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DIY Motorcycle Install Traxxion Dynamics Gold Wing Kick Stand Pad Goldwing Tour GL1800

Install and review of Traxxion Dynamics Honda Gold Wing GL1800 Kick Stand Pad. Exactly what is needed for soft surfaces when parking your 2018+ Gold Wing.

Hey guys welcome back to the channel this episode we are going to install the traction dynamics here it is um side stand pad so let’s get into this so here it is uh this is how it came in the mail and i’m just going to cut this package open i don’t know how else to get into this right i thought about a razor blade but i don’t want to these are good scissors as

I drop garbage all over the garage floor here get on down the road production so we got a things a few things going on here we’re taking the honda gold wing up to the upper peninsula this weekend of michigan and look at that talk about great efficient packaging so see how i did that i just went around the outline of this clear and let me do this so let me give

You some impressions so this is going to make a big difference on um on like a soft ground immediately if you take your gold wing to a camping site this is going to make a huge difference or even on sand uh it will definitely distribute the weight and let me tell you it’s very high quality just amazing stuff so get a good look at that okay and uh we’ll put this

Thing on here’s a good angle of this here very very high quality product from traction dynamics definitely alrighty so as you can see here there’s these four i’ve got one um in the tool here and a short long go here and a short long go here so i’m gonna just uh guess do the shorts on this side i hope i hope the shorts um go on the inside i hope they do and i’m

Just gonna screw that in until it’s flush even with the top of the ridge here whoa and there it goes holy holy camolia hold on oh i thought it went there but it went here panic panic for a second there it is all right so instead of trying to screw these in on camera i’m going to fight the power and use all my patience and get these in and then we’ll complete

The installation of this kickstand pad for the 2018 plus gold wing so here’s the pad extender on the kickstand and you can see i’ve started these so i’m just going to screw these in oh doing it doing it the uh doing it the um fun way without a beer in the garage that one’s in pretty quick whoops and do this no hate mail max there it is do this again one more

Tightening of the uh all right so there it is it goes up just fine so max is nothing but quality this is just a great quality product and now if i should take this bike moto camping or use this side stand on soft ground i’m in great shape and no more crushed beer cans so not so bad this took hardly no time at all to install and um piper bald when i dropped the

First screw so piper’s done supervising me for right now and uh it’s nice to have this on here um also take a moment to thank uh max for his uh great instructional videos on getting the bike up on the center stand uh there is one thing across all the center stand videos i’ve seen that’s not mentioned is to have the bike in neutral when you put it up on the stand

It went right up uh easy peasy just like max says in his videos the other thing is that i’ve had arm surgery right and i had to be very careful and i could get this bike up no problem so um this is actually the injury you would get if you did it the wrong way if you tried like uh as stated in max’s video on the center stand if you tried to raise it with only

This contact pad touching so um yeah this is great i love it i think it looks great thanks for watching that video as we installed that traction dynamics part on the side stand you know not the biggest deal but we got a video out there now on how to do it and across those four screws actually uh it’s your option whether you use the short or long ones and i just

Use the long ones coming from the outside in so keep burning down the road thanks for thinking of piper she’s getting better every day but keep burning down the road you get knocked down get back up and uh we’ll see everybody next episode on down the road hit like subscribe all that great stuff you know i appreciate it piper appreciates it and teresa appreciates

It and one more time thank you max for such a great quality product i’m very impressed with how sturdy that side stand pad is well done alright guys until the next episode salute so you

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