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Extreme Isle of Man TT Crash Compilation Reaction

Extreme Isle of Man TT Crash Compilation Reaction

Hey what’s up yeah welcome back to my channel sarah and deputy today i’m reacting to most extreme out of man tt crash compilation i know that this happens every june where motorists uh compete on closed country roads with speeds that up to 200 miles per hour which makes this event one of the most dangerous probably even deadliest motorcycle race in the world with

That being said let’s get into this crash compilation i don’t know how exactly gruesome the skits so uh let’s see good guy martin number eight starting number eight and uh this is over something not right there he’s neutral and he’s off guy mark oh guy martin he’s down in a big way through doran’s bend it looks like steve a very fast place to jump off the bike

As i said that’s fourth gear corner there riding with william dunlop coming down into graham memorial oh my goodness me that is a huge accident there for william i hope he’s he’s moving yeah come and see isle of man rider he’s fast really very fast he’s down cummins he’s down i took the clothes in and i was closing the girl and then it all went a bit horribly

Wrong for me to run way jazz will be wrong for me wait hold on i was looking at the bike was that him talking i hope jesus all right oh how you feel it foreign one of the lighter ones but not towards them so it says okay oh i feel like if you’re gonna crash that’s probably one of the best ways to crash i mean obviously you can’t it’s not always going

To happen like that but jeez and there’s a quick look i do have is it kind of like say if you crash but it is still like you’re okay and the bike’s still okay can you get back on and go or is it like it’s too late i mean you’re not gonna catch up is it something like that or could you go if you wanted to go how easy it is to get it wrong and how immediately

This thing you can literally see how dangerous is it’s not not just for the motor the motors it’s the uh the audience too the spectators like this is this is gonna be bad for everyone involved thank you jesus he does they’re coming up to completely open you see how close he was to the road he does i mean it’s like the knees a little bit of a slide from

Dean harrison nice controlled foot off the tango michael that hurt that has got to have hurt it’s like one little message second position there they come across there oh and that’s auntie freddie oh a horrible i’m profiling you get there that’s brandish just outside the top 10 or just fighting for that top 10 spot 20s don’t be morgan the pair of them through

Wrangle parrots not gone through roundy mark parrot he’s in the front garden uh he’s into the tire bales and oh my heart three to fourth captain back to fence oh bruce anthony has gone down quite hard out of tearsely instant red flag great decision from the marshalls and down as well slowing down what speed they’re going at that they couldn’t sort themselves

Yeah i think michael little up might just be patient here lindsay hairton will be crucial guy martin will know that michael’s dunlop looking for a way past him here he’s got to try and out think him as well as out racing and like we’ve done a lot following in the wheelchair oh so late on the brakes off yeah guy martin as well was all over the place i don’t know if

Michael was reacting to how guy martin was sliding all around but uh michael dunlop goes down well oh my last year as well don’t sails i’ve never has to be like a lot adrenaline but to get up and walk after you just hit the sign of that wall like that has to be like adrenaline taking over your body and he’s got about three months he smacked the wall and he’s

Down he’s down gary johnson’s gone out of sixth place that’s guthrie’s oh i tell you michael dunlop we know he’s in third position at the moment having a good last lap he’s definitely trying for it wow the cut down he goes and michael douglas crashed out of third place on the bmw foreign that’s gonna virtually block the trap i feel like these weren’t just just

Crashes i think some of them like that guy who hit the wall like i hope but you can’t just recover from something like that like that oh geez it’s like the stuff that you will you know dedicate to your passion it’s it’s wild i do get like little clips of similar races and there it’s always like crazy to watch even though this isn’t something that i would go to

Or watch like if it comes across my feed i will definitely watch it just because it’s it’s addicting to watch and just how crazy talented these people are and like how much they give to their passion like literally some give their life to this passion of theirs and it’s it’s crazy i hope you enjoyed my reaction and like always there’s more to come and i’ll see in the next one laughs

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Extreme Isle of Man TT Crash Compilation Reaction By Serendipity