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Fieldsheer Adventure Tour Textile Motorcycle Riding Pants Review at

Fieldsheer Adventure Tour Textile Motorcycle Riding Pants for Sale at Cheap Discount Prices on it here:

Hey everybody i’m louie i’m here with the motorcycle gear experts at jaffram today we’re taking a closer look at the new fieldsheer adventure tour pant available at the field sheer adventure tour pant complements the jacket of the same name perfectly unlike the jacket though these pants are going to perform better in cooler weather as they’re not

Extensively vented the way the jacket is they’re available in three colorways all black silver and black and silver and blue and they also cover a huge size range with regular sizes small to 4x and short sizes medium to 4x the fitment chart on our product listing offers waste and nc measurements to help you establish proper fitment our model is 510 and 160 and

Fits perfectly in the medium sized pants there’s also a ladies cut with the same features and available colorways in sizes extra small to extra large and plus sizes smaller xl let’s take a look at some of the features i like the jacket the first thing you’ll notice is the material the pan shell is made from a 500 denier nylon that really feels more like a casual

Pant material than a riding pant material it’s softer and more flexible than you’d expect in an all season garment the high wear and impact areas like the knees and the seat are reinforced with a heavy duty 1680 denier ballistic nylon and stretchy material is used for increased mobility in the areas below the fly and on the backs of the knees adjustability is

Also a key element in creating a highly functional pair of riding pants and there are velcro straps on each side of the waist that work with these stretch panels to create a versatile fit that’ll move and flex with you as you ride i like the high level of adjustability at the cuffs as well you can cinch the cuff up snug enough to tuck the pants easily into your

Boots or loosen them when you want to wear them on the outside of your boots a flexibility is also improved by these stretch panels above the knees one of my favorite features the adventure tour pan is the storage the pants have a great amount of storage on the front with two waterproof zippered hand warmer pockets and an additional waterproof zippered pocket on

The thigh but they also have two waterproof zipper pockets on the rear as well which is an uncommon feature on a riding pant i like this feature not only for the extra storage capability but for the ability to put things like my wallet in a familiar pocket protection is also excellent with the adventure tour pants there’s removable ce approved armor in the knees

And removable padding for each of your butt cheeks there’s also fixed memory foam that’s stitched into the shell on the hips and above the knees visibility is also a big part of the safety equation so highly visible fos-like panels have been added to the shin area and the field to your logo is also reflective to protect the smaller your back and the top of your

Rear end from the asphalt they’ve added an eight inch zippered panel that allows you to attach the pants to a jacket the adventure tour’s leg closures feature a full length two-way zipper that of course makes the pants easy to get on and off but also makes getting your boots on and off very easy opening the zipper up exposes a removable single stage liner that

Combines the waterproof and breathability characteristics of nanomax and rain guard on the outside with the thermal retention of a quilted thermal x-skin airliner on the inside and there you have them the fieldsheer adventure tour motorcycle riding pants to see other fantastic apparel items like the adventure tour jacket subscribe to this youtube channel jeff from

Videos or click the link below to go to our website we really appreciate your feedback so don’t forget to leave us your comments on our facebook page or on any of our youtube videos and remember when it comes to our customers we’ll ride the extra mile i’m louie and you’ll see me next time you

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Fieldsheer Adventure Tour Textile Motorcycle Riding Pants Review at By Jafrum.Com