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Finally Drove My Childhood Dream Car!

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Well the reason i am in bangalore is because i’m on the quest to drive almost every possible car which was sold in india and mean bangalore there quite a lot of old cars which are still in pristine condition so i’m going to be driving a lot of those but before we go any further we have to do a bit of a rewind what exactly happened in the morning hi guys and welcome

To another vlog where am i well i am in bangalore right now and i am at one of the most luxurious hotels in all of bangalore the leela palace okay we are going to enter the room straight away and you’re going to love the room because it’s so full of luxury the washroom is also quite big because the whole theme seems to be all about space luxury attention to detail

And just pampering you the slippers are there ready for you and you can see the room is huge if you have a sweet tooth they already have you catered here and then the balcony is just amazing because the view from here absolutely nice i’m just going to go here you can see that it’s raining at the moment but i i have a pool view and this i think barbecue something

Of that sort happening there and look at the room my god that’s amazing because you’re going to be staying here for the next two days what am i doing in bangalore well so the day did not start quite right because i slept at two o’clock i had to get about four o’clock and leave home at around 4 30 for a seven o’clock flight and i was actually going for the launch

Of the hyundai venue so welcome all of a sudden it was raining in mumbai’s other time like us we had to rush to the gate what’s up and uh can you guys guess what it is these are bluetooth sunglasses wherein you can actually listen to music now i’ll have to actually transfer music to to really understand how it works but i think there’s speakers near your ears

And that’s how it works mostly we took a flight to bangalore and on the airport we ate some food because again we sat in that same emergency room but space to the actually we ended up in four innovas today all of them christas crazy ain’t that abi restaurant good morning guys i barely slept for two two and a half hours because i had to go out at night but here

We are and there is a mercedes maybach s-class standing right there and guess who is here i think he is here finally avast and there he is never on time thank you and finally after two hours zahur is here thank you so much for coming actually last night there was something so he had come that time also all the way and he’s hardly slept for one hour and look

At his eyes like completely red for edited and he’s arranged a slew of cash to drive and to start the day off like i was thinking i forgot everything the energy came because hello hi good morning we are driving the original the first generation of the octavia this is the artist and it has the mods on it the car come to me but the best thing is look at this

Would have build quality okay i opened the door and i don’t even make any effort i’m just like pushing it like this and it’s shot that is the level of quality on a 20 year old skoda octavia rs it looks mind-blowing sounds mind-blowing and drives in another level altogether take me back 20 years i want this one i can smell pure carbon monoxide right now so

The driving log is done what time oh my god it’s crazy and finally i figured how the one works and this car belongs to inam who has been kind enough to lend it to me after giving me a warning do not launch the car and he’s telling me third game but what made you buy an octavia rs knowing very well that maintenance and all that could be an issue like space kind

Of difficult to get but you need to compromise something for the enthusiasm we’ve got so i’m kind of car enthusiast and always wanted to get a performance car so this was like pocket friendly what is the mileage you get 6.5 6.5 this is the richest guy i know right now if you can pay for petrol you can pay for anything thank you so much i really appreciate you

Taking the time and effort in you know waiting till the time the whole video was shot it took quite a lot of time usually don’t take that much time just giving a heads up so when he replaces this car which he will eventually in a few years that time i’ll come to vlog again bye running way behind schedule it is 11 o’clock right now sort of you can say it will

Be the brunch for today and we have another 15 kilometers to go so we’re actually traveling almost an hour from one place to another to drive another car means next up is this beautiful location which is around tumkur 30 40 kilometers we’ve come away from bangalore which took us one hour for this car which is none other than the ford mondeo it’s a very rare

Car not easy to find but finally we have found it and we have got it near this beautiful lake what an amazing atmosphere road i have come all the way to tumkur to drive this rare exotic car i call it exotic because some of its features are really exotic like the way to open the engine bay for that you have to actually flip the ford logo like this there’s a

Keyhole right there you put the key inside then you push it all the way to the left then you push it towards the right and no when you are pushing it towards the right you need to pull this as well so zahur tell us how did you get hold of this car it’s a very interesting story so basically i’ve been a big big fan of don’t tell the okay and i used to go to the

Showrooms like the brochures of the yellow sedia and when i saw this cydia i was going home from the hair cutting salon i chased this here literally i chase the owner of this area who left my left gave a right gear idea creepy and he stopped at one place and i felt very good i checked the car out i told him hey can i have a number because faisal is going to come

