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etrailer | Inno Roof Bike Racks Review – 2017 Toyota RAV4

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Hey everybody welcome to etrailer dot com i’m bobby and today we’re taking a look at the no tire hold two roof mounted bike rack here on our 2017 toyota rav4 now this can be a great way of getting your bikes off of the back your vehicle and up on top saving you a lot of room and maneuverability as well as freeing up your hitch for some of those bigger accessories

That we need to carry wherever we’re going this can be also a very great option if you’re living in the city and don’t have that much room in your parallel parking and that way you can go ahead and get it on the top of your car one thing i would suggest with that though if you are going for that city parking we have it on the driver’s side here today a couple

Little tricks though you can put that on the passenger side just as easily which is one thing that’s great about the inno tire hole too either side you’re not losing the capabilities of the system nothing that we can’t reach on either side and put on the passenger side usually makes it easier if you are doing that city parking now talking about the carrier itself

Though you are looking at a 50 pound capacity for your bikes up on this guy so it’s gonna do a good job for most of your standard and even to those mountain bike tires however probably going to be just short of that heavy e-bike capacity so unfortunately not going to be great for those guys one thing it is going to be great for though are our carbon frame bikes as

You can see we have one of ours up on here today and why we can do that we actually have the tire hold obviously from the titles you guys can see we are having clams on either end of our tires so we don’t actually have any frame contact therefore not be warping and deteriorating those carbon frames now with this as well too you are going to get a lot of versatility

As we break down later you’re going to see that those cradles are able to be moved which is going to give you a host of different wheel sets to actually be put up on this guy and with this kind of ratcheting arm system too not gonna be too worried if we have a shorter bike as those arms are gonna be able to collapse down quite a lot to get it on here well let’s go

Ahead and start seeing how we can get the bike off we actually come right here into the middle and what’s going to be happening here is we have a little locking core that’s actually holding this in and we all we have to do is release it like that and actually can spin this guy out so once that is released want to make sure we are supporting our bike we can tilt

That bag back now it might be helpful too to get a couple different ways of getting up on here i’m 6’1 so it’s not going to be too hard for me to grab my bike and just walk it off now if you guys are having trouble with your high kind of seating rav4 here you guys could also pick up a monkey door step at can be a great little way of just sticking it

Right here on the inside of your vehicle right on that door hinge gives you a nice stable platform to get up and get close to your bike you can even if that’s not for mounting or taking your bike off it can be great for servicing your bike while it’s up there or just messing with the carrier so i do really like that little option that you’re getting well to get

These guys in doesn’t take too much time at all we just simply bring this arm in now before we do that though i want to go ahead and just give us a little kind of info on this locking core now what this guy is great for is of course making sure that your bike stays attached to your carrier when you leave it unattended so great little option there of just clamping

That down locking it and therefore nobody can get to our bikes when we don’t want them to to bring these arms in though we just simply bring it in set it like so you’re going to see a little plastic holder here for that top arm and that can be great of holding that one in now while we’re here too we can talk about these cradles as you guys can see we can simply

Shift that down and put it anywhere that we need to on the rest of our carrier which can be a nice little option for ourselves now i find it a little easier to set this to when you are having it on the ground so that you’re not messing with it like i am but as you guys can see very easy to get those kind of set to however much we need it for our bikes which really

Makes it a pretty versatile system now how this guy mounts on here is just these little flange mounts here on the bottom so what’s happening is we have these two little threads now this guy’s gonna be a fixed position here it’s completely encircled by our plate on the other end here though if you guys want to whip around to the front you’re gonna see that little

Notch there for that bolt system so all we have to do bring our bolt across this sliding track here it’ll pivot itself right in and we can start tightening them down now i definitely would suggest keeping track of these guys if you pull them out too much they can fall out so as you’re kind of loosening them up don’t lose them too much they’d be a great way of just

Sticking on the carrier kind of very easy to lose now if you’re like us and you have a bit of a thicker crossbar you may need to get the long bolt kit that’s what we actually have installed today you’re seeing pretty good spacing here now the small ones they are going to work for most of your standard crossbar whether it be square round arrow or factory however

If you do have some thick ones like our vortex ones we have up on here today they might be a smaller or a bigger issue for you so you might have to look at that long bolt kit and of course it can always be nice just to have a few extra bolts laying around on the back end here too though you are going to see we have this little clamp system so you can see we don’t

Actually have to tighten it all the way we just get it really close bring in that lever system and it brings all the rest of that play out making it nice and secure for ourselves well guys i think that about does it from look at most of the specs of this guy i definitely think it’s a great carrier especially looking away of getting those carbon frame bikes and you

Want something that’s really easy to use not too many to actually have to worry about but let’s go ahead and actually see what exactly we’re working with on our height here on our roof bar system so from our roof rack here to the top is putting us right at five and a half inches i’m gonna go ahead and give us an idea of what it’s looking like when we have it fully

Extended so bear with me here as i get my tape measure to work with me it looks like it’s putting us right at 28 maybe about 28 and a quarter inches there of total height being added now keep in mind too you have some taller handlebars you might be adding just a little bit to it but nice that we can collapse this down definitely don’t think we’re going to have too

Much issue getting this in the garage we can actually have pretty decent towers here on the rav4 right for itself not sitting too high in itself so nice to see that we’re not taking up too much of that height well i think that about does it for our look at the inno tire hold two roof mounted bike rack here on our 2017 toyota rav4 i’m bobby thank you for watching here

It is on our test course first is a slalom area which simulates side to side action like turning corners or evasive maneuvers next are the alternating speed bumps which show you the twisting action like hitting a pothole road debris or hitting a curb finally we are at the solid speed bumps which show the up and down action to simulate a parking garage or coming out of the driveway you

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