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Difference between Riding a Cruiser or a Sport Bike. Taking the CBR for Service. CBR now has a Name!

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What is up youtube them there she is it is saturday morning let’s go right at saturday morning like i said and we’re taking this baby at for a service by a twenty thousand mile full-service as well but for freaking ever and they probably never got its 20,000 mile circle so in the meantime talk a little bit about why i got a sports bike so it’s no secret i’ve

Been thinking about getting a sports bike for a while most people will stick with one or the other like or they like think it i think it’s or whatever they like but i consider myself lamia fancy here a student of motorcycling i think every motorcycle rider needs to try every kind of motorcycle possible for an extended period so now i’m trying a sport bike for

The extended periods these mirrors i really gotta get the fixed up and like i said i wasn’t planning on getting it yet but the deal on this bike was just way too damn good there are many many many many many differences between a sport bike or monaco continue eternity the sports bike such as this one and my harley for starters the harley is way more comfortable this

Thing i’ve been riding it for three minutes this morning and my wrist already hurts but you know i can feel that it’s gonna hurt it’s quite uncomfortable especially on your wrists and on my hip but it’s something i can put up with it’s not that big a deal to me second as i make a u-turn handling the sports bike it’s a heck of a whole lot easier than handling the

Harley obviously the main reason for that being the weight the harley weighs nearly 800 pounds and this thing weighs just a tad over 400 i think i’ll put the exact weight on the screen here for both but either way the harley weighs a ton more all right tell you people are taking advantage of this traffic to her mountain ride it’s awesome there she is at she’s so

Nasty gotta get you cleaned up oh i think i just came up with a name for her let’s get on the road here i got your name i gotcha kickstand never get used to that all right so we’ll go back to the differences in just a second but i believe we’ve just christened this baby so obviously i’d let’s set up my second gopro here so y’all can’t see my face but on the one

Hand we have the little and underneath me right now we have you here by been christened my nasty little and asked i like my pet names for my legs all right so we were talking about the differences between sport bikes and riding a sports bike and riding a cruiser so obviously the sitting position is a huge difference the handling is another i can see why it’s

A lot easier for sport bike riders to weave in and out of traffic because this egg this is so much easier to handle so much more flickable then the harley is i will say i think the biggest difference overall between the sports and harley of my size was an 1800 cc bike my lovely little my fat boy is the power so the power bands on these things are obviously very

Very different you feel the bite the cbo are obviously accelerate you don’t necessarily feel it as one and on the hardly you feel that engine pulley you feel the rear tire you know the harlot you’re at the light and you just give it all throttle you’re gonna spin the out that tire will move with so much power it’ll move faster than the bikes momentum causing you

To spin out on this that rear tire will grab on quickly and that’ll lift up but it’ll lift up the front you won’t if i won’t spin out it’s mirrors now let’s even have a problem with bike mirrors i can say well that sports bike it’s really easy to do stoppies if you don’t know what stoppies are this is what a stoppie is because on sports like you are so leaned

Toward the front but you can feel on the on the cruiser you can feel your weight it’s all in the back you’re sitting back and you know you can just tell the weight of the bike is in the back when you brake you feel the light wanting to go forward because the weight is shifting forward here i think your weights already shifted forward so when you brake really really

Really feels like the back end is gonna come up and actually i think this is one of the coolest stunts people can do it goes from a stoppie that they fully stop it and they flip the thing it’s really awesome a million differences between riding sport bikes and riding cruisers but i will say i don’t think i mean i’m declaring this right now at least for me one

Is not better than the other they are different but they are both fantastic i cannot argue that my wrist dude this thing really needs to get serviced i need to make sure nothing else is going on with this engine i don’t know if sport bikes are like this i know my harley is but that’s cuz it’s a twin can engine but this engine is getting hot like really hot also

Something else is going on with this bike i am actually being a really good friend and my boy kyle who’s been itching to ride for a while he loves to ride but he refuses to ride in miami traffic i can’t blame him cuz miami traffic freakin sucks but since these coronavirus craze is happening traffic is non-existent so we’ve decided i’m gonna lend him this bike

Since it’s what he knows how to ride i’m going to reteach him how to ride and we’re gonna write together so my nasty is gonna be with kyle for a while not for long of speed in the present that like i said it doesn’t feel as powerful as the hartley i guess the the harley sportbike debate can really be summed up and speed versus power the the harley you can feel

That power pulling you forward the acceleration is not as fast obviously this will beat the harley off the line every day of the week and twice on sunday what you can feel the power band a whole lot more on the harley that you can on this are you turning are you not what are you doing here blinkers people blinkers blinkers are not optional i actually saw a meme

The other day it said now that we get everybody washing their hands properly next blinkers also there’s a big difference cruiser for the sport bike and that’s the the way the engines are tuned this engine is way smaller than the harley engine but it’s too into very very differently this engine i mean where the harley you feel it start to run or to get close to it

Red it’s red line when you hit 4500 rpm the harley engine red lines are about 6,000 rpms this engine you know it starts to feel the same way it starts to feel the same way at around five to six thousand rpms but if you look at it closely it doesn’t read len till about 15,000 so i’m guessing this thing’s power man really starts to hit around 10,000 rpms i think i’m

Probably early let’s see if kyle’s here kyle’s knitting here because sutton was anita ride home kyle does not seem to be here yet in fact the whole place seems to be closed still so the designs in the meantime we get to ride around a bit more whoo rooster on the road oh only in date man and this road is not conducive to ride it look at all this dirt and gravel

Leaves on the road tricking chickens wow that’s another thing on the harley it’s really hard to find neutral and this thing is really easy i often confuse it for second gear see like right there i almost want a shift but i’ve nowhere near the red line i can keep it there so yeah it’s really interesting really different it’s funny to see how different bikes are

Built and tuned for different things yeah this thing is so pretty inflatable alright let’s take a break y’all wait for kyle to arrive i love motorcycle parking twelve seconds later you know what kyle still a ways off let’s go take that kerb a couple more times i think i call this an addiction already know that i need the key there’s one thing i’m gonna have to

Get used to understand is that needing the key on the harley i don’t need a key well you need the key but you don’t need the key to start it that’s the point you don’t need the ignition another thing another big difference is this little fairing you know this thing is designed for aerodynamics unlike a harley you do not feel the wind i mean i barely feel it on the

Sides of my arm that’s a big big difference was sweet keep in mind i mean i know if the sport bikers watching this everybody dude you going slowly sure with the book i’ve only been writing this thing for a couple days okay i’m coming from an 800 pound cruiser a very big difference all right let’s park it again the brakes work if you’re in the miami area check

Out palmetto motorsports they sell a lot of bikes a lot of accessories gears helmets they serve as bikes they are pretty awesome and where the hell is this park right here right here park the car there’s a badass massing buddy oh boy oh boy you’re on video say hi to the people the oil change filter change chain maybe the front tire oh you’ll check up on metal

Motorsports that’s it we’re gonna get through this thing

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Difference between Riding a Cruiser or a Sport Bike. Taking the CBR for Service. CBR now has a Name! By 305 RIDER