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Father/Daughter Time! Mini Bike Coleman CT100U Oil Change

Anyone (including kids) can change the oil on a mini bike! Follow my awesome daughter Marley as she changes the oil on a Coleman CT100U… for the first time by herself! #prouddad

Marley i have a pet cat while we wait for my stuff to dry do you want to do the world’s fastest oil change what it’s your bike well changing the oil on a mini bike is like the easiest thing uh it’s easier than putting your pants on in the morning so you got your drain plug right right there you loosen that up let the oil drain out probably tilt it back try to

Make as little of a mess as possible and then you know some 10 w30 of your choice this um extra zinc amsoil 10w30 is really really good stuff for these mini bikes so i like to use this one come on you gotta help me it’s your bike there’s your wrench with a ten millimeter socket on it okay so you’re gonna be over on that side yep and hold it with one hand like i’ll

Hold it here you go and put it in like that okay now go ahead and just loosen it here and use some force so i got it loose for you so all you need to do now is just just twist it out like that okay here you actually you can even here let go of the wrench okay lefty loosey how’s it going it’s coming out slowly keep going you’ve done a couple oil changes with me

But this is the first one that you’re doing yeah why are you wearing a mask i just noticed that so what you want to do is probably now do it with your hand because it’s about to come off and you don’t want your your bolt to fall in the oil okay so yeah take that off and just use your hand now yeah good job yep oh there you go sweet i just gave you a bath good

Job it’s kind of messy job on a mini bike huh yeah we’ll wipe all that off oil is drained time to put the bolt in do it do it or you’re banned from that yes i can i can just take it and not give it back come on cause he’s about to kill me literally nice okay so uh put the put the uh the bolt back in and then we can put the new oil in so righty tighty and it

Takes a second but it once you know you’re in you’re in and it’ll just turn really easy feel it yeah i’m getting oil on my fingers i know you’ll have to wipe off your hands yes you’re doing it so just do it in it’s oily not greasy yep yep that happens here you go okay so in until yeah in there until uh until it’s you can’t move it anymore with your hands and

Then you just do a little turn with the the socket and then the bolt is in and you’re done and we just pour the new oil in and that’s it you don’t even have a filter on this thing no filter just just oil how’s that is it in all the way i think you got to turn it a little bit more and then we can here you’re almost there just push so just push forward i’m going

To hold it in place you just push so just push down yep okay good good okay now let’s go back up a little bit up yeah click and then push down a little bit push push with all your yeah there you go all right that’s it drain pan back in we just have to put oil in nope yep well you got to put oil in otherwise you don’t want to run it video games can you please no

So time to put that hey you you time to put the new oil in so take your uh take your take your dipstick your filler cap off which is right there so it’s lefty lucy okay i need you you want me to do that okay oh that is hard yeah okay so go ahead and turn that out yep yep you’re doing it you’re doing it peter i’m not peter you’re peter and you’re doing it okay

Good so that’s that’s we’ll we’ll have to use that as your fill plug we’ll have to use that as a dipstick later so grab the funnel next to you grab it no that’s the oil that’s oil funnel okay so funnel goes into the hole like that and then you pour a little bit of oil in but do it very slowly it is open yeah it’s oily because it’s oily there you go there you go

Open it it’s okay i can open it now don’t spill that because that ruins things so just yeah just a little bit that slow a little more nice probably a little bit more wow careful we don’t want to ruin my beautiful floor be careful yeah okay let’s do our first reading okay so with the bike take that with the bike straight up so i’ll hold it straight up you put

The dipstick in there and and and you don’t have to screw it in you just put it in there like that there you go and pull it out and see how much oil so no oil on there yet nope okay so we want to put probably the same amount we just put in put it in again yeah okay a tiny tiny bit but we’ll do more all right whoop yeah nice and slow okay good more more yeah

Probably one more one more glug there we go so go ahead and stick it in there and then pull it out oh yeah and it’s full yeah perfect yeah it’s pretty much you can tell it’s full when it’s about to run out so go ahead and uh just screw it in there and you’re done so let righty tighty this way no that’s left so go right there you go yep nice marley just pull it

Just keep doing it till your hand is uh until it’s tight nice do you have any wipes i do you can’t have them though yay you changed your bike’s oil high five hey well i hope you enjoyed the first ever episode of marley explains things yeah changing the oil on any mini bike especially the coleman ct 100u is incredibly easy and i want to let you guys know we

Recorded that video while working on a i’m working on a big project right now restoring a vintage honda dual sport motorcycle so look for that video coming out in the next week or two so until i see you guys next time don’t forget to do it yourself all right bye do you want to change the oil today on it or you can do it it’d take like 10 minutes easy okay up a

Little bit up right there that’s down a tiny bit right there good that’s good thank you you did it you helped

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Father/Daughter Time! Mini Bike Coleman CT100U Oil Change By Jason Explains Things