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Drying with a force air dryer

So we were at the drawing stage now and it’s about to get loud this is the end of my force air dryer they are high velocity force air dryer it will blast the hair off the coat and when i’m sufficiently through with it blasting the hair off the coat i will take this off and it will dry the rest so this is for initially blasting it also helps if you know how to use it

It helps to make that very straight fluffy coat but you can you can make a pretty straight cope without it i just prefer it for some breeze can i have this light kits can i yeah you don’t really need me with you it’s got all your way in it move so it’s going to get loud i’ll do some of this for you i cannot give you instruction through it what i because you won’t

Hear me but what i can tell you is you need to complete your areas first of all you can do broad base all over ok and get it dry get a drive but when you’re trying to get that coat to be straight and not curly because if you’re going to clip afterwards you’ll need it straight curly hair does not clip evenly so once you get all of that done and you’re on to this

You stay in a concentrated area you do not flip all over today on place because you won’t get it straight you stay in a concentrated area and you want that area is dry you move on you move on you want okay down the legs undercarriage again but not with this do not use this in the genital area because its impact is really high mine is a 22 motor most of you will

End up with a one motor okay and these two together will also show you match that you have missed and if your dog is long coat you probably missed nets and you don’t even know it okay if your dog is very mad at you’re going to shave them down because that is the polite kind humane thing to do okay so here we go what oh son i’m going to take this off i actually

Blew the tablet / sorry you know so now i’m just going to use this and you saw that other one pops off i usually have one of these on the end of it to keep it a little tighter but not so tight that i can’t just take it off what i want to sew and that looks also old older than my original one so it gets all like loosened up okay here we go bye bye so what we have

Is one half as i was done i decided not to do the other half because this book will be in your face and that’s just rude i’m not doing it on film i will do it just wanted to point out the cone wilmette up your dog’s tail if it’s long okay don’t use this on the comfort of our tail don’t use this in the face this causes the air to come out very forcibly and no dogs

Would want this in their face and definitely when you anytime you’re drying the head you keep your hand over the ear do not get air inside the ear okay those are just common sense kind of things but sometimes when you’re new to using new equipment you don’t think about it okay and the i use the master oh gosh i came from at metro metro brand horse dryer is very

Expensive of somewhere between three and four hundred dollars but there is one with a single engine by bear and kimberly use it and she really likes it so that can be an alternative for you it has one mower and that’s fine that to her dog looks great so it’s working and you can see this is straight this is dry i didn’t move on when i do this space i’m not going to

Stick this in his face because that’s freedom rude rumors do do that i do not do that i come from behind ok 1 plus the growers have that i don’t have is the mobile rumor is they put a dog in a cage and put a cage dryer on them and can get this place completely dry none of the dogs eyed worm faces will be completely dry and their owners know that and that’s because

They can’t handle this air in their face and the dogs i’ve room love me because i respect their boundaries okay a lot of times the faith will just dry naturally as i’m doing the rest of the body so that works too so here we go i’ll show you the same the head whatever oh so we’re not going to bore you with the entire rest of the bass but i will show you

The finish for sandy and again it’s this benefits not a haircut so if you want to have willie feet and all that kind of good stuff right we just killing bugs today that’s what we’re doing kill them but it can name these i wait a second i can’t get to this are you gonna my dogs like the husband while i doing them go figure

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Drying with a force air dryer By A Wee Bit Knotty Pet Salon