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I found it what these kisses that’s candy i know okay no it looked like a lego box i know youtube what is up guys we are yes uh my name is andy this is my son ryden and we have a different video for you we are at our local target and we are going to go to the toy aisle and pick out some random toys yeah we’ve never filmed outside i’m sure about twitter looking

At us yeah it’s 2021 they’ll be fine but let’s go to the toy aisle let’s pick out some toys we’re going to go home and and open them up yeah mystery toys mystery toys your shoe was not tied but it is now tight good and it’ll last a while and there’s a tree yeah that tree is named b with a b inside of the tree there probably is a b inside it could have done that

Without a a tied shoe we got a cart even though we’re not going to put that many things in it we’re going to get pokemon we’re going to look at the pokemon cards we are almost at the toy aisle these aren’t mysteries but these things are cool what i thought these are like these are they usually have like like yeah like slime and stuff here dude those things are

Awesome there’s big ones that are amazing right dude look at that captain america look at the captain america thing okay we’re not no no no no no put that back put that back you can get one yes one just one we’re gonna get more that’s the one i love mini brands they’re so awesome i really want to get the shopping um the center yeah no that’s not a mystery toy

Oh you like fgtv don’t you i love that they do cool toys look at that mask oh it’s a spiderman just i thought that was the fg tv what junk box i’ve always seen it’s a two pack that you um fight robots against each other well here let’s just do the the baby packs okay since we’re doing multiple toys but maybe we’ll do a full video on that one really cool this one

Yeah all right junk bot i hope i didn’t break it i found it what that’s candy i know okay no it looked like a lego box i know that is what you were talking about look at the supermarket i know we’re not getting that no maybe for its own video but we donated dude hey you want to get a cute one of those cute burrito things yeah um they’re cute you under this look

Yeah okay and look yeah look dude i found a lego minifigures we opened how many is that that’s only four we should do one more okay one more oh that’s not i mean that’s just a bracelet a mystery thing let’s go come on okay that’s destin we gotta do that one don’t we yeah all right throw it in there let’s go home cheetos taste buddy is that what it says yeah

Taste beditos okay we are back at the playroom and we are going to show you them i know you saw them at target when we got them but we’re gonna show you them then we’re gonna open them up and see what we got and ryden as with all mystery things i’m gonna let you keep one thing okay the rest is getting donated this is kind of weird yum who’s inside are you gonna

Eat your buddy that is kind of weird it says yum who’s inside all right this is q-titos series one so this is the first wave of these like collect all eight so there’s eight possible chances and you get two yeah i don’t know if these are so you can potentially just buy four of these and you have the whole series yes it says two bffs chips and salsa boy did you

Pick the right one chips and salsa i’m hungry now two wraps become one big heart so these go together to be a big heart and then they look like a burrito of friends you open that thing yum yum who’s my friend who i’m gonna eat this is chips and salsa now is it a mystery oh my gosh this is a burrito or is it just it guys oh you open up that one dude it’s oh

Yeah it is mystery look okay it’s different okay this is really cool it has a little blanket which makes them a burrito i got like some sort of platypus that’s a platypus it looks like a duck but also a dinosaur at the same time see these guys i don’t know what is this guy so it knew here’s a picture of knew what we were getting oh that’s a chihuahua and mine’s

A lizard tulo uh so that’s chuarido and mine’s lizard i think they are just this one’s colored cool all right so let’s put them back up next up is looney tunes which we have three we yeah we got some of these ourselves yeah with space jam um a new legacy which i’m really excited for um they made mini tunes it makes sense that these are here yeah are you ready to

Pour it out well this is new oh i got weber tweety’s cute there’s i have twee’s head in my hand yeah don’t worry we’re gonna get you put back together tweety does she have like a no potato oh that’s cool you build the perch i build tweety what’s a hammer what that’s not a perch that’s a tweedy has a hammer since when has tweedie been i mean i guess all luna two

Tunes have been kind of aggressive that’s the cool thing about lego you can make it a purse we probably could make a pro show oh there you go yeah you did it now she has a perch actually make a tree oh yeah well with your own legos you build on to it all right so put her on there bam bam all right fgtv is next yeah open it up look at all the characters that you

