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Fat Friendly? How To Fit On Hagrids Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure Universal Orlando Resort

We have a new coaster at Universal Studios and many of you guys have been asking me if this ride is fat friendly! We now have our answer!

Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the channel and today is the day the video you guys have all been waiting for is hagrid’s magic creatures motorbike adventure fat people friendly i had to get this video out as soon as i could we just got back from the grand opening of hagrid’s magical creatures motorbike adventure and it was quite an experience that i will

Never forget it was so much fun so i’ll have a link to that video up in the corner and down in the description below if you want to look at that i also have a full pov video of the coaster itself down in the description below and i also have that playing in the background right now in case you’re wondering what you’re looking at so yeah i have to get this video out

Here i’m gonna take you guys inside the park and we are going to see exactly how i fit in the test seats for hagrid’s coaster and you guys can get an idea of how you guys will fit on this ride as well leave a like if you do enjoy the video drop a comment down below let me know what you guys think of the video let me know what your thoughts are of this whole seating

Situation for this ride also i want to thank you guys so much for bringing us to almost 900 subscribers at the time of me making this video we just hit 800 subscribers last week and we are almost at 900 subscribers and i am absolutely in i am i am an absolute shock with how quickly we have gotten to almost 900 subscribers 1000 subscribers is not very far away guys

And i have something huge plant for 1000 subscribers so anyways enough of me rambling let’s get on to the video on to universal studios hey guys so we just got off bakkerud’s magical features motorbike adventure it was absolutely right is there worth the wait i don’t think so but the biggest question that we have seen online and what you guys have been asking me in

The last couple videos is will i fix on hagrid’s magical creatures motorbike adventure we have the test seat right over here as you see we have two different seat styles we have the sidecar and the actual motorbike itself now both the strings are actually quite different this sidecar is similar to the mummy and green gods boy who restricts your life the motorbike

Is actually similar to heading a motorcycle we actually have to lift your student over now when i first got here i wasn’t sure exactly which seat i was going to be in from what i’ve heard before both seats are different hats are kind of how they can accommodate larger people so i’m gonna sit down in both testes and show you guys exactly how i fit keep in mind i am

5 feet 5 inches i weigh approximately 303 pounds and you guys can see about how big i am with baggy shorts so we’re gonna sit the test seats and i’m gonna show you guys exactly how i fit and give you guys tips on how you can best fit on this attraction the sidecar surprisingly enough contrary to my belief is a bit smaller and more my car i do not get the red or

The green lightning even pushing photography can i can’t do it i would meet someone else to physically like so if you are a larger person the side part may not be divided so you come over to the motorbike when you’re laying on down you have a bit more wiggle room it’s a bit more free space for you but i recommend if you’re riding the motorbikes we just got off

My day and there it is a little bit but when you get on the ride on top i’m sitting here having to use a bit more force than i did on the actual ride to get it to fit you will no fit when you get on the ride over here on the side basically and also something that doesn’t realize that there’s a little bar right here on the side a little black bar that is going to

Be a park right here put your foot on that bar put your foot on the bar and kind of push yourself back give yourself a little bit more leverage and you will get that green light so unfortunately our predictions works the university owes did come out with another roller coaster that is not very bad people friendly you guys have been following along with me on my

Weight-loss journey and where i started and where i am now if i wasn’t where i am now that i would not have been able to fit on this roller coaster so if you are on the larger side i did see a lot of people get turned away there were people who waited in the long line just to get into the area they got over there they finally got into tessee only to find out that

They did not fit they also have ten seats located inside the attraction itself that you can check one more time and unfortunately we did see some larger folks think necessity and not get the green light so it is very heartbreaking indeed that this is the situation with a great symmetric futures motorbike adventure but if you follow the tips that i gave you then

That is going to be your best bet in fitting on this attraction so thank you guys so much for watching this video if you guys want me to review other rides and see if it is pop you can finally leave the suggestions down in the comment section below as always if you like the channel subscribe hit that notification bar notify whenever i do upload another video and

With that i am up and i will see you guys

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Fat Friendly? How To Fit On Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure Universal Orlando Resort By Theme Park Express