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First bad crash!

Took my 5″ quad out to a new spot today, just down the road. The spot was gorgeous, and I had an absolute blast

Foreign foreign foreign foreign turns out i had the beeper on for that one which is explaining why i was getting a bunch of flashing lights on my osd so oopsies all right let’s try that again i gotta fix my gopro got all out of whack really got to figure out my landings better which sucks because i had my gopro like perfectly aligned with

My camera a second ago but that’s okay alrighty let’s try this again i got some water on my camera that really sucks yeah it’s still kind of uh jittering a little bit even though we tuned it it definitely still feels like it’s got a bit of a jitter um right if i do a do a goss nope didn’t hear it that time yeah you can hear it there see if i can fly through

The trees this way oh boy whoa okay okay yeah that’s nerve-wracking i really want to work on my split s – welcome there yeah i really want to work on my split ass turn but i don’t know i feel like i’m still not totally confident with moving the drone yet and i’m definitely nervous about trying tricks especially something like the split s where you know you’re

Supposed to do it by an obstacle oh that was smooth oopsies well interesting i think it’s still up right let’s see if i can take off nope something’s up alrighty unplugged goggles yeah okay i got it telemetry is lost and recovered all right on the mission see if we can go find that not actually totally sure where it went down um oh i see it right over here

Let’s see what happened because it was not wanting to take off oh it just got tangled up in the grass all right that’s really not a big deal cool all right i’m gonna stop that recording all right we’re gonna go for a height here yeah yeah that’s dope all right let’s bring it back down nice and fast okay video come back there we go there we go all right i’m

Okay with that part of me wishes i actually dove that to come back down but at the same time i’m not sure if i’m confident pulling out of a dive i mean i guess i could pull out early from the dive but that’s all right damn i’m really sad that i actually missed that train that sucks i definitely need to work on um controlling my elevation when flying that’s

Definitely a big one i want to be able to you know like run along the ground and fly up a hill kind of thing um but to be able to do that you know i actually have to be able to control the height of the drone as i fly let’s see if i can try and like orbit this tree here foreign part about orbiting is you want to be able to keep the object in the center of

The frame that wasn’t too bad honestly split us oh let’s go i mean i wouldn’t say it was great i didn’t really swoop at the end but i’m pretty okay with that all things considered starting to lose my video feed here a little bit pushing my range i also know that i’ve got telephone wires on my side so i definitely don’t want to you know push it too far i also

Am aware of the fact that i have a really low camera angle right now which definitely makes it hard to fly fast which i mean is the goal that’s like specifically why i did that see like that was a good orbit but not didn’t really feel like it was centered on me you know we’ll run these trees again i actually really like this little line here open i’m right

Above the car well that was very not good i think that was my first official really big crash i’m gonna go find that and there’s someone over here so i will be back okay well found the drone yeah gopro’s in fine shape not really surprised there um quickly try to adjust the camera here a bit uh yeah i mean honestly all things considered it really doesn’t look

Too bad um battery didn’t come off granted the uh broke another broke another balance lead so luckily my plan after this is actually to go over to an electronics parts store and see if they have balance connect excuse me very hiccupy uh see if the electronic parts store in the area has balance connectors i honestly highly doubt they do but can’t hurt to try

I guess right i unplugged my goggles i was like why don’t i have video that would be why all right i’m gonna i think i’m gonna call it there for this flight i got a good couple flights in um definitely pushed it a little bit on that split s there on that tree but that’s all right no what the hell was i doing oh i was trying to yeah i was trying to fly through

Those trees over there and got caught but that’s all right um i guess i’ll dry this off when i get back home question mark i don’t really know nothing looks damaged or anything so oh my my uh my vtx cable definitely is having a bad day but i’m not going to unplug that until after i have the battery off um i’ll give that a look once i have the drone battery

Off all right well that’ll be it for me for now i think i got about 15 minutes of flight yeah i think so all right i will put a slap a video together and get this up online see ya

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