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Dig This, Bill Richardson Transport World & Classic Motorcycle Mecca | Exploring Invercargill

Invercargill, the southernmost city in New Zealand is a gateway to some of the most beautiful parts of NZ such as Stewart Island its also home to some world-class attractions such as the Bill Richardson Transport World, Classic Motorcycle Mecca, and DigThis.

All right welcome back to adventures with rosie and welcome to invercargill yeah we got lots on this weekend yeah we got a super busy week yeah uh planned so what happened this week um so cheers to adam who watches our channel for letting his workplace know about us and driving around we got an email from alana inviting us to visit the transport world museum so

We’re gonna go check out the classic motorcycle mecca today and then tomorrow elana’s meeting us over at the um bill richardson yeah so there’s pretty much two huge museums down here in invercargill one full of motorbikes one full of transport trucks and things and also a place called dig this where you can drive a digger so digger experience is a yeah bulldozers

Now lana emailed us and she said hey guys we love your work um why don’t you come down and and we’ll we’ll shout you on a yeah a few museums and a ride on a digger so on friday i get to drive a digger which i’m pretty excited about uh also museums we were planning to visit anyway so pretty cool so thanks adam if you’re watching um so here we got plenty planned

Also the gardens here in invercargill beautiful and yeah so let’s go explore in picago all right so we’re kicking things off this morning in motorcycle mecca yes this place is amazing three levels across two buildings so many cool things to see over 350 bikes uh here some of britain’s motorbikes as well some harleys from like the 1920s and earlier pretty

Stunning yeah we’re not big bike people but um it’s amazing to see it’s pretty had a scooter once but it’s pretty amazing to see like this you know level of collection here in new zealand beautiful old building as well so let’s check out motorcycle mecca so some of you watching will be familiar with the bruff superior the rolls-royce motorbikes now you’re

Pretty fortunate if you got one of these in your collection i know jay leno he’s got a few uh they have eight of them here which is pretty incredible it’s really interesting how none of these are actually in glass cases and aren’t um roped off with the exception there is one motorbike here that’s roped off and that is the cardinal britain uh one of britain’s

Well there’s only two of them in new zealand one’s in te papa the big museum here in new zealand in a glass case and the other one here is slightly roped off but that’s the only bike that’s roped off um pretty cool if you’re into bikes i imagine you could look all up underneath and lie on the floor take photos all sorts of things but it’s cool to see them kind

Of out another interesting thing is that between 80 and 90 of these bikes actually still run so that blows my mind 350 bikes here and like 90 of them still run that’s cool so invercargill is actually home to burt monroe aka the world’s fastest indian who set the land speed record way back in the 60s i think they’ve got a cool little replica workshop here

With some actual bits and pieces from his workshop trophies and everything cool little photo opportunity on the this here this is what his bike basically looked like and he tested it out here on the beaches in new zealand and then took it over to utah and tested it out on the salt flats um there are two replicas of his bike here that we used in the movie with

Um the actor that slips my mind anthony hopkins uh they made a bunch of bikes for the movie and two of them uh downstairs which is pretty cool so we’ll pop here’s a clip of those insert here um but pretty cool so yeah homer burt monroe here in invercargill all right harvey just told me i need to check out the men’s toilets look at these sinks old petrol pumps

With the sensor and the water comes out there pretty amazing so even their bathrooms are impressive this is a pretty incredible collection of art and like the old sort of posters they would have used to advertise and sell these bikes originally uh alana who took us through here and gave us a tour was saying that some of the artwork in there of which there’s

Peeps some of the artwork is actually worth more than some of the bikes believe it or not which is interesting she didn’t quite know how much all the bikes were worth i did ask her um i can only imagine the insurance a headache evaluating however many bikes there are here and ensuring them but what a collection really impressive even if you don’t like motorbikes

As well like i’ve never ridden a motorbike i’m terrified of them but it’s kind of cool to see a lot of them are works of art you know and a lot of the restorations are just stunning all right so we are staying at the incident ca park here in invercargill um quite a nice place actually um kind of a big grass area behind the industrial area it’s got a really cool

Club room so a lot or kind of signing what’s word i’m looking for sign in sign and so all the ins and mca parks have shared normally with a book exchange this one is actually the cabin off an old ship like the the helm i guess you call it so yeah i’ll show you that in a sec but yeah we’re just gonna chill out here for a few days do our exploring do the museums

Got a cool some cool things lined up as well to show you stay tuned but yeah this will be home for the next week how cool is this pretty amazing eh um there’s a picture actually here of the boat that it came off it’s still got the old radios and things a bit of a book library pretty cool so we have come to the local gardens to have a look around here yep it’s

One thing we usually do in a town like this come to the local gardens we’ve found some cool ones there in the south island there’s been some really neat ones lots of them have big avery yeah as well lots of animals it’s quite surprising towns like dunedin oh you know it’s the city but donating had beautiful gardens um even some really small towns they had cool

Gardens so we’ll check out invercargill gardens we haven’t managed to find the avery’s yet but we did find the queen’s park animal reserve which is pretty cool so we’ll go and check that out not a bad area in here actually it’s quite big which is good to see sometimes you come into these little gardens and there’ll be a small enclosure and you feel a little bad

