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Today is gonna be an episode like no other we’re gonna be jumping with dynamite as our only movement no joystick whatsoever oh naturally i start like in the worst spot oh we got a double jump right off the bat dude how do you jump you gotta throw your sticks at your feet oh no i jumped the wrong way i’m an idiot you fool oh it works wow this is magical oh

Don’t do that to me lex that’s mean stop cyberbullying me man okay sorry i won’t hit you anymore i promise lex no you’re mean hi man this is competition i thought i was damaging myself for a second it’s a good old-fashioned mexican standoff i’m so focused right now dude oh dang it i almost had him too dang it well look at that i got my double jump going on

You’re so lucky oh the double jump thing is actually really cool if you like pre-planned we’re just out of range me and pat are just out of range that no longer exists hi i got distracted i choked i choked sure pat i’m sweating so hard right now don’t mind get this guy that’s a gadget lex that’s a bold gadget you know what i’m just waiting i’m waiting in the

Wings you know raising in the grass right now i can’t reach him oh ben that was that was trouble oh oh no wait a second wait a second who’s left all right lex is a snake in the grass okay i don’t know where oj is oj if you wanna go to the middle go super fast he won’t get there in time i don’t think oh my ray you’re cheating oh my goodness of course oj has a

Thousand cubes that’s what oj does i was a sweating i’ve learned i’m evolving guys but backwards ray don’t hurt me sorry ray okay i love you ray don’t do this to me i don’t think he’s gonna have any mercy ray sweats in these videos dude i’m excited to do it do you think are you guys in the game without me wait how are you not in the game pat where’d you go

I’m not in the game did you leave i don’t know what happened good we don’t need them anyways my bra stars isn’t working i don’t know what happened there oh so who’s in the center camping that’s the question who’s in the center camping in the bushes obviously it’s always great i’m not in the middle i promise this time there’s someone in the far left hand side of

The bushes because they would have shot is that you ray are you in the far left ring i’m on the track outside of the middle i don’t believe you yet i’m not going middle everybody’s camping what are you talking about i’m not camping ben with the big boxes thick right now you are ben left side ben is a super thick dynamite no no no no no i’m average you’re just super

Thick right now no you’re super thick oh okay well you know what it happened we’re both dead anyways that’s fine yeah i tried to bluff my way in the middle should have left the box dang it i’m too greedy we should just do dynamic but with movement that’d be awesome wait a minute that’s just brawl stars true oh dang it ray you and your double jump bait and switch

Baby get that guy i should have bought away yes oj going against his his his other mantra ottawa investing i think i’ll wait here do you think they’re both gonna who’s the third one though that’s the wild card oh they’re approaching i don’t know who it is i can’t see that far my tags alive no i was dead first to get here no i think i might have been dead first

Really you died before me ray stunted on me pretty quickly so ray’s really quiet so he’s he’s sweating it up right now he’s concentrating oh he’s just gonna wait oh my gosh oh oh oh oh my god there’s no kick all right i gotta admit to you guys hmm i accidentally walked around for the first five seconds you got two boxes yeah changing all the time what are you

Talking about ray what are you talking about being a boy scout over i could have taken that to the grave you should have well watch me do it again the editor would have kept it in sorry tag oh did i get him i got him oh my god that’s my first kill guys i did something no right you know sometimes the best dynamite just has to win oh rj is collecting all

The boxes again how does he always do that they suck pat oh my gosh she evaded everything you’re ninja oj okay nice dodge what are you gonna do now pat we’ll see who’s what survives the gas okay it’s a good old-fashioned mexican standoff alex is not gonna let that happen yeah where you where are you alex he’s on the left you’re chilling likes don’t do it just

Get the boxes i believe i am the greatest dynamite i got i think we need a team on lex on this one i literally just double jumped my way to perfection there dude i cheated like pat did but i cheated in the opposite direction of where i wanted to go so i don’t know how much that helped me dude i’m just moving all over the map here getting all of the cubes oh the

