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etrailer | Pace Edwards UltraGroove Retractable Hard Tonneau Cover Installation – 2013 Ram 2500

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Hi everyone aiden here with today we’re going to be taking a look at the pace edwards ultra groove retractable hard tonneau cover here on our 2013 ram 2500 now this is going to give you a nice cover for your bed space whether you’re looking to lock up some items inside so they’re secure and safe we’re looking to improve your fuel economy or just looking

For something to cover that bed up make it look nice and clean this is going to get the job done while also having the ultra roof system here to add stuff like ladder racks or over landing racks you don’t have to sacrifice that functionality of your bed just because you have a tonneau cover on let’s check it out lots of times with these tonneau covers you have to

Pick and choose whether you want the cover or whether you want something like a ladder rack but with this we have the option to have both with these slots here on our rails we can slide in accessories and adjust them back and forth along the whole length of the tonneau cover and those uprights will sit on top of the bed so we can independently operate our title

Cover still have the bed covered up but also have that raised storage above the bed it is going to be a retractable title cover so everything retracts into a canister in the bed whenever we’re not using it so underneath here we’ve got a handle that we can simply turn and latch in right there that’s going to have this unlocked and then just push the cover back it’ll

Slide up into the canister here really simply you don’t have to walk it back or anything like that and everything is contained up here towards the cab of the truck where we don’t have to worry about it as much when you’re trying to figure out what tonneau cover is right for your truck and your application you’ve got a couple different options my personal favorite

Is this canister style because i think it’s the most out of the way you’ve got the soft roll up covers that will have a roll kind of right up here kind of blocking the back window a little bit but they’re just not as nice then you also have the tri-fold ones that are big panels that are typically hard covers but they fold up in three sections and often times when

You have it fully folded up it’s going to completely block your window these canister ones are really nice because it’s not going to block anything here and it’s going to take up minimal bed space that is the one downside here is that we have the canister in the bed but it isn’t going to fully take up the bed there’s room underneath where i can still slide in lumber

Anything like that that has an elongated load where we need to have it up against the cab of the truck here but we still have everything contained and in a nice sealed package now the integrated handle makes it really easy to again operate the cover from the tailgate so we can pull it out and you’ll hear these latches happening all throughout so at 12 inch intervals

We’ve got different stops here so if we have a partial load maybe some ladders or something kind of sticking out the back propped up on the tailgate we don’t have to have this thing fully open we can have it partially closed to account for that still get some coverage but also have it open for that elongated load i really like this i like having the handle to do

It because it makes the whole process a lot simpler foreign i will say that retracts has a very similar style of tonneau cover that has these rails and that is retractable into a canister but i like that retraction a lot better because you can stop that at any point along the rails here so we don’t have to be limited to those 12 inch intervals that’s a really big

Upside for me because i can have all that fine tuning adjustment that i want the downside to that is i don’t think it works as smoothly as the pace edwards here this one is a much smoother glide in operation it has that handle so i can operate it all from the tailgate the retracts does not you have to kind of walk it back and sometimes it gets a little bound up on the

Rails because you’re pulling it from one side it’s just kind of a hassle so those are the upsides and downsides comparing the two one other comparison i will make is just the overall sturdiness of the cover even though this is a hard cover it does have a bit of flex to it the retracts one is very solid so if you were to bring a tool bag or something something kind

Of heavy and set it up on top of the tonneau cover while you get the tailgate open i would feel a little bit more comfortable setting that load on the retracts than i would on the pace edwards here just because we do have a bit of flex overall though this is still going to be a lot better than a just traditional soft tonneau cover because it does have that metal

Underneath to protect against anyone trying to cut it open or get inside it’s going to be really sturdy as far as the aesthetics go i think this looks really good on the truck here the end rails here just kind of taper off naturally towards the end of the truck and it all looks very factory there’s not any weird gaps all the weather seals sit really flush here so

It makes me really confident in its ability to resist rain and water intrusion if water does get inside you do have drains integrated on the end rails and on the canister so you don’t have to worry about that pooling up in your bed but i think water is going to have a hard time getting in to begin with just because everything sits on here so well and does fit very

Nicely at the highest point it only sticks up about an inch from your bed rails so it is going to be fairly low profile keeping it nice and sleek and you don’t really notice it too much when it’s on the truck it doesn’t stick out next to some of those drain points you can see the clamps that actually hold this in place everything attaches really well and you’ve

Got these small supports on the other side too to help support the weight if you do have a ladder rack on here so just pushing down with my hand everything feels very solid sometimes with other tonneau covers you’ll feel a bit of flex there when you push down like that so i am confident putting a loaded weight up here with a ladder rack that it’s going to be secure

