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Everything I have planned for my Dyna low rider

Here are all the plans and idea’s I have for my 2015

What up welcome back to the video guys um i initially wanted to do this video on the road um but it is super dark outside and it’s really cold so you know what i said let me just knock it out in the garage so in today’s video we’re going to be going over everything that i have planned for my 2015 dyna low rider ever since i got this bike i’ve been getting so

Many questions from everybody they uh they want to know what route i’m going with um obviously if i’m going something different from my twenty two and a little wider s so this is your first time on my channel this is my 2020 lowrider s right here as you can see i just finished uh installing this memphis shades del rey shield two days ago that thing looks super

Super sexy so as you know um i’ve done a bunch of stuff to this bike and there’s still a ton of more stuff that i still have planned to do to this bike as well um also if you haven’t seen that video i also got these san jose customs risers installed that review video should be coming up this week as well i’ve just been really really like kind of like pushed

Back with work and i actually have like a lot of videos that i’ve been trying to put out but i just haven’t had the time to do everything um so yeah that’s that’s sexy baby right there going back to this bike let’s go over the first mod that i have put on already which are these legends suspension revo’s a’s right here um super super cool um really comfortable

I’m still trying to not still trying i’m still playing around with them um i haven’t really had the time to ride this bike too much um to play around the suspension so this weekend well tomorrow since uh it’s thanksgiving so early happy thanksgiving to everybody i’m gonna be uh ripping around after i install the tbr pipe on there but i want to keep playing with

This and playing with the dampener to find the the perfect perfect feel that i want so legend suspension revo a huge huge shout out to uh legends for sending me those out those things are pretty pretty awesome right there so that’s the first mod that we did um let me just walk over here and just show you guys what i have planned because i’m installing this

Tomorrow this is the um the stainless steel tbr with the turnout tip super super clean man uh look at this this thing is sexy with a black tip right there um and i said that i kind of wanted to keep the bike all chrome but there’s a reason why i want to do the stainless steel with the black right here it’s all going to come together once you uh go through the

Video and see exactly what i have planned for the bike so yeah i’m gonna be selling this tomorrow thanksgiving morning this is gonna be my little home project like kim can’t wait super excited for that these i ordered as well these are for the uh real light eliminators um so i’m gonna be taking off the um the rear turn signal so i’m taking this whole housing

Off and i’m gonna be putting these right there just to clean up the whole back um we’re gonna be eliminating the reflectors from the back fender and the front reflectors as well i got a can of oil right here which we’re gonna use to lube some parts for this arlen ness intake man this air cleaner right here super cool i’m gonna show you guys real quick this

Is the one with the chrome um with the chrome front so we got the air cleaner here i kind of wanted that right the the red filter kind of wanted to give it a little red little touch and then with the chrome you can’t really see it because there’s a plastic over it it’s a little too shiny but the chrome top right here so that’s gonna look really really nice so

After i put that uh air cleaner i’m gonna be eliminating this this ugly horrific air cleaner from stock i’m gonna be getting rid of that installing that it’s gonna look so good now really quick in the back right here i have also installed this custom dynamics uh rear light this thing is super nice smoked um leds of course i’m going to turn it on real quick so

I can show you guys what it looks like so there you go really really nice um this one does not come with the turn signal so i’m just going gonna rock out like that like whatever and i’m gonna get a lot of for that right now oh this is so dangerous dude whatever like i said i already installed the legend suspension i’m putting the tbr tomorrow i’m putting the

Arlen s air cleaner the custom dynamics light is there um we’re getting rid of these we’re getting rid of the reflectors i’m gonna get a lay down license plate so the whole back is gonna be nice and cleaned up um the exhaust should come like up to here so it’s gonna be a big difference it should come around there so all this is gonna be gone clean up the whole

Back it’s gonna look beautiful now that we’re down here let’s talk about the wheels so these are nice these chrome spoked wheels but we’re gonna get rid of them i want some black mag wheels and this is what i was talking about when i was talking about the exhaust um so i’m gonna have the stainless steel exhaust uh with the chrome air filter obviously the rocker