Cubes are gone yeah like high key no no no how could you tag i got the power ups just for that moment man okay oh they come on it’s like right there all right lex show off his mechanics again oh my god i am literally cracked with this game i’m crack crazy guys it’s easy easy money we need to stop him his madness he’s way too good for his own good no lex

Well you know what all right i took i took him out guys i took him out you guys have a chance now you guys have a chance of winning oj look at those cubes over there dude you need them you need them those do look wait that’s the wrong way oj they look pretty good oj you got them you can get out oh okay that’s awkward the greed i’ve been spending this entire

Time just trying to get one cube and i’ve failed every single time this has been miserable i don’t even know how to get it someone teach me you must you got just tag your top three right now you must be dude i can’t get it i can’t get it i’ve missed it four times no like ten times actually oh let’s go i win oh ben what a shot ben what a shot oh he retreated

That was good ben i knew he’s camping somewhere oh he’s got fidget spinners oh the double jump jutsu there is fidget spinning no no boom boom and then the jump dodgy dodge sign me to brawlstar’s world championship as a caster they got boom booms and the jumpy jumps i don’t know where he is he’s just camping with his gadget for sure you gotta do a double jump

He’s so he probably has the stun gadget right now i know just double jump if you’re gonna jump ben hold the line hold the door it all comes down to this ben buckle up the door hold the line why would you oh no he wasn’t he wasn’t dude chloe i tried my best okay if we all kill each other at the same time you day wins that would be a moment who am i fighting

Oh no saying it oh no oh i see i see just coming i can’t say anything okay ben knows nothing going on over here just so you guys know rey is middle right now pretty much why is ray so good with dynamite he’s practicing like for half of his life no i’m fine with this we got the high ground pat oh no oh oh ray’s cracked oh wait actually crap you’re alive

Okay i’m dead i’m dead i’ll take oj though over here not not not saying a single word he’s a silent killer he’s an assassin with me oj stealing my strategy that’s the strategy dude i’ve done three double jumps in a row and i just cursed myself oh oh oh jay that is my first kill that i haven’t died in five i thought that was ray so i didn’t want to stun i saw

Three letters and i was like okay this is gonna be cereal ah joke’s on you pat calculated ben calculated ben you’re you’re literally one-tenth of a pixel away calculated let’s go you literally it literally looks like you’re in my range how about now oh my god are you kidding me are you in range are you kidding me just joking no you debated me oh oh i still died

His freaking fidget spinner got me they bought fidget spinner no way i’m an animal i’m one fidget spinner my wildest dreams are finally rooted in reality last map to determine dynamite supremacy who is the best dynamic in the land if tagwins we’re deleting our channels got the double jump going on good yeah i got the gem oh no no no no stop stop i have a family

It’s not letting me jump oh okay how are you out of my range there bro i don’t know dude finesse absolute finesse i’ve just gotten better at the game what oj’s doing over here like i can’t go to it because oj is sitting there waiting you know what risk it for the biscuit oh oh yeah you double jumped when it mattered on the finale of the game yes nice time no

I was gonna get two of them you animal now he’s gonna get all my gems he’s gonna get all my gems there are so many no that’s six but it’s still a lot yeah he’s still all mine i had so many man pat rushed to the middle avoided all cubes so he could camp out i’m a dead i’m dead guys i’m dead i think it’s just you day left ben just going to gas he’s top right bro

Just going to gas ben it’s just you day the grand finale the ultimate dynamics this is insane gameplay oh one big bomb is all it took to win the game is the best dynamic ever that was a really big brain play but not as big as everyone that checks out discord server discord g slash tribe gaming music we got all the discord natural all that good stuff all the

Contests and everything else you could be part of one of our videos who knows i don’t even know what happens in the server because you’re not in it thanks for watching like subscribe and i’ll see you guys in the next one where we’re gonna assert some dominance

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