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DIY Truck Motorcycle Loader

Hand built motorcycle loader for a truck. Made by two brothers from Kentucky, Calvin and Terry Larkins.

My name is calvin and i want to show you something that my brother terry and i built my wife and i are going to be taking an extended trip we’re going out west and this is the truck we’re going to tow the hybrid motor home it’s a 2008 ford f-150 4-wheel drive and the goldwing show them the gold win we’re going to be taking with us that’s something that we wanted to

Be able to take with us it’s cold outside today i’m letting it warm up but telling my brother about some things i’ve seen on youtube we’re going i’m going to show you what we ended up building i’ve got about two hundred and forty dollars in the electronics i’ve got it i’ve got everything wired where it’s fairly quick disconnect i can have everything out of the back

Of the truck in about ten minutes i’ve got some bolts up front the back of this is there’s nothing resting on the tailgate i’ve got this coming out of the receiver hitch so that carries the bulk of the weight this is actually barn door tracking and we’ve reinforced it with angle arm but i’m going to show you in a nutshell how everything works are actually going to

Load the motorcycle so let me grab my remote control and i put some extension wire on this first thing we’re going to do the pans here this actually helps the track to keep this that’s as far as i want it now i’m going to unpin the cradle and that is going to allow the bike to come up in there also also we want the cradle to where it will not move we put a

Little stop right here so they will keep it from removing any farther up get the bike have it pause for a second i’m going to strap the front no issues watching me do that and then we’ll after i get the front strap we’ll come back okay we’ve got everything strapped down and i’ve just got tension around the shocks i’m going to raise my pin you got to make sure the

Bike is in neutral those tens grout this pin i will pin whenever it gets more weight on it and damn that’s if we’ll pay in the back and i believe me i’ve got multiple straps that will be strapping the bike down for transport eight hundred and seventy five pounds the truck is a gross weight for 1275 up to 2,000 pounds so now i will show you the reverse order on

How to unload it’s set in it enough downhill i’d only met to pull now so i will reap in it and just reverse the whole procedure so hope you learn something and this is something that the average handyman i believe can do thank you guys have a good day

Transcribed from video
DIY Truck Motorcycle Loader By Bryan Burnett