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DR650 project: best suspension upgrade ever!Cross Training Adventure

has done the final DR650 suspension upgrades… FFRC’s new Plex Valves work wonders for the front forks and are a significant advance on the emulators and intiminators used by DR650 riders to date. The suspension geeks at Full Force Racing Components have been scheming on ways to transform the prehistoric suspension on the DR650 into something worthy of a modern bike. James from Full Force Racing Components spent a lot of time developing this Plex valve on their dyno machine, but also with various riders testing the DR650 suspension on easy dirt roads through to the punishment of a motocross track. It is hard not to rave about how different the DR650 suspension feels, with that smooth ride on dirt roads and easy dirt tracks right through to the most challenging terrain you could imagine. FFRC’s dyno and real testing suggests that most riders will find the FFRC Plex valves will be suitable for the stock springs for riders up to 100kg.The length of the Plex valve compresses the softer part of the springs sufficiently to achieve the right amount of sag with the DR650’s suspension. A while back FFRC customised the DR650 rear shock with excellent results, and tried the usual cheap mod of heavier fork oil up front with mediocre results. FFRC’s second level of DR650 suspension improvements have been incredible though. The rear shock was already dramatically improved with their custom valving, but now they have added a customised piston that makes the rear suspension even more plush over small bumps. And up the front suspension FFRC have invented their Plex valve which works so well the rod forks are now the equivalent of good cartridge forks, a job started by Race Tech emulators and intiminators by Ricor. The DR650 suspension is very plush over small bumps and corrugations, and yet now handles extreme abuse like this 60 foot jump with ease. As covered in a previous video, the rod forks are a very old inadequate design, and the DR650 suspension at both ends is too soft and underdamped. Also the rebound and compression damping at both ends is badly out of sync so can’t be solved with just using heavier oil, which was one of the requirements to make intiminators and emulators work. The usual suspension upgrade for the DR650 forks has been fitting Race Tech emulators or Ricor intiminators. Many riders report better performance with these in combination with heavier springs. However, while they are adjustable, emulators require disassembling your forks and modifying them, which many DR650 owners balk at. The intiminators do not require taking your forks apart, but they do require putting in a different fork oil weight as they only affect compression damping, not rebound damping, on the DR650 suspension. FFRC’s chief suspension guru, James, has been designing state of the art suspension components for years, not only for motorbikes but also rally cars and V8 racing cars, and wanted to create the ideal fork fork upgrade… the Plex Valve that would be the match the performance of quality cartridge forks, and could simply dropped into the fork, be adjusted if needed, would not require changing the fork oil, and even better could work well with the stock fork springs.

The prehistoric suspension on the dr650  a while back, ffrc customized the  and tried the usual cheap mod of heavier  but the second level improvements  have been incredible – but now they’ve added a customized piston that   and up front they have invented  well the old rod forks are now the  equivalent of good cartridge forks! and yet

Also handles extreme abuse  like this 60-foot jump with ease. and the suspension at both ends  is too soft and under damped. it can’t be fully solved with just  for the forks have been fitting  ’emulators’ or ‘intiminators’. emulators require disassembling they forks  intimidators don’t require taking your  forks apart, but they do need a

Different   ffrc’s chief suspension guru, james, has been  designing state-of-the-art suspension component   for years, not only for all sorts of motorbikes,  so he wanted to create the ultimate stock  fork upgrade… a custom valve that would   adjustable if needed, would not  require changing the fork oil. james spent a

Lot of time developing the plex  valves on their dyno machine, and also with   various riders testing suspension from easy riding  it’s hard not to rave about our different the  dr650 feels with that smooth plush ride on any   terrain you can imagine. ffrc’s dyno and real   world testing suggest most riders will find the 

Plex valves will suit the stock springs for riders   up to around 100 kilograms. it looks as though  stiffer single-rate fork springs will only be   needed for heavier riders, a safari tank, or very  aggressive riders. previously we had discussed how   designed, but the length of the plex valve   compresses the softer part

Of the spring rate  this dyno chart compares the results of the  budget option of 15 wait fork oil with the   set of kayaba sss forks from a yzf 450 which   are a very good cartridge fork. you can see how  closely the plex valve mimics a cartridge fork,   the rear suspension was already brilliant after  james created custom

Valving for the rear shock.  the addition now of a customized piston allows  a wider range of settings with the shims,   resulting in an even more plush feel, which is  ffrc decided to test their latest upgrades in  extreme conditions before developing it for more   they reasoned if their suspension mods  worked well in those

Conditions and the   stock components held up okay it should also work  all the test riders agreed the suspension was  great, and even landing from the biggest jumps   the stock fork springs are far too soft for   makes so much sense to spend the extra money  and get an excellent suspension setup tailored   to your

Needs. and the dr650 will still be much  cheaper than most adventure bikes in its class.

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DR650 project: best suspension upgrade ever!︱Cross Training Adventure By Cross Training Adventure