And speaking of how it attaches let’s check out that install process now the first step of our install relation is to get the canister out of the box and remove these plywood protective sides we’ve just got these 10 millimeter screws holding it in we’ll undo those on both sides of the canister here and discard the plywood at this point you can lift the canister

Up into the bed i’ve got it up here just on my own it’s not too heavy the only thing you might have to worry about is just if your arms are long enough to kind of reach across the whole canister here but the actual weight isn’t bad you’ll notice on this side there’s a label that says cab side so that’s going to go towards our cab and i’m just going to set it on

Something elevated so i’ve got these just plastic totes in here right now to kind of set it above the bed rail so we can install the actual rails of the cover for our rails we want to make sure we get the correct side i can tell this is the driver’s side because this rubber flange here faces the outer edge of the vehicle and we want the rounded portion towards the

Tailgate up here it’s nice and flat so we know that goes towards our cab now up here on the canister we’ve got a little latch you can kind of push this in by hand if it moves around a little bit it might pop out but if you can get that to stay in that’s going to help the installation here a lot better and we’ve got this metal track there’s a little lip right here

And a hole for our screw what i’m going to do is kind of tilt the rail into place and kind of try to catch it on that outer lip right there so i can get it lined up here this will be hard to see so it’ll be more of a feeling thing once you get it at home but you can kind of line up the rail with that lip rotate it down i have to kind of back it up a little bit

Here we’ll rotate it down right here and once it’s rotated down flat you can get it slid in again this is a little tricky to do you can see it’s starting to move a little bit there and this may be helpful with an extra set of hands to kind of steady the canister while you’re doing this and help guide it in but it is doable on your own and we want to get it in

To where the threaded holes on the bottom of the rail here line up with that hole on the canister that we just checked out so underneath we’re going to have our screws phillips head screws with a lock washer and a flat washer so just kind of get that guided into place and we can start to thread it in looks like right about there it’s getting started so just run

That down get it tightened up and we can repeat that on both sides and at this point the whole assembly can rest on the bed rails of our truck so i’m just going to lift up and remove our little totes we were using as the ports when you do this just make sure everything is mostly centered up we can get a better more accurate measurement of this later we want to

Make sure it’s all resting in there nice and neat at this point we’re ready to shut the tailgate and kind of test the fitment of the rails here we want to pull them pretty much as close to the tailgate as they’ll go you can actually get a pretty good grip on it here and pull them kind of by the t-track here and just make sure everything’s sitting fairly evenly

Here we actually have an included tool that we can use to check the spacing and everything here to make sure it’s spaced properly from the tailgate and here’s a better look at that little tool we are going to have a bunch of little notches coming off of it and this smaller one here that’s going to be about a quarter of an inch that’s going to be able to check our

Spacing between the end of the rail right here and our tailgate so as long as that fits in there and kind of touches on both sides we should be all good with our spacing at this point we’re going to want to install the foam seal on the front of the bed right here that’s going to sit underneath the top cover and help give us a better weather seal we’re not going

To be leaving this tonneau cover on today though so we’re not going to peel the adhesive and actually stick it on when you do that though just make sure that you clean the area get the surface nice and smooth so that adhesive sticks and stays once that’s been done though we can take our top cover here and place it over top the canister here we’ve got two holes

One on either side that will line up with some threads on the canister and we can use our provided screws to attach those so just slide that back and once it’s lined up you should see this nice flush surface here letting us know everything is even and just run those screws down on either side and tighten them evenly so at this point we just want to check on how

Level our rails are sitting we can kind of come to the end of the truck bed where the camera is right now and look down the rail just to see if it’s sitting level with the bed rail or if it’s kind of tilted down and into the truck bed ours is sitting pretty level right now once we get the clamps in place it’ll sit a little bit more normally but if you aren’t happy

With that levelness you can use the included shims here that’s going to just prop up the rail a little bit to do that all you got to do is slide the whole assembly down towards the tailgate and install these shims they’ve got some adhesive on the back just underneath the canister here to kind of bring that end up you can slide it back over check that levelness

Again and see if you need to add another shim moving on to our clamp extensions these are the pieces that are going to be labeled so this one is br which is back right or back passenger side and all of them are going to be labeled for the specific sides because we want to make sure that these shims are facing the end of the vehicle here and everything is oriented

The correct way now if you come to the underside of the rail here there’s a small lip i’m just going to feel along there with my thumb and then right about here i feel a cutout that’s where the portion of the extension right there is going to slot in you can see there’s kind of a track system for it there with that shim facing the outside so i’ll come back to that

Cutout get that lined up with the cutout and then slide it towards the tailgate here and you can see here it’s kind of locked in and we just want to line it up to where it’s just lined up with the end of that cut out once it’s sitting right there we’ve got a portion right here where we can feed our five thirty seconds allen up through it’ll go into that set screw

