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First time pulling the new ACE foldable single motorcycle trailer BONUS Adventure Park Ride

First time pulling the new ACE foldable single motorcycle trailer

Wow so so so so uh let him go do so so okay so so so so so it’s the end of the day guys we just wrapped this up put in i don’t know maybe 30 40 miles i guess out on the trails today and this little trailer actually held up really well really surprised i was scared to death at first i thought maybe this thing would come flying

Off tip over or something but i was doing about 60 65 most of the way all the way down to the park and held up well even out here on this dirt road as bumpy as it is there’s potholes and stuff and it you know it held up didn’t have any issues bike didn’t tip over didn’t come loose so i’m actually pretty happy man so i’m definitely going to be doing a lot more of

These trips finding other parks and places to go and new adventures so stay tuned we’ll have more coming up soon so tell you what guys on my way home probably still got another 45 minutes on the drive here just got out of the park on the main roads now heading back and compared to what i used to do i used to ride my 250 rally dual sport uh over an hour probably

About an hour and 20 minutes south to get to the park before i could start riding and then when i’m done at the end of the day another hour and 20 minutes plus to get back home and that was just brutal that just beat me up so much i’m so worn out and tired and tell you what i don’t know if you guys can see this but out the back window got the bike hooked up to

The trailer towing it getting to sit in the car in the ac got a drink down here so i got my energy drink i get to just chill and relax the way home turn on some tunes get back dump the bike off and i’m done for the day this is the way to do it so much easier so much more stress-free so looking forward to many many more of these kinds of trips peace out guys

Well made it home about a 55-mile trip from the park all the way back to the house and uh we’re here at the warehouse now with the bike just got done cleaning it detailing it uh only thing left probably monday i’ll go in and i’ll uh clean the chain clean the sprockets you know probably clean up the tires a little bit more other than that i think this thing is

Pretty clean and tight no more mud it’s nice and shiny and ready for the next trip looking pretty good not bad for just having to bend out to a park and had mud covering it so got her all clean all right guys see you on the next ride

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First time pulling the new ACE foldable single motorcycle trailer BONUS Adventure Park Ride By 2 Fly Productions