Heads are chromed out blacked out wheels the tip of the exhaust uh pipe is gonna really complement the wheels as well with the black tip we got the black wheels um i’m gonna be switching out the seat as well i’m gonna be doing a saddleman step up seat similar to the one that i have but i have the diamond stitching right here in the back that one’s going to

Be all plain and for the stitching i’m going to be doing blue so we got blue in the tank we’re going to have blue on the diamond stitching down here this is going to be plain um and then that exhaust has a little hints of blues when it really heats up as well so it’s going to complement it as well really good for the grips i’m going to do some ot waffle grips

In blue as well so that’s going to be blue here blue there and i just finished ordering from boosted brad some foot pegs also in blue so foot pegs here in bloom passenger foot pegs also in blue i ordered both sets so we’re gonna have blue here blue stitch in here blue paint here and then the blue od um grips that’s gonna look really really nice now after that

We’re gonna be eliminating the brake levers i’m probably gonna be going with um lucky speed shops um chrome shorty trigger levers super super clean and then i’m gonna keep the the stock chrome mirrors as well um these headlights here not the headlight still turn signals i’m gonna keep the housing chrome obviously but change the light bulbs inside we’re gonna

Get some leds probably get them from uh custom dynamics and uh smoked as well so smoke there um this is obviously you guys see me take this off this is from harley so this comes right off of here um so we’re gonna be limited in this i have it on because the last few times that i’ve used the bike it’s you know it’s like 40 degrees so yeah helps out a lot with

The wind lies last time i took this bike out it was like 35 degrees and i was freezing my ass off those are all the big cosmetic stuff that i’m gonna be doing uh in the next few weeks or a few months um due to the fact that we’re gonna be doing the stage one i got the pipe i got the air cleaner i haven’t decided what tuner i’m gonna use i don’t know if i’m uh

If i’m gonna go with uh fp3 i don’t know if i’m gonna go with a dynojet or what or screaming eagle like i still don’t know so if you guys wanna give me some advice for anyone out there who has a dinah let me know what worked out better for you if you have used a few different um tuners let me know what you think due to the fact that i’m going to be changing out

The wheels obviously the rotors are another thing that i’m going to be changing out so we’ll see later on if i’m able to get some um probably stainless steel looking rotors with maybe like hit a blue on it that’d be ideal with the black mag wheels in the back that’s going to look really nice um i’m not sure if i want to do a bunking crash bar like i did this

One i really love that bar but kind of want to keep it similar but different so i might do um i don’t know who makes this bar it’s that bar that goes up here and comes out on top so it’s like like that um i might get that bar instead that crash bar so i could just be different from this bike if not then i just got the bunking crash bar but i kind of i’m kind

Of leaning towards the other one so who makes that let me know down below i’m probably gonna be looking into that as well um foot controls as well um i know i ordered the boosted brad foot pegs but i’m gonna be ordering the boosted brad um brake um uh brake pedal as well um just like all match up really really nice now let’s talk about risers um i already went

Ahead and i ordered some risers i ordered some six inch ready drumroll chromed out thrashing supplies risers those things looks really really cool i’m gonna keep the stock bars for now i might down the line just change them because they do it has like a uplift here a bit but i also have like a little curvature so it kind of bends back a little so i’m gonna

Try them out first and i’m gonna see how i like it with the um with the stock bar and with the risers if i like it then i’ll keep it if not then i’ll change out the bar later on but the risers are going to be installed within the next um i’m going to say a week or two i’m going to have fro rider install them for me so yeah i might do it we might do it together

So i could learn you know so that might be a cool little video so tune in for that now let’s go what are we doing next what are we doing next um headlamp i want to be getting a led headlamp i just don’t know if i want to go black i’m most liking a little black to the fact that i’m going to do the black wheels and black touches here and there the black sea with

The blue stitching so i might do a moose mc not the one that i have just a different one let me just show you real quick in case you haven’t seen it i have this one right here so i might do the the new version that has more of the little lights everywhere um so that one looks pretty cool just in case if i don’t do that i might just do the harley davidson day

