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First Motorcycle: Sportsbike vs Nakedbike vs Cruiser?

I have a look at the three most basic and common types of motorcycles for new riders.

Hey there moto jonah chris here today i’m just gonna have a quick chat about three main types of motorcycles so we’ve got naked bikes we’ve got fed bikes or sports bikes as they’re also called and we’ve got cruisers now this covers pretty much you know pretty much all motorcycles really to an extent a lot of the other categories are kind of subcategories of these

Motorcycles but if you’re new to motorcycling or you’re just gonna go and pick up your first motorcycle hopefully you think that’s a good idea and you want to pursue that then this is kind of the breakdown for you first off we’ve got naked bikes it’s kind of the traditional motorcycle it’s got no bodywork on it or very limited bodywork it’s the stripped back to

Basics and these days there’s plenty of options of this bike type i should say it starts with something for instance say like hundred cb1 to five that is a lambs legal bike really really cheap buying here in australia which is why they’re so popular because you it’s almost impossible to find anything cheaper than that unless you go secondhand and you’re probably

Better off on a cv one to five than some you know destroy box that you’ve picked up unless you get a really good deal anyway so obviously that’s a hundreds well very very reliable got a great reputation and like i said really popular the other end of the spectrum and the naked bikes in the lambs category again yamaha is mto seven it’s a really premium offering

Great value for money it’s got that big bike feel it’s got an awesome power plant in it it’s a really really nice thing to ride it’s got really cool styling i mean obviously that’s subjective but that’s the other end without going to the real expensive end of things which is like juke a ds monster six five nine or try and street triple both of which are great

Options but you know they’re considerably more expensive than yamahas mto seven obviously some offshoots of that are also retro bikes there’s quite a few different options for that as well which tend to be lower power old-school style bikes you know not as much plastic more chrome or metal they’re aimed it at a different market but they still fall under that naked

Bike category closest to naked bikes are of course cruisers which again normally not too much plastic they’ve got a v-twin and powerplant most often because that’s just that’s what a cruiser is they’re long they’re low very easy to handle could it be a more relaxed riding style with the basics that you’re gonna get as a learner legal machine or a lam’s machine

Regardless of where in the world you are and they are kind of a fun motorcycle however at the same time they don’t have the performance lien that the naked bikes do or the fed lights or sports bikes which we’ll come to next to so especially in the lambs category you’re a lot more restricted obviously there’s harley street 500 really really popular option because

It’s a harley what more do you need to say and it is a great fun thing to ride obviously powers you know very restrictive or at the same time it’s just a great platform to learn on and when you’ve only got you know one model available from harley it’s just an obvious choice you can go to the japanese bikes they’ve got some some different styled cruisers available

They’re definitely worth looking into if you’re not set on getting a harley so that’s totally up to you but you know you’ve got things like cow psyches vulcan and great fun machine to ride it is quite different than harley street 500 and that’s something that you’ll you will find the japanese take on a cruiser tends to be a little bit different than harley’s take

And they’ve all gone different routes but you know just adds to the variety of our little four riders which is a great thing now your third option are fed bikes or sports bikes they’ve got all the body work on them they’re streamlined they’re just like a race machine so if you follow motogp or what super bikes you’ve seen some you know ads on tv for that kind of

Stuff that’s what those designs are based on some great representatives of the sports bikes are yamahas are three or wise at fr3 as it’s also called or kawasaki keys new ninja 400 in many ways these are very similar machines in kind of what they offer to people they carry that old-school kind of styled racing machine characteristics so they rev really really high to

Get the most out of them you ride them quite aggressively but you don’t have to but you know that’s the market they are aimed and if you’re someone who wants to be like one of those famous racers like jonathan rear or valentino rossi or someone like that then those are the type of bikes that you’re most likely gonna be looking at now the great thing of particular

Lambs machines but they’re produced for new riders where you jump on a you know an unrestricted sports bike the ergonomics are aggressive it’s you know farmer head down the bars are quite low our performance can also be you know really really impressive these days everything’s you know generally pretty good to ride however on a sports bike everything is just more

Aggressive on the lam sports bikes it’s a little bit different generally there’s not that much difference between the sports bikes in the land category and the naked bikes they’ve just got bearings on them for the sports bikes they might be you know some some slight changes and that can sharpen up their steering a little bit but at the same time they’re more upright

They’ve got nice low seat height very very easy to ride and just just a great fun thing to start with obviously when you’re a very new rider you’ll be looking at these machines and you can jump on them another having plenty of fun right here in australia we’re spending just over three years on your license if you go through as fast as you can and by the end of

Those three years for most people they’ll be ready for something where they’re a bit more power and obviously jumping up from you know you don’t pop to another scripted 600 or something like that you do have a big empower time but the real benefit is starting on these lands legal machines is they’ve been designed to be as user friendly as possible and obviously

There’s just there’s so many options available so there’s something to suit all different kinds of writers whether it’s someone looking for something there’s a low seat height or manageable power or as much power as you can get within that restricted category something for everyone but what makes this a great option is you can really push your limits on these lames

Machines and it’s much easier to do so within the legal limits on the road which makes it much much easier to stay out of trouble with the police that is and also you can kind of push your limits and really really build up your skills on something which isn’t going to punish you as much as many of the larger bikes will do because you know bikes are in many ways all

About performance let’s say with cruisers but most other bikes the performance you have compared to a car is incredible you’ve got so much more performance than your general car and and it’s it’s why you know motorcyclists are renowned as being a bit houdini and it’s because we we you know we can take off way way quicker than most car drivers and also because it’s

More dangerous and it requires a lot more skill to get the most out of motorcycling motorcyclists do tend to be more skilled road users than the average driver anyway hopefully this is giving you a little bit to think about at the end of the day i think probably the most important thing is number one don’t find the type of bike you like the look up you’re gonna

Be riding it for quite a while it’s really really important that you’re on a bike that you like so that every time you go down into your garage and you jump on you know all bikes have little individual quirks you want to be happy with what you are riding day to day number two of course which is equally important but i always say the looks first because you kind

Of go what do i like the look of and then what suits me and the suiting you it’s gonna be seat height and ergonomics so that you’re comfortable on the bike that you can get your feet down so that you can i have a level of confidence in security as you learn to ride because it is easy for things to go wrong and then obviously within your budget so whether you’re

Looking at a new bike or a secondhand bike a lot of the bikes i’ve talked about have been around for a while so you can even buy those secondhand and they’re great options kind of go through that process so something you like something that suits you which does require that you go to your local bike shop you sit on the bikes maybe take someone that you know if

Possible who knows things about motorcycle can give you a little bit of advice so hopefully this has helped you out with a little bit of advice definitely start going to your local bike shops have a sit on the bike so you may need to ask whether you’re allowed to just jump on stuff normally they won’t mind at all someone might give you a hand to help hold up the

Bike where you jump on and start thinking about seriously what you’re looking at start looking at all your classified websites check those out and just you know get an idea for price get an idea about what you like and definitely start making plans so if you liked the video don’t forget to leave a comment like if you have liked it hit that notification bell and

The subscribe button i’m gonna be doing a whole heap of videos on this topic i’m gonna be going through pretty much everything that i can imagine and hopefully if people give me a bit of input i’ll add those topics to videos and i’ll be covering everything from the very very basics on through to even eventually getting onto a full powered motorcycle and what that

Entails so have a good afternoon and i’ll talk to you again soon

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First Motorcycle: Sportsbike vs Nakedbike vs Cruiser? By Moto Journo Kris