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Enduro Vs Trail Suspension Fork | Whats The Difference?

The line between trail riding and enduro riding is becoming increasingly blurred; despite this, different component options are available to suit different styles of riding. One such component, your fork, handles damping duties at the front of the bike. In this video Trail Blake, Enduro Blake, and the Trail Angel are using suspension pioneers RockShox’s new Pike and Lyrik Signature Series trail and enduro forks in the loamy heaven of the Surrey Hills; challenging them to climbs, descents, and big hits.

Out there on the trail, and that is what is the difference now to make sure they’re up-to-date with the new forks, with 170 mil up front thanks to this rockshock lyrik. – oooh! 170 mil of travel. what are you going to do you hit the nail right on the head there enduro blake. like i’ve seen enuro blake descend and stuff to flat, and not be lugging some heavy weight champ all around

Transcribed from video
Enduro Vs Trail Suspension Fork | What's The Difference? By Global Mountain Bike Network