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Motovlog on the 2020 CanAm spyder

I don’t know what day it is oh 19th hey welcome back everybody uh may april april may may may 19th uh forgive the spider believe it or not i just washed and waxed it and i didn’t cover it last night and the neighbors had a little fire and uh it’s all dusty and dirty but it’s okay it’s gonna get washed in a couple days because the wife and i are heading to west

Virginia on her first spider trip in many years and we’re going to keep it close we’re just going to go into uh new river gorge and uh just tool around for a weekend make sure my camera was still on and we are good to go so i have enough miles on this thing that it’s not just uh you know a new spider excited to have a new spider i love the spider everything’s

Awesome i have 1272 miles on it it’s not a lot of miles i know it’s not a lot of miles i just don’t ride a lot of miles anymore i blame work i truly do it’s work’s fault it’s not my fault it’s work’s fault um that’s my story and i’m sticking to it so i’m gonna have a video up here pretty soon um on a review of what i like and what i don’t like on this thing

And uh yeah you know it will be what it will be so one thing um let’s kind of compare this to the rt um i think this and the rt are going to be the closest things in the spider lineup they’re both touring machines um the rt though is the ultimate touring machine and then this is second ultimate touring machine and i’m not saying you can’t tour on a riker but

Um the bigger platforms it’s easier to tour on if you have a riker and you knock out 800 miles in a day man that is awesome but it’s easier to knock out that many miles on an rt so um the f3 and the rt share platform now i don’t think this is on the same platform as the the new rt i think this is still based off of the old platform of the rt um but it handles

Really good i don’t have a problem how it handles uh it’s it’s very big it’s very heavy it’s very comfortable what i like over the rt on this is i like to be in the wind everything i’ve ever had except for my sts you had a lot of air on you and i enjoy having the air on me um and you get that with this you know it’s got a cut down windscreen so you get air on

Your helmet you get plenty of air on your arms even on your legs and with an rt how the the plastics are you’re not going to get as much air you know so if you’re looking to have a machine where you’re not in the air the rt is the way to go and then as you go down you’re going to get more and more air on you i think my f3 i think this is a lot smaller this

Pot area i get a lot of air on me but i mean that’s that’s why i bought the f3 i don’t want to feel enclosed i don’t want to i want i want the air on me so you know then again it’s it’s what you’re looking for in a spider i mean that’s everybody has an opinion everybody has a want um so what is what is your need what is your want out of a ride you know if you

Just uh tool around town man a riker would be perfect you know if you go out a little bit further um you want to you want to have some fun you know you get the rs you get the f3 i think they’re the i can’t say that with the riker i don’t know how well that thing handles but uh right now the rs and the f3 handle the best that i’ve been on so i can only compare

That those two to one another um but you know if you want to throw down some serious miles and then you start looking at the uh the f3t and the rt it just makes it more comfortable you know i have everything that the rt has you know with cruise control and well i don’t have an adjustable windscreen mine’s fixed but it’s okay i like it it’s a lot better it is

So much better than that blue ridge and uh you know i’ve come across some differences between this and the f3 and it’s it’s shocked me it truly has you know that f3 is is definitely tuned to uh to have fun and uh i’m comparing it to my 2015 f3 sm-6 two completely different animals just riding down the road you’re not going to notice a big difference if any it

Handles great but man once you start pushing this spider it um it comes up quick on uh the stability system and it doesn’t take a lot for this motor to start cutting like cutting power and uh slowing you down um you know so if i want to go out and just be stupid and race around uh through some turns i am i’m not taking this uh i will be on my f3 um i think the

Rt would be uh a little bit more comfortable but then again it’s it’s what what do you call comfortable uh if you’re comfortable with your p with your peep if you’re comfortable with your peep forward if you’re comfortable with your feet forward then the f3t is where it’s at if you want your feet straight down then you know you want to jump onto the rt so what i

Did is i got some f3 ultimate floorboards and put on this bad boy and now i can have my feet straight down i can have them back a little bit or i can have them forward just like the f3 usually how i ride this thing like right now i have my right foot forward and my left one back and i noticed i would do that on the sts as well so you can’t see because i can’t

But i’m like my left foot is back and that one is not it’s forward and i find it very comfortable to ride this way but uh you can do that especially the new rt man those floor boards if you have not set on a new rt you need to go out and sit on one if not ride one those floor boards are amazing you can put your feet in a million different positions they’re

Crazy wide they’re crazy long they even have a little arc to them so i mean i i really like drt it was a it was a hard call between this and the rt to be honest with you and then after we made the deal on this i almost told him i wasn’t going to get this and i wanted the rt you know it’s that rt is gorgeous i’m not quite sure about how the headlights are in

That area but uh you know for the most part i like the rt i love that blue that they have on it they call it what petrol blue we are going super ah there we go there we go big chevy truck hey gong and i would just zoom away but uh i’m gonna come up to this corner and it’s not gonna let me zoom so i might as well just go nice and slow because this spider does

Not have zoom zoom zoom you know it’s super easy that road is just having all sorts of issues it’s easy for me to say you know you should buy this over an rt or you should buy an rto over an f3 it i mean it truly all depends on what you’re looking for in a ride um and and you gotta you gotta figure that out first you know the f3 you can have it be bare bones

No windscreen you’re gonna get a lot of air on you to you can have a small windscreen you can have a large one you can have an extra large windscreen on an f3 you know it blocks the wind to make the ride more comfortable well same with an rt you can have a factory windscreen you can adjust that windscreen or you can get a bigger wider windscreen but the plastic

The tuple where the spider is so much wider you’re just not going to get the airflow so if you’re wanting airflow on you you know you don’t go with an rt that’s all i’m saying that’s it oh what a beautiful day this is the first warm day it’s in the 80s the spiders tell me it’s 86. i don’t know if it’s that warm but it is warm and uh it’s about time this we

Had some good weather in a march and i was able to get out and get some rides in and then it just it went to crap winter came back and we had winter 3.0 so i’m glad that i’m getting out i’m glad that i’m i’m able to ride and uh you know i need to make it a goal that i get out and ride more i need to get out and get that black spider put together i have so much

Stuff for from a new battery to a new tire to some paint to clean up some of the cosmetic issues that are on it i have a new seat for it i also have some dye to dye the factory seat to see how it looks to see if you can restore one and i just i haven’t been able to uh to get it all together yet that is a gorgeous dead tree thompson road that’s a good road so

When i’m gonna let everybody go and i’m gonna listen to some music i hope everybody stays safe i hope you liked the video thumbs up if you did and i will see everybody down the road

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