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Elon Musk Finally Reveals New Tesla Motorbike!

Tech billionaire Elon Musk has finally revealed a new Tesla Motorbike that has shocked the entire motorcycle industry. Why does the Tesla e-bike stand out? What are the insane features of this electric motorcycle?

It has just happened tech billionaire elon musk has finally revealed a new tesla motorbike that has shocked the entire motorcycle industry why does the tesla e-bike stand out what are the insane features of this electric motorcycle join me today in this video where we shall explore the new tesla motorbike that elon has just revealed to the public just like all

Other tesla vehicles the tesla motorbike is an absolute class besides it has its own identity and it’s popularly known as model m as you would expect the e-bike comes with insane features which make it have the best functionality and performance the dashboard has been designed to resist water hence can come in handy even on a rainy day it seems to be conducive for

All seasons because even when it gets too dark you could adjust the lighting as you deem fit just like you do with your phone footage from the back of the bike can also be accessed from the dashboard hence one needs not to keep turning the dash sport is so high-tech that it has a navigation system that can direct you towards a location that you may not be familiar

With which is quite helpful every individual looking forward to purchasing a bike does their research on the basis of several features that the bike claims to possess one of the most important ones is the speed of the bike the model m has quite a speed as it can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 2.8 seconds this is remarkable as tesla keeps setting

The standards when it comes to acceleration it has been noted that they set this trend even in the cars that they invent learning about this aspect will encourage cyclists to choose the model m with comparison to other motorcycles from other companies some of the companies that seem to match up in terms of speed are bmw and yamaha another notable advantage of this

Motorbike is that you can receive it right at your doorstep i’m sure that some may get a little discouraged at the thought of going all the way to a showroom just to get a car you already made up your mind on with a tesla account you’re able able to check on the model m motorbike and make your order and have the assurance that it will get delivered to you it is quite

Encouraging that tesla allows take backs in case the customer has some issues with the machine that has been delivered adding such features to the company makes tesla stand out and threaten the market of other companies that manufacture electric motorbikes expect so many eyes on you while you ride your model m motorcycle as the design is excellent like no other

Elon has a good eye and every product that he designs from the tesla cars to this motorbike are remarkably good looking and we always expect him to be consistent with this and clearly he did not disappoint its aesthetic and style are unique only to this motorbike tesla went for an aerodynamic design that is a sight to see it not only looks good but also performs

Its job effectively as it is well equipped with a powerful motor which is an assurance of tesla that they will always produce quality machinery the question all of us have been asking is how long does its battery last before charging this has been the agenda of the video because as much as the bike may have all these attractive features its mileage per hour is also

Significant tesla has embraced the use of lithium-ion batteries that utilize solar energy to recharge its batteries from the beginning we have known tesla to be the ambassadors of the environment by producing machinery that is environmentally friendly the same has been embraced in the making of the batteries that encourage the use of sustainable energy tesla has

Been at the forefront to show the world that we do not always have to use materials that harm the same world we expect the next generations to live in we have seen the concept incorporated in the tesla python these will not require recharging as they utilize solar energy to provide the electrical that can be used to power the phone similarly tesla has produced

Bigger batteries enough to provide electricity to model and bikes and ensure they remain charged for a long time it means that while you are out in the sun riding your motorbike the batteries will be working overtime to transform the solar energy into electrical energy to ensure that you will not have to take several stops to recharge the battery it assures the

Rider they can cover quite a mileage distance before they will be in need of charging the battery a clear indicator that tesla is always progressing is how he took the same idea from a small device and put it on the model m bike it gives us hope of the promise that elon’s tesla will soon create big enough batteries that can power an aircraft he is looking forward to

An electric aircraft that moves at supersonic speed which will be a revolutionary invention this brings so much attention to the company because they have shown us that nothing is impossible tesla has been a major inspiration to companies that produce machineries that are sustainable the implementation of a solar-powered motorbike has been embraced by governments

As they are promoting companies that produce vehicles that are environmentally friendly gone are the days where combustible vehicles emit toxic fumes that cause global warming measures have been taken to completely rid the world of combustible vehicles and completely supplement them with sustainable ones such a change also saves on production costs as it is easier

To use solar energy as it can be obtained freely by comparison to the side of for fuels companies that produce combustible vehicles will have to sell their products at a higher price and this will guarantee their departure from the game or force them to take the route of sustainable vehicles as customers will prefer the latter to the former tesla has recently been

Pushing the vision of using the tesla app to make purchases from the company the same platform provides clarification to customers regarding any issues they may have experienced with the vehicles purchased the company can easily provide service of machinery to the clients as well as provide further information on any issues that do not require a mechanic tesla

Stands out with this strategy as no other company has been able to successfully launch a company app that is as life-changing as this the tesla app is accessible to people from all walks of life it gives access to the company’s products and ease in transaction when one is interested in any of their products topics related to the ecosystem and energy can be freely

Accessed on the platform for individuals with tesla homes one can keep track of the energy flow through the house the best part is that you don’t have to necessarily purchase anything to access the platform as anyone is free to use it regarding the model m motorbike when you make a stop to recharge your motorbike you can easily keep track of the charging progress

And see by how far the bike is yet to be fully charged right from your mobile device it is just incredible tesla has a vision of totally dominating the ev market and is working every day towards this goal as they are willing to make major investments to increase and improve their production with the six gigafactories that will produce ev batteries these factories

Have been well equipped with high-end machinery to ensure the best quality for their customers its latest installation of the gigapress machinery assures all its customers of much more affordable and faster electric cars there is no doubt that the gigapress machine will make the production less costly in the end customers will be able to receive their model m bikes

As promised investments like this put tesla on the map for quality services hence a larger following other than tesla some of the other companies that are well known for selling electric motorbikes are zero damon and harley davidson among others harley specializes in making live wire motorbikes that have a horsepower of about 105. it is one of the top performing

Electric motorbikes as it can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in a matter of 3.1 seconds on the other hand xero produced the lightning ls 218 produced in 2021 which is the fastest motorcycle the lightning ls 218 can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in as little as 2 2.2 seconds with an outstanding top speed of 218 miles per hour the motorbike costs about 38

888 as its retail price tesla is well aware of the competitive companies and puts in place strategies to keep it at the top giving it more advantage one thing tesla is keen on is its employees only the best of the best are higher to the tech company the employees are well coordinated and understand the vision of the company adding value to its performance tesla

Is therefore assured that each employee in the factory has the required knowledge to deliver what is expected of them in its selection of employees tesla ensures that they are innovative enough to always think ahead of other organizations the lithium-ion batteries are evidence that elon’s tesla is always on its toes and advancing such a cause he openly assures his

Customers that the company is looking forward to inventing large enough batteries that will power the future tesla jet to attain such a vision require is an inspired and innovative team working on the ground to deliver the promise that elon has made to the whole world among the many products by tesla model m motorbike looks promising and by the looks of things

It will end up pushing other motorbike companies out of the industry it gives other competitors pressure to perform and live up to the standards of tesla or be long forgotten i am sure the motorbike fanatics are crossing their fingers waiting for it to be in the market and be the first ones to own one of these tesla has put us on edge always awaiting to see what’s

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