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Denim Vs Leather…Which Is MORE Stylish? | Battle of The Jackets

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In today’s video, we’ve got a seven-round so, this is going to match anything in your wardrobe. you can wear this into the office bring in the cool casual vibe. now, you’ve got jeans, any colored jeans are going to work with a denim jacket. next up, let’s look at you could actually throw another jacket on this. but, i could wear a nice collared shirt with when it comes

To a layering, going to be a little bit tougher i admit. maybe you can wear one shirt maybe one — two but, i’ll tell you guys when it comes to just who doesn’t want to throw a leather jacket decided, hey, let’s recycle the tents let’s this stuff right here is made to be rubbed against. the only thing we have to worry about is mildew, in a basically warm environment for a

Few weeks and a time. and i know that denim jacket guy is going the fibers overlapped, so i’ve got this flexibility with the toughness. guys, there is no question here, everyone is choosing leather jacket. because it works, because it’s durable, because it’s tough. but, one place where they do see eye-to-eye, guys, they’re the paid sponsor of today’s they make amazing

Watches when it comes to mixing wood and metal. i’m going to link to them down in the comments, but go check them out. collection and that major league baseball collection. beautiful watches that you can get at an affordable gents, what i love most about original grain is that you all love these watches. again, if you want to grab this, i’m linking to it down in the

Description. guys, i’m telling you that is going to keep there’s also a wide range of companies that are making this jacket. they’re going to bring you a great jean jacket yes, cry once about the price, but buy the got a jacket which is going to get compliments for the rest of your life. guys at the end of the day, buy the best that you can afford. come on sex appeal,

Coolness factor belongs with the denim jacket. look at the way this thing is laid out, very casual very much a classic design. so, when it comes to coolness when it comes coolness factor, sex appeal, guys, this is an easy decision. it builds up my shoulders, trims up my waistline, makes me look more masculine. but, let’s go to a 2001 study at the university of liverpool.

Come on good things need to be taken care if you’re going to be in the desert, you’re like seattle, you want to make sure to condition and take care of the leather. if you’re going to be an extremely wet place, and then, make sure to put a balm or a lotion great job of reintroducing basically moisture into the leather. so, when it comes to this jacket, it’s made but, i

Can tell you that you don’t have to wash this very often. up against the ground you’re not touching to go through multiple seasons without getting washed. there – i mean it’s dense, it’s flexible, it’s going to be great. it’s water-resistant, it’s going to be wind-resistant. to keep you warm during the winter, so no contest, leather is where it’s at. i brought in my

Cousin here the sherpa jean jacket. and this right here is going to insulate me, and that’s where it really shines is going to be insulated and keep you warm. to get tailored and you want to find one that and if there’s a little bit of excess material but really the jean jacket shines when you need to bring it in. or tailor anywhere and they can slightly bring these in.

Because when it comes down to it, this is, again, just like a pair of jeans. i mean at the end of the day, you simply buy a jacket that fits you perfectly. like leather that you’re going to be working a skilled tailor, a seamstress who knows how so, yeah, it’s hard to adjust i admit this, because when you look at this, then you just — come on. the winner by decision is

Going to be the denim jacket. all the points i’d have to say, hey, i had to give this to the denim jacket. and what watch would you love to have with that jacket? and let me know specifically what watch you but i’ve got a few extra watches here in the let me know the exact style of the watch with how you would style it and how you would look great. i appreciate what we

Build here at real men real style.

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Denim Vs Leather…Which Is MORE Stylish? | Battle of The Jackets By Real Men Real Style