To bangalore to vlog on this liar he wanted to make a video on the car that’s why he did all this but thank you so much finally it’s coming to use because it’s in a very good condition but i know these stories he’s followed girls and all but following guys yeah so this is a new for you i can follow cars and i can great girls and now time for the next car which

Is none other than the kidnapping van which taruna actually got which belongs to his friend brother boyfriend i’m sorry i didn’t get it so tarun who is he he’s my cousin brother okay fine great i asked him what are you doing he’s like i’m in 10th and all so he’s already decided his future not yet he was telling me he’s going to use this land to kidnap you know

What i made a video of this car long back okay omni okay but i’m doing it again just for fun like i like the omni so much okay because as usual it’s a horiz delayed us whole day he’s on tinder all the time if i’d say nobody honks at the kidnap when they feel they’re gonna get kidnapped foreign foreign but when was this this was very recently dude recently

I was saying you made this mistake yeah like you just i mean i was i wasn’t used to gopro okay you guys me too but you guys thought that you can if slow can be made into fast fast it again well after a really hectic day i’m back into the room after 14 hours unfortunately ford fiesta 1.6 not the new shape the older one and will give me this gift which is

I think my birthday gift and let’s see what it is ah this actually looks quite nice very comfy i like the fit good morning it is six o’clock right now we are supposed to leave at 5 30. please tell me what happened to you i will call you at 5 30 don’t worry you will be ready i’ll be there plus minus two five to ten minutes my alarms don’t work sometimes i’m

Checking messages i’m like last team 1252 then i called him he’s like um nobody does it better i’m like dude i talked to someone else and his jokes society didn’t get up so we are running late for half an hour but henrik is engaged but that’s not a problem uh prepared very well today for everything hold on yeah so far she was supposed to be suspense though

But we need to go to that idli uh breakfast place no no first first by the way you didn’t notice my new t-shirt thank you so much it did fit me yesterday but i didn’t tell you because but what is occasion of what of you gifting me this t-shirt sometimes you don’t need occasions to do something like that why you’re in location every time why not every day it

Should be an occasion the thing is now my wife will kill me you’re taking under advantage of zahura the exact words noran told me and i’m like yeah i told him this is my t-shirt size please guide me and give me a t-shirt so please don’t do all this otherwise so the first car of the day is here it’s right there it is the opel corsa yes that guy just pulled the

Car with the crash guard again because you wanted to remove the other car that’s heavy omni even without being unlocked is right ahead that’s the level of i would say next level park assist in between all the commotion and traffic we’ve reached to the next guy which is none other than this one the devos because actually now when i was in school there was this

Girl who used to come in this yellow and had a crush on the car or the girl or maybe both so then she sold that and she i mean her parents sold that and they bought a nexia schools because challenge so now we have reached the next location which is very weird and google maps has got us to a place where we have hit a sort of a dead end a lot of cows there

They won’t let us go any further and anyways the one which in the goa beach it’s swimming so now we are stuck here now the plan is to go to the next car google maps you can’t rely on and bangalore roads are so bad foreign now you know the answer is that guy calling us home or something foreign ers do because every night in my dreams i see you finally

After getting stuck off-roading and what not we have managed to reach the house of the person whose cars you are planning to pick up to make a vlog on i say we because zahur is obviously arranged everything and really helped me a lot in this the guys are right behind the devour matis and the maruti 1000 blocks so the area we are in right now there isn’t much

Space to shoot so who knows he’s got us to some weird place yeah yeah actually i’m a bangladesh dug right now is it because of metro or water problems excuse this finally we got the matis and a happy kiss and then after that i think thousand years come on guys start there it has started foreign what though you were not able to start the car bro what is this

Man so basically uncle was only able to start the car i saw him feathering the throttle and that’s how he was able to start the car that’s amazing okay i’m showing you these dual exhaust tips have you ever seen anything of that sort don’t worry i’m coming close to the car when uncle is driving because i know it has got a 360 degree parking camera so in case

Anything happened he’ll be able to see me and judge that as well but this is the maruti 1000 and it looks amazing you know why because i had the same designed esteem back in the day in 1994 i was just such a small kid but i loved that kind but unfortunately it had to be sold in six months time only ah those days i tell you golden time where you could remove the

Audio system and take it home so that nobody robs it today the people put expensive cameras in their car and go home some petrol has been added right now so that the car is able to start and uh kind of weird it is anyways let’s see if it starts or not three two whoa foreign thank you

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Finally Drove My Childhood Dream Car! By Faisal Khan