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Eagle Rider Review and Experience | Motorcycle Rental Club

Last Fall, we rented our first motorcycles after we completed our motorcycle certification. We joined Eagle Rider Club and we provide a bit of a review of the experience and program here.

The best poems don’t return baby on the summer night shot 11 sparkle left to breathe stars align and the month i’m bad burn like dried out leave i will leave it i was an extreme baby leave come on we are in bushnell florida at the blueberry hill rv resort later today we’re going to be headed to the tampa rv show however we wanted to share with you an experience

That we had last october in seattle area and we rented from eagle rider we rented two harley’s from eagle rider from our membership club that we had joined earlier in the year and we wanted to tell you about that experience so i’ll summarize quickly before we show you the content we’re very pleased with the eagle rider membership overall the main issue really

That we just recently found has to do with availability at key destinations so you can see our rental and experience in this video was quite pleasant in all areas and we really have a high opinion of eagle rider however we just recently tried to rent some in maui and we found that the program that we’re in the $29 level program does not allow rentals with free

Credits at certain locations so we’re kind of bummed about that of course we’ve already got our harley’s that we own now so they need to rent one is really only there when we’re traveling somewhere where we can’t take the bikes so if we continue to have the problem of renting when we’re going to a destination where we’re not going to have the bike that would be

The only reason we would not renew our membership at the end of the year because every other aspect so far has been quite positive anyway thanks for watching we love connecting with others so please leave comments on this video or any of our videos or consider interacting with us on any of our social media sites you can also contact us directly from our website

Or our email or email as contact us at paws effect comm pa wz e ff pct com and if you’re going to be at the tampa rv show today give us a contact in the morning we will be checking out the show and in the afternoon we’re going we’ll pick up our dogs from the rover or pet sitter and then come back and meet some people in the fairgrounds there so if you’d like to

Meet us or the dogs just connect with us in some way and we will gladly come by and say hi and meet you and your clan and introduce you to our clan as well finally if you’ve not already done so please subscribe and click that notification bell so you can get notified anytime we have new content or we go lie enjoy the video so we rendered our first harley’s just a

Couple days ago we rented from eagle rider and then we went to jet city harley-davidson as part of that run over the first day i tell them yeah let’s talk about eagle rider so right after we got done with certification chris found this eagle rider website club and where did you find it how did you find out about site thinking there’s a tab that says rent rent

The bike and then that takes you to the eagle right cool all right so she found out about it on the harley site and she told me about it and you know i thought it was actually too good to be true basically it’s $29 a month and what that entitles you to is one rental per month at no additional charge so i mean of course they might want to have insurance and some

Things like that that you add on but it’s $29 a month that gives you a credit and when you’re renting the bike that credit equals one day rental one 24-hour rental period from a bike of your choice so yeah and if you’ve checked how much it costs to rent a harley it’s around what was it 160 different models they different yeah but this is for any bike but yeah i

Mean just the the harley there isn’t the one that we was going to be well over $100 and so it cost us 30 basically yeah they have all different types of mic so it’s not just harley so i mean you can rent a honda triumph from a yamaha suzuki they had to haul different bmw the cheapest one that i saw was a young yamaha bolt i think it was about 40 bucks a day i

Wouldn’t use her credit for that i just really hit that price but most of the bikes were over $100 per day so $29 for your rental day is an awesome deal if i don’t use it this month then i have to the next month so you don’t you don’t lose them or each month which is nice right yep so and you actually get one free one too so you get 13 in 12 months because as

Soon as you sign up you get one and then each month you’ll get another one i believe at the start of the month and you can also earn additional rental days by referring someone else so we both have a referral code we’ll put those in the comments below so if you’re gonna sign up it will give us a free day and also you an extra free day so if you signed up and you

Use a referral you’re gonna get those thirteen plus one free one as well so it’s a really good program and you they have an app so you can see where all the locations are and don’t write like that if you’re those two crazy drivers flying by on the interstate oh yeah they have an app our website where you can go see the locations you can book your bike on there

Very easy like you would a rental car so we over to the eagle rider in tim berrian it’s a suburb of seattle it’s an eagle rider they don’t have a big place there to like get comfortable on the bike just so you know like harley dealerships usually have a ride area eric and my son brand-new star in the heart they’ll be gone she feel a beating on that platform

Baby no sonne we believe in tell you this it’s rather strange we wrote towards the harley dealer and so we went to jet city harley dealer because they were actually having a free lunch and then they had a free dinner as well so we were going to get there and to do either the free lunch or the free dinner we thought about going and doing

The free lunch and then leaving for a while and coming back yeah so we get to the dealership and park the bikes and we were at that dealership the day before that’s right so that’s what’s darkness we actually went there today before i got my jacket and so she knew this purple bike was already there she had already started it up no i mean the second day yes so

We went with the jacket she didn’t know the purple-black was there she started it up fell in love with him pretty much got the price the price was reasonable we told him we’d be back the next day so we come back this day

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