That’s in there and we can just tighten that down to keep this in its place now for the actual clamps there is some slight differences to take note of for these pieces here that actually slot into those clamp extensions let me hold it maybe like this you can see the difference we’ve got a short one and a long one i used the long one closer to the cab and i’m going

To use this short one closer to the tailgate depending on your specific year make model that might differ for you so just be sure to try them both out see what fits best and we can then take the other end of our clamp slot this in just like that and then we can take this track portion and slide that into our clamp extension now depending on how much room you have

Up here with a bed liner or something like that that could also affect this so i’m going to actually put this end of the clamp in first to that extension slots in just like that and then meet the other end on the other side this is going to be a pretty snug fit much better on the tailgate end though than it was by the cab and this portion let me grab another one

Here with the rounded edge that’s going to be pressing up against the actual bed rail on the inside edge kind of clamping it together so just make sure it’s all lined up properly from here we can actually take one of our threaded hand knobs and we’ve got two one slightly longer for that longer end of the clamp we’re going to be using the shorter one on this one

And on here we’re going to add a lock washer a flat washer and then on the other side we’re going to have this kind of threaded barrel we’re just going to feed these threads through and there is a notched portion on the other side that’ll line up with the threads on that barrel so that barrel is gonna just kind of keep things sandwiched together here and serve

As our plate on the other end might be a little tricky to get that started because you’re kind of working blind but you can kind of peek around the side here and get that started there we go and from there just kind of hold that barrel end in place run the hand knob down and make sure everything is nice and snug before we go and repeat this process in the

Other three corners once all the clamps are installed we can take our kick stands and take the wing nut off of this threaded end right here and we’re going to slide that through the hole that’s kind of on our clamps right here and once those threads are poking out the other side we can add our washer lock washer and wing nut there and we can snug that down most

Of the way but we want to leave some room to move and adjust this kickstand we want that kickstand to be facing pretty much perpendicular to the side of our bed here and we’re just going to rotate the plastic hand knob on that kickstand to extend it out we want to do that until it makes contact with the outside edge of our bed here and make sure that it’s not

Pointing to angled so if we need to there’s a slight angle right here on the inner edge of the bed you can actually back this off a little bit in position this more upward to kind of match the angle of that part of the bed basically you just want that foot to make really solid contact with wherever it’s going to be going into right there seems to be pretty good

So we’re just going to get that tightened down and then we can tighten our wing nut here just to make sure everything’s secure and supported next we can install our drain tube starting at the end of our rails here by the tailgate we’re just going to have these black fittings that will thread into the bottom of the rails you can kind of feel around right there are

The threads and i will say on our truck today we actually have some pretty limited clearance here we did a test fit and it does fit and it doesn’t pinch the drain tube too much so i don’t think it should cause any issues so just get that threaded in just hand tight is fine and once that’s attached we can take our clear drain tube and since we have pretty limited

Clearance here we’ll just kind of sneak it onto that fitting may have to kind of flex it out a little bit but we can push that in place right there and you see it doesn’t actually pinch that end so we should get good flow through there and then the other end can go out of our bed our truck today does have some factory holes made already so we don’t have to drill

But just keep in mind depending on your truck the package and the bed liner you may have to drill some holes for these to route them outside the bed so for us we’re just going to feed it through that existing hole face down and all that water will drain down through this tube so it’s going to be a pretty tight squeeze for me under here but i’ll do my best to stay

Out of the way and show you where the second drain tube is going to go we’ve got our free end here that’ll go outside the bed again we have a factory hole ready to go for us that’ll just feed that out and then we’ve got our end with the blue seal this is going to push up into place on the canister with the preset holes that drain installation process that we did

On the passenger side here will get repeated on the driver’s side with all of that complete we’re ready to test out the cover you’ve got the strap here that you can use to pull it out you’ll hear it locking at those intervals and then once it’s at the end we can shut our tailgate check our seals and make sure everything’s sitting on there properly and it looks

Like it’s all fitting really well then we can go ahead and check the closing to do that we’ll rotate our lever here kind of lock that in and then just push it back out everything goes really smooth there’s no binds or anything on the cover so we know we’re all set and with everything installed and working smoothly we’re done the install process wasn’t too bad

Comparing it again to the retracts tonneau covers it is a little bit more involved there are more points of adjustment and fine-tuning with this cover that stretch the install process out a little bit nothing crazy but just enough to be noticeable i think it’s not that much of a trade-off though because the end result is something that operates a lot smoother not

To mention you get that handle to be able to pull the cover out right here from the tailgate really simply and it’s going to function pretty much the exact same way with the integrated stops with the t-track on the rails for accessories and it’s going to give you a really good product for your ram here thanks for watching

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