Maker because i like the way it looks and it looks really clean um if you guys have any advice on what uh i like to go with drop it down below in the comments i’m assuming that everybody’s wondering what i’m gonna do with the fairing or windscreen or whatever it is i’m gonna get due to the fact that i’ve switched out mines like two or three times um i don’t

Know i really don’t know i still have this harley davidson fan right here uh with the dirty dixie um shield on top i thought about maybe putting the fairing oops i thought about putting this fairing with the stock um windshield which only comes up to here um and then painted this in white i thought about that because i think i could fit it on there with the

With all the hardware that it comes with that’s one option another option is to do a clear del ray like i have on my 20 20 low riders right there another option is to do the memphis shades gauntlet that one’s really nice as well another option is to do the harley davidson quarter fan the other one that people use a lot in dinos and last but not least another

Option is to go full out on an fxrt fairing um yeah i’ve kind of been thinking that about about that a lot so be a big fxrt fairing all white and blue um i don’t know it’s it’s an option what do you guys think would you guys go that route i’ve had people who have done it tell me that it’s not worth it i’ve had others tell me that they love it and i’ve gotten a

Lot of mixed reviews on the whole ordeal of that fairing because i i’ve heard a lot of stuff that even after you get it you still gotta do a bunch of sanding it’s never perfect and then you gotta pay this x amount of money together paying it and blah blah so i don’t know i don’t know if i want to keep it just simple maybe no fairing just keep it simple take

This off keep the risers keep a nice little clean look in the front yeah i mean and um i don’t know man i might i might just keep it like that nice and simple we’ll do the fairies and the wood screens on this bike and this one will just keep everything nice and clean very simple now i’ve also thought about relocating the gauges um have them up here so that’s

Another thought um so that’s still in the works as well those that that’s probably just for the most part what i have planned to do for the bike as of now i also do want to do some pin striping as well so this this just explained to me the paint job is beautiful but maybe some white and black pin stripes going on the front fender on the rear friend there um

And we’re eating maybe like a black like if i’m going to do blue and black pen stripes very minimal on both front and back i might just add like a black little pin strip to go around this just to add you know contrast to it i don’t know that’s that’s open the air as well um but for the most part i want to keep it very clean very very nice looking um i love

This thing man i cannot wait for tomorrow to put that that tbr on because the way that tbr is gonna sound on this twin cam is gonna be way different than the tbr that i have on the milwaukee eight on the 2020 little rs it’s gonna be a deeper sound on here more throttie or more more aggressive you know but yeah guys that’s everything that i have planned for my

2015 dyna lowrider um if you have a dyna let me know what type of stuff you’ve done to your bike or if you are in the market and you’re getting one let me know what you have plans to grill on your bike as well oh also real quick if you guys are interested in getting one of these torque saddle bags uh the torque um bar bag or anything from the torque website

There’s a 25 off right now for black friday weekend from here to december first i believe use my promo code mk25 and you receive 25 off the whole website torque motorcycle co let’s go baby guys i hope everyone enjoys their thanksgiving tomorrow um i’m thankful for everything this year i’m thankful for having these two babies in my garage i’m thankful for my

Family my job uh great health that i have um and i’m thankful for the amount of new friends that i’ve made in this past year as well um and to the new friends and family to come in the future um i’m thankful for my family most of all um they come in first place and i’m thankful to be alive man i’m thankful to have these toys and be able to come on here and

Share my hobby with you because this is just my hobby i do this because i just want to share a little bit something of my life with you like this this is the main reason why i started this channel in the first place was just hey this is this is this is what i have and i want to share with you and this is what i’m doing if you like it good if you don’t keep it

Moving you film me but that’s it man um if you’re new to my channel this is my 2015 dynalo rider this is my 2020 uh soft tail lowrider s with that being said let the force be with you baby ride safe and enjoy the ride peace

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Everything I have planned for my Dyna low rider By MarvelKid87