For the animals but these ones are kind of roaming around together and pretty big enclosure everything seems tidy good work invercargill we’ve found the avery’s pretty immaculate gardens these ones um look at the avery’s as well like everything’s super tidy really well maintained it’s cool um so yeah lots of birds there’s kaka kia um a lot of colorful things as

Well gala as well from australia which are pretty cool the pink ones yeah nice spot it’s always nice seeing big enclosures as well like i was just saying over at the animals it’s a little depressing and i don’t like filming as well when there’s like we go to gardens and there’s tiny little pokey bird cages you know feel bit bad for the birds but these ones seem

Pretty big um lots of trees and plants and fruit in them in the um gardens actually over there with the animals the chickens are eating like watermelons and watermelons are really expensive at the supermarket at the moment so they’re getting looked after uh if you come here with kids you should look until you find until you find one playground because there’s

A castle one that doesn’t have any water thing and there’s a point and it’s the other and the other playground has uh a water a a pool and and some cool toys and when we were here we didn’t even when we pushed the buttons it wouldn’t go nice hey guys so today we have headed to the bill richardson transport world we’ve got lots to check out here pretty

Exciting the kids are really excited so let’s give a look so bill richardson’s uh transport company here in invercargill was this one here southern transport um there are a bunch of these trucks here of his original trucks throughout the years that are still here he also uh bought into uh allied concrete as well a concrete company here in new zealand and

They kind of rebranded and kind of gave them a cash injection and because they’re having financial trouble here in invercargill so there’s a bunch of concrete cement mixes here as well but some beautiful old trucks in here look at this and this is just the what second building we’ve been in there’s plenty of other buildings this uh complex occupies an entire

City block believe it or not 15 000 square meters 350 vehicles in here i think was the number and 95 of these vehicles still run in a road worthy that blows my mind and you see how old some of these trucks are still roadworthy still running pretty cool so there are vehicles throughout the museum that you can actually sit in for photo ops which is pretty cool

Including this truck cab on the ground it’s even got bunk beds in the back but it’s kind of cool there’s definitely a family focus to this museum there’s a lego room you know like like i said things you can sit in like that and interactive displays and things so quite good for the kids so this place is huge and i just realized as i started talking there’s a

Whole other room over there as well look at this how incredible and everything is immaculate it’s it’s amazing no dust in there at all this is definitely one of the highlights of incargo you need a full day to come and check this out yeah this is so neat we’ve been wandering around for a few hours now and i don’t think we’ve even seen it all right but definitely

Worth coming all right so i’m pretty excited for today’s adventure we have come to dig this in invercargill um and i am going to drive one of those diggers back there apparently they got some cool little diggers here for kids if you’re over five um unfortunately harvey is two months shy of being five so he can’t ever go today cool sample though for the kids

But yeah i’m gonna drive one of those diggers back there i’m not quite sure what what’s in store and what it entails but let’s go drive a digger do do how cool are the bathrooms in there the sink is a giant digger bucket look at that this place is amazing well dig this was a pretty neat experience um that was really fun i’ve never done anything like

That i work on it for those of you that probably just saw the office tour video uh that i did um so yeah i’ve never had any sort of hands-on experience like that and was pretty awesome so i did the big dig which was an hour long you had a headset on and then you would have seen the guy in the video in the hives vest he just talked me through everything and i was

Quite surprised at how like quick it was to pick up um dug a giant hole did some gymnastics you just seen it spinning around um the first thing they got me to do actually was put the bucket on the ground and lift the back of the excavator up and that was terrifying um stack some tyres which was cool like trying to be really precise with the teeth and picking up

Tractor tires and also the basketball so like literally picking up a basketball with the teeth of the bucket off a road cone and then spinning around and popping in a hoop which is pretty neat um so really cool experience they have a bunch of different ones you can do like these kind of shorter ones like just kind of have a jam on the little diggers right up to

I think the top tier is you can smash a car with either the digger or the bulldozer or both um they have a big 50 ton digger and you can smash a car up with it so that would be pretty cool um but yeah really well worth it those museums as well we went to um motorcycle mecca and the transport museum uh they were cool they’re like the the level of detail in those

Places it was just they’re world-class facilities they’re really cool um all tucked all the way down there in invercargill so oh flies in the caravan well worth going to um i just realized the caravan’s a mess behind me as well sorry we’re a bit shattered it’s been a busy week now tomorrow i am going just to add to the busy week i am going to go uh swimming

With sharks in a cage great white sharks down here in bluff you can hop in a cage off the back of the boat and watch sharks so i thought i might as well while i’m down here might as well go shark cage cage shark diving shark cave cage diving i don’t know what they’re quite what they call it i’m gonna say swimming with sharks because it sounds better so join me

Tomorrow or next video for swimming with sharks and uh thank you as always for watching um drop a comment down the bottom say hi if you’re not subscribed you should be we’ve got plenty of adventures coming up i’ll see you in the next video you

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Dig This, Bill Richardson Transport World & Classic Motorcycle Mecca | Exploring Invercargill By Adventures With Rosy