Can get that’s a lot of characters like how are there all those characters on their channel alien for future mike like there’s a bunch of different ones just based on them yeah do what just burnt turkey and that’s from their videos right yeah i know the elevator you just threw like a dolphin or like a mermaid a shark it’s like half show it lexi it’s half shark

Half lexi like look it looks like a girl and then it’s like nope i’m a shark okay that’s cool great white lexie great white lexie there we go you’re those pink yeah all right so should we do the junk because you want it you’re really excited for this right yeah all right i love mini brands too oh i opened it i like the chains on this dude that’s really cool

You’ve seen these yeah i’ve seen them on normal tv okay i under the chains and i of course let you do this is really cool the chains look at this they’re little baby chains okay and then you just build a thing out of it dude you didn’t tell me that there were some munchies mop flakes i did not know that that’s adorable do you know what you’re doing nope not at

All oh here it is oh so you get to build your own yeah you can build it however you want like hex bug junk bots and this comes with one bot in a little trash can look it even has the wheels i don’t know ryden just brought in the trash today yes i did oh is that his face yeah that’s cute i am just going there’s a lot of stuff going on are you is there oh there

Is directions look i know but you don’t have to use them no there is directions on how to build them dude we should build this guy this is how far we got so far he it’s just arms and he’s missing one leg at this point yeah i got his hair on you did he looks like elvis he’s not bald anymore or she i don’t know but tennis record time right yeah can you hold that

I always hold a tennis racket that is cool i think this might be my favorite one junkpods very very cool and then you could always mix and match them too yeah like if you got more of these i like it hexbug at last and probably most favorite mini brands and you can get rose gold or the ultra rare ones which we’ve never got a gold one no not that we’ve opened up

Two obviously our friends have who has um they have yeah i didn’t know that i wonder why all right to make you ask that question maybe just so dad’s everywhere would be like what is it rose gold okay um how about we need to get a big one okay give me a big one this will be my big one i’m saying michael all right do a small one so these are really cool products

That have little tiny miniature products you got one right i don’t know that is it right is that a rose gold yeah dude look you got it first try apple slice i think so elite where is this no it says ultra rare dude can you find the ultra rare rose wool we did it first try where’s the little packet to see if this is true yeah yeah it’ll be in here somewhere

Alright my turn so i’ll give you a small one that’s amazing okay i got a baby oh that’s adorable got a golden baby belt all right here’s this it’s gold oh yes we got one of the ultra rare roses i really wanted a baby bell that’s so cool i can’t believe that dude all right open it so they’re oh that’s cool you got the gold version of it or no cream of tartar what

Show it show it cream of turkey cream of tartar old bay seasoning these are some boring products except baby bill baby bill’s pretty cute what is this almond breeze you got almond milk blue diamond almond hey we got the rose gold and that’s what matters uh that might not have been exciting for you guys but it was for us all right ryan uh which one did you want

To keep yourself you want the mini brands or one of the others mini brands all right but to be fair we will of course get some mini brands to donate also because that’s what we do here on turbo toy time uh i hope you guys liked the toy store adventure or tour aisle whatever toy island adventure uh it was just a new idea where you actually got to go with us and

We got to pick out some toys and if you want more hit that like button yeah yeah that’s how you can let us know um either way i love you i had a lot of fun doing this if we can get 88 000 likes we’ll do another one okay that’s not gonna happen uh either way thank you guys so much for watching this if you want to see more videos from us hit the subscribe button

Right down below yeah it’s easy you just click it it’s free you’re signed up and we’ll be back next week with another video and then the most important thing about this is that you have a great day yeah if it’s nice outside go inside and plug safely of course let your parents know what you’re doing yeah and uh if it’s not nice outside you go do something creative

Inside yeah using your old toys you don’t always need you don’t need new toys to have a blast so remember that get your old toys out and make use of them and have a new imaginative play time i really want that mini brand shopping tomorrow well you can ask for her for christmas we’ll blink and it’ll be here toy aisle shopping spree piece toy shopping um thingy mooing

Need a dingy piece out we got there eventually you

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