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E4 Hellcat Raptor 125cc Broken frame bolt modification, Chinese pit bike Grom Clone

After breaking one motor mount bolt out of 2 which cased horrible vibration to the engine and footpegs, and having several people comment theirs did the same, I decided to re-engineer and fabricate up a bottom plate frame mount to add strength and rigidity to hopefully prevent the motor mount bolt from ever breaking again. It also looks like you can fabricate up something that could be just bolted on.

On today’s episode of mojo cheese so what’s up guys apparently a lot of people have that same issue with the broken motor mount bolt most the time these have three motor mounts and that’s missing that one spot there so i looked it over i was thinking about running something from the head to the frame when i had this up on the stand notice some bolts in the

Bottom of the motor so what i think i’m gonna do is i’m gonna raise the front end of this up and see if i can bolt a plate on the bottom and go back to the frame so it’ll do the bottom this and that’ll give you three points so hopefully that extra point will help somebody come gator she’s acting like a stripper so my thoughts to go off at these motor mounts back

To this because then this will be supported here too it already has threaded holes so just get either two bars or a plate and weld it to this but the grom does have three motor mounts and this only is two they’re gonna work the kickstand there i’m wondering if i should do a plate weld it to that must be threaded on each end here you can either do a pleat or two

Separate bars or just across the front if i can get all it is plenty wide throw me a tape measure i go from here to there and it’s probably going to touch the top at a bar and then i’ll just fill that in that’s not gonna go anywhere so we need something that’s going to be three inches by four and a half three by four and a half i wonder why they didn’t do that

From the beginning a little extra work that will work pretty good see how nice nice and straight see i gonna line up there’s a tip with where it’s going to cut i think my tip might be getting a little worn that’s what she said it’s a little crooked yes they might these get worn out after a while i have more but it’s not that bad i guess i might need that marker

When i grounded it polishes so much i get full use of this bleed you know like that boom what’s the easiest way to mark this you think i could see the center this way that’s like that’s kind of an easy one degrees there right there i mean you can make the hole bigger and just put like a washer yeah but if you want it tight as possible hold the thread next to it

That’ll be perfect and they thread in there good all right and i know these are tempered that’s the one which we got it right holy wow all right man has perfect nice well we got taken off and i gotta get the dremel so i can clean this up and then we’ll weld it so there it is before it’s welded that should definitely take a lot of stress the chain stress

The vibration stress that should definitely work after i made this plate i was looking back and it looks like if you go from these rear holes on the frame you can actually make a mount that you don’t have to weld to the actual frame itself go from the bottom and a motor back to one of these motor mounts i wonder if someone makes up a bracket like this already

That should hopefully stop the motor mount braking which i’m i only did once but i’ve had a lot of comments that there’s break a lot so this should fix it a few moments later well i don’t think that’s going anywhere now i got a nice stitch bead in here i think we’re good let’s be flooded but it was up in the air definitely less vibration oh did you see the

Handlebars that was close hodel tighten them up woody woodpecker this thing is literally a billy goat i can’t believe it i just went through i mean it was mud bad mud did good though surprisingly well and went right through it i’m all the way at the tip tip top of my property where’s that woodpecker it’s even get me hey don’t forget to like comment and subscribe

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(E4) Hellcat Raptor 125cc Broken frame bolt modification, Chinese pit bike “Grom Clone” By MotoCheez