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Episode: 10 Motorcycle Camping in Californias Coldest City, Bridgeport!

Camping gear I use:

All right guys i just popped in the cutthroat brewing company in markleyville impressive this pretty cool building i popped in here to have a thinking beer about what i was gonna do next and i got a great idea i’m going to take you guys over monitor pass it is one of the baddest passes you can do on a motorcycle it’s beautiful big sweeping turns the views are

Amazing and it takes you down to bridgeport california which they claim is the coldest city in the united states but there’s a few cities in california make the same claim uh well i found one of the best outlaw campsites i’ve ever found outlaw campsite meaning a campsite that isn’t intended to be a real campsite it’s on highway 89 heading from south lake

Tahoe towards markleyville it’s on the kit carson river and let me show you guys this campsite had a nice fire last night this is where i had my tent set up i already broke down camp and i’ll show you guys how i came in here there’s the highway well i just found an awesome campsite along the owens river outside of bishop california i’ll turn the camera

Around and i’ll show you guys what i found so if you see here it’s protected by trees on all sides it’s a little windy but my campsite is perfect and check this out direct access to the owens river some of the best trout fishing anywhere in the world and i carry a fishing pole with me at all times for just such an emergency so i’m going to set up a camp nope

I’m going to fish first we’re burning daylight shelter’s up so it’s time for step two uh we’ve got a beautiful sutter home chardonnay and it’s warm it’s gonna be great if you have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all uh fishing went pretty good i didn’t catch a fish but i got a monster hit just yanked out drag and then took off on me so i’ll try again

Tomorrow by the way i found today’s campsite using an app called i overlander it’s pretty handy they’re not a sponsor of mine or anything it’s just a good app to use so i use it a ton of bats out here good morning guys i had the most annoying raccoon aka trash panda of my life last night all my food was put up dude he was using my motorcycle as a jungle gym yeah

Like he was digging around from my bag just muddied up the seats this is sitting passenger climbing is trying to open my saddlebags like this dude was such a jerk dude who was just here to party i’ve never identified with a trash panda so hard in my life hey let’s uh 7 30 in the morning i’m gonna pack up i got a long ride to do i don’t speak well in the morning

I don’t speak well at any time i’ve got a long ride to do if i’m gonna make it back to the bay area today i’m in bishop california if i haven’t already told you guys always sit your tent up on a tarp look how wet that tarp is if i didn’t have the tarp my tent would be completely soggy in the morning also set your gear out in the morning to dry before you pack

It away your gear will get moldy your gear will get funky and you have thrown all that money away standing here watching my gear drive made me realize i should put a link to all my gear you guys may not know exactly what gear works best for motorcycle camping so i’ll include a bunch of links below i’m on highway 395 and this building is pretty special

It’s a landmark for some very cool features around here if you guys are curious what they are comment below i’ll fill you in i’m just about to head over highway 108. it’s one of the best highways across the sierras and it is steep if you guys pay attention to the street signs you’ll notice that they start giving warnings to big rigs at 5 degree grade this is 26.

This may be the steepest paved highway in the united states i’m not sure let’s just say it is i’m reading this plaque about the pioneers that pass through here let me read a little bit for you guys but after moving tons of rock to fill chasms and draining fremont lake to make it passable general moorhead is still nowhere in sight they drained a lake how do you

Even do that somebody looked this up for me please fremont lake and how it was drained and let me know how they did this my brain no compute dude’s like oh there’s a lake there i got places to be i got to do i gotta go just let me empty the lake real quick what’d you do thursday empty the lake what i made it to kennedy meadows i’m sure a lot of you already know

About kennedy meadows but for those who don’t look it up it’s on highway 108 this place is legendary locally everyone within 150 miles knows about it awesome place come in and check this place out look it up it’s great well guys i’m back in my hometown of vallejo california in the san francisco bay area i’m at my brother’s shop right on hanging out here with my

Nephew if he’s he’s running around making a menace of himself probably we’re going to throw a front tire on this bike and push on down the road i think we’re going to go to santa cruz maybe we’ll find out all right just got a front tire put on the beamer now i’m going to split and head out to santa cruz capitola thank you to ride on this place is always awesome always does great work

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Episode: 10 Motorcycle Camping in California’s Coldest City, Bridgeport! By VagaBum