okay over there on the fiddle he won fiddle player of the year you know we have an international bluegrass music association awards show every year in raleigh north carolina and so they have ordained oh and this fella he won the awards for fiddle player of the year i don’t know

How many times his name is jason carter but he didn’t win this year i don’t know what he’s back he’s back he’ll get it this year i’m sure it’s coming here and on the banjo this guy’s got a record out it entitled the five string flamethrower and you know when he plays real late at night the reason we called it that i didn’t name it but we kind of thought that

Would be a good name for it and if he plays late at night you know there’s no states lights mention he plays real fast you see sparks flying off the strings cuz he used metal picks you know and that’s why we caught it the flame thrower little hand for rob mccurry is my son and let’s see now behind me here that playing the bass fiddle let’s hold then guy he’s a

Finished one in the audience know the fiddle players are likes thinner i’m just stalling he wanted bass player of the year this year little hand for allen bartram and you know who had time we let him sing he’s a great singer you know and when i heard him i didn’t even know he could sing i just needed a bass player he was a great singer he really is and right behind

Me playing the little mandolin that he’s been with me the longest of anybody in i guess the first big tour he took with me it was to europe and we played a month over there in europe all over this is a long story i’d like to tell you the story about about he was still in school and it’s still in high school and and his principal wanted to see me and i wonder now

Why does he want to see me about ronny you know so i’m gonna tell him ronny so i went to see the principal you know and he said now here you’re going on a tour in europe and i said yes and i thought no why is he asking me this and so he said ronnie wants to go with you over there and he said what all countries you going to and i told him you know the british isles

You know all three of those are ever happy there was at the time and germany and holland and sweden and switzerland and i’m leaving for leaving a few out but anyway he studied many he said you know i’m gonna let ronnie go with you and i’m not gonna make him make up any work i think he’ll learn a lot over there so his name’s ronnie mccurry i’m gonna give you my

Hand that way i guess that was like 80 1983 running okay yeah spent a long time he was just a kid you know now i’ll tell you i put new strings on this old martin gets hard but the last night cuz i knew i was gonna be behind for you folks and they’re stretching so if you if you hear them a little out of tune you know if you hear something a little out of tune

You know what it is it’s just so martin good huh i think i get that one i see we have turner’s but we don’t use them this song here is is a sort of gospel tune we’d like to do it for you it’s one that we do on the road and we’ve been saying this in for quite a while the first one we sang is it’s brand new song we it was a there’s a lot of songwriters in nashville

Where we live there and when we go to record a record you know they get us all kind of material to do you know and so i used to write songs myself but i got lazy because all these guys give me these good songs to do but this one is entitled all aboard i can’t feel a will to turn it underneath my feet that polish shade and all my windows see brain where i’m going

Is better than her man and the stranger sits down as if he’s right at home touching me and says i see you’re traveling alone by the way son you forgot to say amen he said against or something here at me to explain everybody’s gotta get up take that woman with a crown sitting across the aisle gonna bring cash over now mommy mom she never even noticed that leg

Back it was human and the kids at the front of the car but you know the way bouncing cookie jar they’re just families made to the paper shake looking out the window he can’t see past the pain and the train keep rolling the train is rolling he pitted the world everybody’s gonna get oh in the train slowed down and expectedly i raised my plan he slaps my tits

And this is my snap turn but you won’t be traveling alone oh everybody i can’t remember thank you folks

Transcribed from video
Del McCoury Band: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert By NPR Music